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When I heard that Valérie Plante, mayor of Montreal, was releasing a comic, I thought it was a joke.

Let’s see! As if the mayoress had the time, by managing the metropolis, to draw little men and make little comics.

And yet, it is. The mayoress will be released in October Simone Simoneau, chronicle of a woman in politics, co-written with illustrator Delphie Côté-Lacroix.

I wonder who will be the model for Mme Plante’s comic strip.

Will she be Gaston Lagaffe any more, will we be entitled to Valérie Laricaneuse? Or is she more of the Lucky Luke style, the man who shoots faster than his shadow (will we be entitled to Valérie, the mayor who pedals faster than her driver?).

Or, is she more of a Calimero trend, will she say, “It’s just too unfair, everyone is criticizing me for being a woman”?


I almost choked when I read publisher Tristan Malavoy explaining the decision to simultaneously release an English version of the comic.

“Valérie Plante, who is the mayor of a city that is bilingual, was keen on the idea that English-speaking readers could also have access to the text as well. “

Uh, sorry? Since when has Montreal been a bilingual city? Mr. Malavoy and Mrs. Plante would do well to consult the Charter of the city of Montreal: “CHAPTER I

CONSTITUTION OF THE MUNICIPALITY 1. Ville de Montréal is constituted.

Montreal is a French-speaking city. “

On Facebook, the mayoress wrote that she had been jotting down notes in a notepad and drawing stick figures for years and that “this creative process has contributed to her sanity over the past few years.”

I am glad. But, we Montrealers, what do we have as a “creative process” to save our sanity, we who live in a city that drives people crazy?

Try to find your way around the maze of works, closed streets, bicycle highways, you will see that it drives you crazy!

Next time I’m stuck in traffic for hours on end, I’ll have a little thought for the mayoress and pull out my notepad to draw stick figures.

Yesterday on QUB radio, I interviewed Montreal restaurateur Vianney Godbout.

When I told him about Mme Plante’s comics, he said to me: “I didn’t have time to make a comic, I had to survive his attacks.” He then denounced the “administrative terrorism” of the Plante administration, closed streets, roadworks, bicycle highways, buskers, red tape, etc.


Last minute news. As of going to press, I learn that copies of the Mayor’s comic could not be delivered on time to Montreal bookstores.

Indeed, I learned from a reliable source that half of the delivery men (forced to transport boxes of books by bicycle to comply with the City’s mobility guidelines) got lost in the city streets. And the other half fell into a pothole screaming “Damn crazy city!” “.

We would have thought we were in a comic

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