Villas-Boas in Frappart: “You don’t have the level”

The scene could have gone unnoticed live on Sunday evening during the OL-OM match: André Villas-Boas receiving a warning from referee Stéphanie Frappart for having openly criticized him …

André Villas-Boas, once is not customary, lacked class this Sunday evening during the poster of the 6e Ligue 1 matchday between OL and OM (1-1). Scared by the penalty whistled against his team shortly after the expulsion of Dimitri Payet, the Marseille coach verbally attacked the match’s referee, Stéphanie Frappart.

There is no penalty there. You do not have the level, it is not normal “, He notably launched from his bench to the person concerned, who replied by giving him a yellow card.

“On the eviction, there is nothing to say”

At the end of the match, at a press conference, the Portuguese technician was able to admit his faults: ” We looked at the footage at the end and it’s true that if this action from the penalty kick goes for us, we would have liked the penalty to be whistled. So that’s okay … And on the eviction, there’s really nothing to say. But I still regret her, because she changed our plans.

Finally, on the transfer window, AVB confirmed that things were going “ evolve again “. ” I don’t know what I can officially confirm “, He adds to the evocation of the cases Cuisance (which landed in the evening in Marseille) and Lopez (leaving for Sassuolo). This while deploring the ” incredible situation “Generated by a market which” luckily tomorrow ends “.

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