“Warm-up” in Fiorano: Mick Schumacher in the Formula 1 Ferrari again

(Motorsport-Total.com) – The Ferrari SF71H from 2018, three Ferrari juniors and a test day in Fiorano: Ferrari gave its young drivers Callum Ilott, Mick Schumacher and Robert Schwarzmann extensive test drives in the Formula 1 car on the company’s own test track. For Schwarzmann it was the Formula 1 premiere, for Ilott and Schumacher the “warm-up” before their first outings in Friday practice at the Nürburgring.

Mick Schumacher

Mick Schumacher during his test drives in the Ferrari SF71H from the 2018 season



Schumacher, who is allowed to test for Alfa Romeo at the Eifel Grand Prix, found the Fiorano test in the two-year-old Ferrari “very useful” to get used to the “complex processes” in a Formula 1 team .

“A few weeks ago I drove the F2004 in Mugello, an excellent car, but now quite old. In the 2018 vehicle, I understood how important electronics are for the drive and how great advances Formula 1 has made on the aerodynamic side.” , explains Schumacher.

Schumacher in the footsteps of father Michael

“I can hardly wait to get into the car in Germany. It will be nice to take part in a Friday practice session for the first time, and that in front of my domestic fans. And there are even some mechanics in the team who have already worked with my father. “

Mick Schumacher had already sniffed Formula 1 air for the first time last year in Bahrain. At that time he drove both the Alfa Romeo C38 and the Ferrari SF90.

A few weeks later in Barcelona, ​​Ilott also had the pleasure of driving the Alfa Romeo. For the first time he drove a Formula 1 Ferrari and speaks of an “unforgettable day”.

Schwarzman with his first ever Formula 1 race

“I was really able to adjust to the car, and only ten days before my debut on a Formula 1 weekend. That was very useful,” says Ilott. “What impressed me most was the aerodynamic efficiency. You simply have a level of grip here that you don’t have in other racing series.”

The latter is likely to have impressed Schwarzman the most. For him it was the first meters ever in a Formula 1 car. “From a young age I dreamed of the day I would drive a Formula 1 car for the first time. Now that day has come. And it was fantastic,” says Schwarzman.

Like every rookie, he raves about the performance of the Formula 1 car, the acceleration and the brakes. O-Ton: “The car still decelerates even if you have the feeling that it is already much too late to still get the curve.”

Ferrari Academy draws a positive conclusion

It is not known how many laps the young Ferrari drivers covered. Only the schedule is clear: Schwarzman started the day on the 2.976-kilometer Fiorano variant at 9 a.m. He started “cautiously”, reports Ferrari, but then gradually improved and made friends with the Formula 1 car.

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At 12 o’clock, Ilott took over the wheel and completed “an impressive number of laps at constant speed”, with which he was “perfectly” prepared for his Friday practice at the Nürburgring with Haas. Schumacher ended the test day at 3 p.m. with the requirement to prepare intensively for the Formula 1 race.

Marco Matassa as the technical director of the Ferrari academy is “very satisfied” with his three drivers: “Mick, Callum and Robert quickly got used to the SF71H. For two of them it was not the first time in a Formula 1 Car, but changing your driving style in Formula 2 is still not that easy. “

Schumacher is currently the best among the Ferrari Juniors

All three were “fast”, emphasizes Matassa, without going into specific lap times. Schwarzman especially enjoyed the day in Fiorano. “Driving a Formula 1 car for the first time,” says Matassa, “is an unforgettable moment for every driver.”

All three young Ferrari drivers are racing in Formula 2 this year, where the final races will be held at the end of November and beginning of December. As the current leader of the table, Schumacher is the favorite for the title, Ilott his closest pursuer. Schwarzman follows in fifth place.

The 21-year-old Schwarzman from Russia has been a member of the Ferrari Junior Academy since 2017. The 21-year-old Briton Ilott has been a Ferrari junior since 2018. Schumacher, also 21 years old, has been part of the young squad of the traditional Italian team since 2019.

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