Vettel’s new colors at Aston Martin: British Racing Green & Pink?

( – A new era in Formula 1 will begin for Racing Point in 2021. Because the team based in Silverstone will then compete in new colors after the renaming to Aston Martin – and in all probability in the classic British Racing Green.

Aston Martin: Design study for Formula 1 in British Racing Green

Aston Martin: Design study for Formula 1 in British Racing Green



Lance Stroll recently asked whether he had already seen the first designs for 2021: “I think it will be British Racing Green. It will be pretty cool,” said the Canadian Father Lawrence and his business partners have joined the Formula 1 team Racing Point as well as the sports car manufacturer Aston Martin.

For Aston Martin, 2021 will not be the first season with its own team in Formula 1. As early as 1959 and 1960, the traditional brand took part in a total of six Grand Prix, with drivers such as the legendary Carroll Shelby, Roy Salvadori and Maurice Trintignant.

The big success did not materialize back then – in the statistics two sixth places for Salvadori are noted as the best results. Even then, the color was British Racing Green.

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That comes from a time when the teams competed in “national motorsport colors”. The British were green, the Italians red, the French blue. Aston Martin would like to continue this tradition.

According to information from ‘’, Lawrence Stroll has already presented the first design concepts for the look in 2021. The only catch: main sponsor BWT insists that the previous main color, pink, be kept clearly visible. That should not have been the case with the first drafts.

What many do not know: Before BWT joined today’s Racing Point team, the Austrian company actually wanted to become the Mercedes title sponsor. The drafts were already done. But BWT wanted more pink than the Daimler Group could get over on its Silver Arrows, and so with Racing Point a plan B was born.

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At the 24 Hours of Le Mans, Aston Martin did not win the GT class in British Racing Green in 2020, but in a neon-like green-yellow. It is unlikely that this design scheme will be carried over to Formula 1.

Meanwhile, the two Aston Martin drivers are faced with the pleasant question of which company car they want to choose for 2021. The team has already reserved a gray Vantage for newcomer Sebastian Vettel. At least one photo of it has already been posted on Twitter.

It is quite possible that in the end he will rather commit himself to the family-friendly SUV DBX, which should become a “game changer” for Aston Martin economically.

Stroll tends in a different direction. “The new DBS looks nice,” he grins …

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