Whitepaper: Status quo of online reputation management 2020

In the whitepaper “Success Factor Online Reputation” you will find out how pioneers in this field hold their own against the mainstream – and how you too can optimize your reputation. [Anzeige]

The status report on Online Reputation Management 2020 provides you with numerous internationally comparable findings. Together with London Research, Reputation.com not only highlights the advantages of actively handling customer feedback. The whitepaper also shows the challenges that come with it and offers solutions on how businesses can overcome them. Because right now people are looking more than before and are particularly dependent on reviews and assessments of brands and companies.

If you want to understand a variety of internationally comparable insights on the current status of online reputation management at companies in a visually appealing form, download the status report directly and free of charge. This also gives you tips on how you can become a pioneer in this important area of ​​digital marketing strategy.

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Reputation management is a success factor: 77 percent of consumers prevent negative reviews from buying

Online reputation has never been as important as it is today. People spend a large part of their day with Facebook, Google and Co. Digital media reports and reviews quickly develop their own dynamic. This can have both positive and negative effects for companies. The latter especially when there is no active online reputation management. Negative headlines, social postings or reviews can not only ruin a company’s good reputation, but also ban it from the market in the long term – and it sometimes doesn’t matter whether the content is the truth or not. In the status report on online reputation management from London Research and Reputation.com you can find out how successful corporations operate effective reputation management and how they manage to avert shit storms and meet user expectations. The results are based on a survey of 500 companies and consumer surveys from the UK, USA, Australia and Germany.

What opportunities and what challenges are associated with online reputation management? (Click on the picture for a larger view), © Reputation.com/London Research

In the status report from London Research and Reputation.com it becomes clear that online reputation management can make a significant contribution to the success of a company. The analyzes showed that well over half of consumers (77 percent) no longer buy anything from a company that was previously rated negatively on the Internet. How effective reputation management can be, however, shows a further analysis by Repuation.com and London Research. A full 60 percent are less likely to be influenced by negative reviews if a company has responded to them.

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