Verdict next week for OL, TFC and Amiens

Ultimate hope of the clubs of Lyon, Toulouse and Amiens to obtain the invalidation of the decisions taken on April 30 by the LFP, the verdict of the Council of State will fall next Monday or Tuesday.

After an unsuccessful appeal to the Paris Administrative Court, the clubs of Lyon, Toulouse and Amiens pleaded this Thursday before the Council of State to obtain the annulment of the decisions of the LFP regarding the outcome of the 2019-2020 season. If the Toulouse and Amiens representatives campaign for a white season that would save them from relegation, Jean-Michel Aulas, present in person to defend the cause of OL, above all defended his plan to resume the championship.

OL resumed training on June 8 with protocols validated by doctors. Everyone could have resumed on this date. This protocol has been tested and validated by other nations. It was absurd to stop everything on April 30 when the other nations did not. We are in an incredible situation. I am dismayed, repeated the President of Rhone three times. Yes, we can resume. We can find broadcasters to end the season even if I read the opposite. It is possible to resume on the health plan, possible to shift the dates of the next championship. Germany and Italy did so yesterday, September 12, with the approval of UEFA. I made sure with Mediapro executives that there was no problem if next season started later.

The LFP camped on its positions

OL are the only professional club to contest the stoppage of the championship. By pretending that he defends the interest of football, replies one of the lawyers for the Professional Football League. The argument of losing the chance to participate in C1? It was already very thin given the ranking. The impairment is therefore to be put into perspective. If you allow training to resume, it’s impossible to have matches before mid-July. All of this would be a huge mess for all of pro football. The general interest is to stay at the football stop. The remedy proposed by OL is much worse than the evil it seeks to denounce.

In remarks relayed by the AFP, Didier Quillot, the boss of the League, claims to have worked in ” general interest »Of French football. ” The League is there to represent the general interest, that of the 40 clubs, and we had in front of us, we can understand it completely, three clubs which were there to speak about their particular interest, which I understand completely. […] We couldn’t make any other decision than this. Today, we must look to the 2020-2021 season. This will be the case if, and only if, the Council of State validates the choices of the LFP. The verdict will be released next Monday or Tuesday.

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