USA: Trump “harmed the church” – why he is still supported

In the upcoming US presidential election, Donald Trump can rely on the majority of evangelical Christians. The Protestant “Chrismon” magazine spoke about the reasons for this in an interview with PR and political advisor Dustin Wahl – meanwhile an opponent of the incumbent president.

Trump hits “key points” of the faith community

Wahl himself is an evangelical Christian. He says Trump’s conservative policies cannot deceive him about his numerous missteps. “‘Blessed are the meek,’ the Bible says, ‘Blessed are the pure of heart’, ‘Blessed are the merciful’. That is the core of Christianity and the fundamental opposite of what Trump stands for,” declared Choice.

But as early as July, according to “pewresearch”, the US president had an approval rating of 82 percent among white evangelicals. How does that fit together?

Choice: When it comes to Christian “family values”, “the President has kept what he has promised.” He had “been forgiven for many scandals” and the concerns of the religious community would only revolve around “a few key points”:

  • Trump has that strongly conservative Judges Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch to the highest court called. Currently he wants to appoint the anti-abortion opponent Amy Cohen Barrett as the successor to the late liberal Ruth Bader Ginsburg. This would cement the conservative majority in the important body for years or decades.
  • Trump himself has consistently sided with the Anti-abortionists posed. In January 2020, for example, he was the first US President to take part in the “March for Life” – a large-scale demonstration.
  • Evangelicals are afraid that the Democrats and “progressive forces” die church could no longer treat them as nonprofits. Then they would Taxes climb. Trump is therefore the counter-hope for believers.

Corona lie and Clinton hatred

Even the poor crisis management in times of the corona pandemic does not change the approval, because it is simply not critically questioned, according to Wahl about “Chrismon”. Many evangelicals still consider the virus to be a hoax: “A pastor in Virginia, for example, downplayed the virus and died from it,” Wahl told the magazine.

Basically, Trump’s election camp already consisted of many radicals in 2016, “who just want to see the government burned”. Or from opponents of the Democratic candidate at the time, Hillary Clinton. “Trump’s Vice President Mike Pence also convinced many that he is a Christian Republican who doesn’t tweet stupid things like the president,” added Wahl.

Christian faith is not a war

Trump is still critical of the election itself. He says to “Chrismon”: The connection between politics and religion is simply not a “set of values” that can be ticked off gradually. Rather, the church has to take care of its fellow man, but “Trump has harmed the church. He has twisted the mission of the church.” For many believers it is now like a kind of war against the liberals. This is exactly what Trump has been using in the election campaign for weeks.

The PR and political advisor Wahl thinks it is important to remember the president’s “nonsense”, including injecting disinfectants, on election day in November. “Then we can elect a president who doesn’t make such a dangerous proposal,” he says.

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