Valtteri Bottas: “I have only one big goal in mind”

( – A week ago, Valtteri Bottas got back into a Formula 1 car for the first time since the pre-season tests to do a few laps as part of a private test. The Finn had “only” the Mercedes from 2018 at his disposal, but to get a feel for it again, it was always enough.

Valtteri Bottas

Cool head: Bottas is not irritated by the special circumstances



The 30-year-old had some plans for the 2020 season, even before the corona pandemic began to emerge. Nothing has changed now. “The situation is not new to me. It was the same every year,” Bottas says in a live chat on the official Instagram account of Formula 1.

“Every year I learned more about how to deal with these things and not let the pressure get away from me. I only have one big goal for this season in mind. I hide everything else. If I achieve my goals and the team performed well, then I don’t have to worry about the contract. “

In 2020, mistakes will be punished more severely than usual

He has not yet signed an extension to Mercedes, the current agreement expires at the end of the season. Since Sebastian Vettel’s Ferrari retirement, the German has always been associated with a possible change to Mercedes, but Bottas himself gave a clear rejection.

The Finn is going into his fourth year with the world champion team with a lot of self-confidence. In a season as compressed as this, he knows what is important: “Minimizing mistakes and maximizing race weekends will be the key. Every mistake will cost you more than in a normal World Cup with more than 20 races.”

It is all the more important to be constant and always fully there. “Don’t overdo it, trust your own abilities and the team around you,” Bottas says. “I’m sure we can do it. It’s going to be an interesting season. We don’t know what will happen after the first eight races.”

Reverse grid idea: attractive, but also unfair

Only the first eight Grands Prix in Europe are still on schedule, but the season should total 15 to 18 races. Some double races are also planned. In connection with this, there was also discussion about new racing formats, for example with a falling grid. What does Bottas think of such ideas?

“It’s kind of interesting, but it’s also unfair. We know how difficult it is to overtake an opponent on some tracks. You play games in the qualifying race. I don’t know either. I prefer fair races. May the best win. I think the current format is good. “

When asked about team-mate Lewis Hamilton, Bottas reveals: “I saw him during the test. He also had a break, was in different places. We spoke after we drove, and he also really enjoyed it again after a long time in Sitting in the car. He had a grin on his face, just like me. “

In 2020, the reigning world champion will again be the one Bottas has to compete with. “I don’t know how he trained,” says the Finn. “I only know that I’m ready. The first few races will be interesting.” But he doesn’t dare to make a prediction: “Before the first race, any speculation is just talk.”

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