Why TikTok is particularly worthwhile for app providers

More than 12,300 installs within a few days with a budget of 1,400 euros – Mawave and DealDoktor demonstrate the potential for app providers on TikTok as an advertising platform.

The intensive media coverage of the Chinese social video network shows that TikTok is currently the “hot topic” in the marketing world. But where many players already see an important addition to the common social networks, the platform still raises question marks for others – with which goals does TikTok support my brand better than other platforms? What is important in successful TikTok marketing? And for whom is the channel already worthwhile? The provider of discounts and offers, DealDoktor, has implemented a TikTok campaign for the first time – and achieved strong results.

DealDoktor was supported by Mawave Marketing, an agency for TikTok performance marketing. The two partners have been running a TikTok marketing campaign since September, which focuses on generating app installs.

TikTok Marketing: Versatile users-AActivation and active community

Above all, companies from the digital economy such as app providers, online shops or dating platforms benefit from TikTok as an advertising platform. Low CPAs (cost per action) and the high sales potential make TikTok extremely attractive for digital business models. In addition, the platform offers a lot of creative calls-to-action that can be used to generate website traffic, app installs or new registrations. With its first TikTok campaign, the online blog DealDoktor demonstrates the effectiveness of these functions for user activation in combination with the extremely active community.

TikTok is characterized by a young, exclusive target group whose users in Germany, according to Futurebiz, spend an average of around 50 minutes per day on the platform (as of spring 2020). On Instagram, on the other hand, the length of stay for those under 25 is 32 minutes. In order to open up new target groups and diversify marketing more, the DealDoktor offer and discount platform decided to use the TikTok channel for the first time and developed a performance campaign in collaboration with Mawave. The goal: to make the app better known among TikTok users, generate new installs and use the advertising budget as effectively as possible.

Authenticity wins

To achieve this, the Deal Blog launched a Germany-wide TikTok campaign. TikTok users who are over 18 years old were activated with various video ads for the offer and discount platform during the campaign period. In order to get the greatest possible success from the ads, the strategic planning and creation of the ads played a decisive role.

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Because with TikTok advertising, the nativity of the clips is crucial. The more authentic a spot is designed and the more similar it is to the usual content, the better it goes down with users. Because like no other platform, TikTok is a reservoir for creative content creators. These young and creative people can best be reached by meeting them at eye level and drawing attention to your own brand or product with authentic, entertaining and innovative advertising formats. The more naturally the ad fits into the platform-specific design and into the “flow” of the personalized user feed, the more successful its performance.

DealDoktor’s campaign used advertising material that was specially created for TikTok and adapted to the typical TikTok tonality of spontaneous, authentic and creative content. With little effort, DealDoktor was able to create successful video ads that do not require many cuts, large backdrops or complex scripts. The success of the campaign shows that advertising success on TikTok is not primarily a question of budget and production costs, it is more about entertainment, fun and an authentic lifestyle. This shows the big difference to other platforms – on TikTok, the self-made authentic video has potentially better chances of success than the classic high-gloss commercial. Ideally, brands rely on a creative mix of pre-produced videos and quickly created, dynamic clips that quickly pick up on current platform trends. So you can move agile and flexible in the TikTok universe.

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App Install (almost) for free!

After just a few days, the creative TikTok campaign generated more than 12,350 app installations. With a CPI (cost per install) of 0.11 euros and a CPC (cost per click) of 0.04 euros, the budget for the first few days was around 1,400 euros – the cost per app installation is therefore one fifth of the price compared to other channels. The average conversion rate was around 38 percent. The campaign clearly shows: The great strength of TikTok as a marketing channel is clearly the low reach that can be built up on the platform. The versatile activation mechanisms and tools ensure that the ranges achieved can be converted into specific actions in a targeted manner. If you integrate the platform in a differentiated and target-oriented manner into the marketing activities and understand the needs of the TikTok users, you can quickly achieve strong results via the channel – even without a large budget.


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