Work according to your potential

Belgian author Marc Breugelmans made it his mission to ensure that each individual can find the professional project that will move them forward to live a fulfilling life. According to him, society becomes poorer every time one of us decides not to use its full potential.

Marc Breugelmans, who is also a career guidance coach in Belgium, wants everyone to be able to become aware of the riches that lie dormant in them, the goal being to live the life they dream of. “It also enriches the lives of others,” says the author, who believes that many have untapped talents.

So, you have to find the resources that lie dormant in yourself to realize yourself and discover your full potential. However, finding the right project and heading in the direction that is right for us is not always easy.

“I have often heard people completely clueless about the potential they have and who doubt their capacity,” said Marc Breugelmans who felt the urgency to write this book to help these people. “My mission is to align the maximum of life with their potential, because I have also met people who are exploiting their potential. These serve the world and others in some way. They are also much happier and give off a great energy. “

Master of his choices

Among the many tips provided in this book, we should stop thinking that we have no choice. “We must also destroy the belief that we are less gifted than those who have succeeded”, indicates Marc Breugelmans who adds that a well-filled bank account is not necessary to have the chance to experience what one wishes. Actually. “It is often the people who have the most difficulty in the beginning who get their way and who are successful, they have the spirit of a warrior in them. “

Also according to the author, to find your full potential, you must first demonstrate a certain will and invest yourself, then when you have identified your project, you must find a way to carry it out. “On the one hand, you have to have connected the heart and the dream associated with desire, but you also have to connect the mind before embarking on a project and think about all that you will encounter as challenges while being aware of the difficulties and obstacles to overcome on his way, he explains. There will be a price to pay and if we are ready to pay that price, the project becomes realistic. Then, it will take perseverance. “

The money

Above all, the author insists on the idea of ​​not choosing a project or a direction just to make money. “Failure to follow your potential can cause depression, hence the importance of choosing projects that excite us,” notes the author.

In addition, always having money in mind as a reference is also the best excuse not to change anything in your professional situation, simply for fear of running out of money.

According to the author, we need to focus more on what we do best, what lives in and fascinates us by daring to step out of our comfort zone.

“I am convinced that the person who is well aligned with his project will excel and he will ultimately have the recognition,” he pleads.

Believing in your project is essential. Avoid listening to those who will try to dissuade you. “Moreover, several artists were told that they did not have the potential and despite this, they persevered and succeeded”, concludes the author who believes that the magic is in each of us and that success , it is mainly to have a life aligned with its potential.

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