USA: More and more media call for Trump to be voted out – “Demagogue, showman, narcissist”

Media election recommendations: “Demagogue, showman, narcissist”: More and more US media are calling for Trump to be voted out

US President Trump is behind his challenger in polls two and a half weeks before the presidential election. Now he is intensifying the attacks against Biden. Meanwhile, several US newspapers are making urgent appeals to voters.

  • More and more US media are recommending Biden’s choice
  • Election recommendations are quite common in the US
  • Washington Post calls Trump a “cynic” and “narcissist”

Two and a half weeks before the US presidential election, Donald Trump once again tightened the tone: “Joe Biden is a corrupt politician,” said the Republican on Friday during an election campaign in Ocala, Florida. “And the Biden family is a criminal company.”

The 74-year-old accused his rival and his family of getting rich “while America was being robbed”. Trump described the “mainstream media” as “enemies of the people” and accused them of not reporting on “the world’s greatest story” – referring to the alleged corruption of the Democrat Biden.

Trump has been raising corruption allegations against ex-Vice President Biden and his son Hunter for a long time and without evidence, which have now been fired by the tabloid “New York Post”. In the past few days the newspaper tried in several articles to link Joe Biden to his son Hunter Biden’s previous deals in Ukraine and China; however, the origin of the information is uncertain.

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New York Times: Trump is “the worst president in modern history”

Meanwhile, more and more media are calling for President Donald Trump to be voted out of office – most recently commentators in the renowned “New York Times”. Trump is not worthy of his office. The article was published not in connection with Trump’s recent statements, but with a view to his nearly four-year tenure.

Trump’s re-election efforts were “the greatest threat to American democracy since World War II,” writes the Editorial Board, a group of commentators who work independently of the US newspaper’s newsroom. “The enormity and variety of Mr. Trump’s offenses can be overwhelming. Repetition has dulled the feeling of indignation and the accumulation of new excitement leaves little time to go into the details.”

The “New York Times” continues to write about Trump that he is standing “With no real rivals as the worst American president in modern history”. The commentators deepen their allegations in further articles using the example of individual topics. Trump’s tenure has shown that he is unable to solve the country’s most pressing problems because he himself is the country’s most pressing problem. He is a “racist demagogue”, an “isolationist” and an “eternal showman”.

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“Nature” criticizes the “catastrophic” handling of the corona pandemic and climate crisis

The renowned science magazine “Nature” also gave a clear recommendation for the Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. US President Donald Trump tossed the authors in an editorial published on Wednesday “catastrophic” handling of the corona pandemic and the undermining of global efforts to combat the climate crisis.

No other US president in recent history has “attacked and undermined scientific institutions, the Department of Justice and the electoral system so relentlessly,” according to the magazine the most respected specialist publications in the world counts.

The authors sharply criticize Trump for withdrawing from the Paris climate agreement of 2015 and the nuclear deal with Iran. They also condemn his attacks on the World Health Organization as an actually “unthinkable” event during a pandemic.

New England Journal of Medicine warns of “thousands more American deaths”

The US magazine “Scientific American” also made a recommendation for Biden in its October issue. This is remarkable because of it for the first time in the 175-year history of the magazine happens. The editors wrote in an editorial that Trump rejects science and thereby harms the country and the population.

The “New England Journal of Medicine” wrote last week that the US government had failed to deal with the pandemic. There was no explicit election recommendation for Biden, but the authors warned against that “Death of Thousands More Americans”if the current US leadership is supported and retained their posts.

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What is behind the election recommendations?

For US media it is It is quite common to openly support one of the two candidates for the presidency. The magazines and newspapers were by no means always in agreement. In 2012, about the same number of media supported the Democrat Barack Obama and the Republican Mitt Romney. As early as 2016 – when Trump ran for the first time – this changed. More than 80 media outlets settled on Hillary Clinton, who was then Democratic candidate.

The renowned New York Times tended to favor Democratic candidates. The Washington Post also supported Republicans, but in 2016 it was in favor of Hillary Clinton. At that time, only a few conservative publicists and several right-wing populist radio stations recommended the election of Trump.

The fact that Trump repeatedly accuses the media in the USA of spreading “fake news” should by no means create a more positive image for the renowned publications. Again and again they also use “fact checkers” on Trump’s speeches to check the statements in his campaign speeches. Trump and his supporters feel confirmed in their negative view of the established media. Media that spread unpleasant statements have also been often excluded from Trump events in recent years.

Washington Post calls Trump a “cynic” and a “narcissist”

Similar to the election four years ago, the balance sheet for Trump this year is devastating. For example, the editorial board of the Washington Post spoke out in favor of Biden and his runner-up, Kamala Harris. The authors described Trump as the “worst president of modern times” and a “cynic“With the corona pandemic and the racism debate, Trump neglected important challenges and thereby” caused the greatest damage. “Trump’s narcissism“be deeply empathetic”.

The magazine “New Yorker” also spoke out in favor of Biden. “It would be a relief to have a president who doesn’t abuse the office as a colossal rip-off“, it said in the opinion piece.

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The current status in the surveys

Trump is currently well behind Biden in national polls. In nationwide surveys, the incumbent is on average ten percentage points behind. Because of the complicated voting system, these should be treated with caution. But even in particularly important key states such as Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, the Republican is behind the Democrat. The White House spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany accused the polling institutes on Saturday of influencing public opinion with “inflated” polls.

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