When the new Marseille icon compares to Mbappé

Provocative as usual, Didier Raoult conceded to be the Mbappé of research.

Become a real star thanks to the coronavirus pandemic and its numerous media interventions, Didier Raoult was also consecrated as the new icon of the Marseille city. So much so that some imagined his face adorning the famous wall of the Kennedy ledge, in the manner of Zinedine Zidane in the past. An honor which would undoubtedly not displease him.

In his always provocative style, the microbiologist once again praised his merits on Tuesday in a video published on his Youtube channel. “I’m an infectious disease star, I have a curriculum that makes almost everyone dream, he launched in this way. I was the youngest president of the University of France, the youngest president of doctors, the youngest of all the professors of the exceptional class, the oldest professor in the highest grade of all this country in medicine, I had everything in my life. It’s me, the elite! “

And while the WHO announced the resumption of clinical trials on hydroxychloroquine, nine days after having suspended them following the publication of a study in the medical journal The Lancet, Professor Raoult, who qualified the authors of this study of “Nickel-plated feet”, gave a layer of it in a beloved interview with BFM TV, comparing himself to Kylian Mbappé. “I think you are more proficient at watching soccer players. If you are asked who the best football players are, I think everyone can answer. If you are asked who are the top ten French researchers, people do not know. (…) It’s as if you want to compare Kylian Mbappé to a third division goalkeeper. After a while, you know that Mbappé is not the same but you do not know that I am not the same, “he explained, Before answering the question Ruth Elkrief (“So you are the Mbappé of medicine, of research? “): In France, yes! In all of the things you can take, I’m never outside the top ten. ” A comparison that could make some Marseillais tick…

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