US Politics: Senate begins hearing Constitutional Justice-designate Barrett

Donald Trump has been behind his challenger Joe Biden in surveys for months, and his values ​​continued to decline after the corona infection. The president now wants to make a virtue out of necessity: through “God’s blessing” he has discovered a cure. A curious kidnapping plot about the governor of Michigan, however, heats up the mood in the country. Everything important in the ticker of FOCUS Online.

  • After his corona infection, US President Donald Trump left the hospital on Tuesday night.
  • Previously there had been confusion about Trump’s state of health – but now, according to his personal doctor, the president is “extremely well”.
  • Now Trump is promising the Americans a free Covid treatment with antibody agents
  • Attempted kidnapping of the governor heats tensions in the US – Trump offended

U.S. Senate begins hearings from Constitutional Justice-designate Barrett

Monday, October 12th, 11:04 am: The U.S. Senate begins Monday’s confirmation hearings for Constitutional Justice-designate Amy Coney Barrett. The conservative lawyer will answer questions from the senators on the Justice Committee of the Congress Chamber. President Donald Trump’s Republicans, who hold a majority in the Senate, want to confirm the 48-year-old for the office of the country’s Supreme Court before the presidential election on November 3.

This causes outrage among the opposition Democrats: They have unsuccessfully demanded that the personnel be decided after the election. Trump had nominated the strictly Catholic Barrett at the end of September as the successor to the late liberal constitutional judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Should Barrett be confirmed in the Senate as expected, that would increase the Conservative majority in the Supreme Court and cement it for years.

Twitter warning Trump’s immunity claim

8:59 p.m .: Twitter has provided a message from US President Donald Trump regarding his alleged immunity to the coronavirus with a warning of false information. The tweet violated the rules for the “dissemination of misleading and possibly harmful information” on the subject of Covid-19, it said on Sunday. The tweet was therefore only accessible after clicking on a warning and could not be distributed without the users’ own comment.

Trump had previously written on Twitter that the doctors of the White House had now certified that he was “completely” healthy after his Covid 19 illness. Regarding the coronavirus, he wrote, “That means I can’t get it (immune) and can’t pass it on.” Trump wants to make major campaign appearances again from Monday. In the election on November 3, he is applying for a second term. Trump’s personal doctor said on Saturday that the president was no longer contagious.

Experts assume that people are probably immune after a corona infection. For how long and how absolutely protection exists is still unclear. The Robert Koch Institute, for example, writes: “At this point in time, it is still unclear how regular, robust and durable this immune status will be.”

The 74-year-old Trump said he had tested positive for the corona virus on October 1. Trump fell ill with Covid-19 and was therefore treated in a hospital for three days from October 2.

Personal physician: Trump is no longer contagious

Sunday, October 11th, 8:43 am: Nine days after his positive corona test, US President Donald Trump is no longer contagious, according to his doctor. The president meets all requirements for the complete lifting of the isolation rules, said personal physician Sean Conley on Saturday evening. According to the current findings, there is no longer any risk that Trump will transmit the corona virus to other people.

The president has no fever and the symptoms he has shown have improved, Conley said. He will continue to check the health of the 74-year-old when he returns to work.

Trump had previously appeared publicly for the first time since returning from hospital. “I feel good,” he said in front of several hundred supporters who had gathered under a balcony of the White House. The president, who had also been hospitalized for three days because of his infection with the coronavirus, did not wear a respirator when he appeared. He wants to resume his campaign tour on Monday and is planning at least three rallies in the coming week.

“I feel good”: Trump is aimed at supporters in front of the White House

9:11 p.m .: US President Donald Trump made public appearances on Saturday for the first time since his return from hospital. “I feel good,” said Trump in front of several hundred supporters who had gathered under a balcony of the White House. The president, who had been hospitalized for three days for an infection with the coronavirus, did not wear a respirator when he appeared.

“I want you to know that our nation will defeat this terrible China virus,” Trump said in front of the cheering supporters. Most of them wore masks, but did not adhere to the rules of distance at the outdoor event.

“It will go, it will go,” Trump said of the virus that has killed more than 210,000 people in the United States – and that has cut his chances of re-election.

“Go out and vote – and I love you,” Trump told his supporters, many of whom wore bright red peaked caps with the words “MAGA” (Make America great again) on. Trump’s 18-minute speech was mainly about law and order.

The corona diagnosis suddenly interrupted Trump’s election campaign just a few weeks before the presidential election on November 3rd. While the incumbent had to recover, his Democratic challenger Biden completed several campaign events in key states. The former vice president is ten percentage points ahead of the incumbent in national polls. Biden was also able to expand his lead in the states that make the elections.

Trump himself is growing impatient to come out of the White House after his Covid 19 illness and to address the people directly again. “The president wants to be there,” said Hogan Gidley, spokesman for his campaign team, Fox News. Trump wants to “address the Americans directly, without the filter through the media”.

Second TV duel between Trump and Biden canceled

Saturday, October 10th, 7:01 am: The second TV duel planned for next week between US President Donald Trump and his challenger Joe Biden does not take place. This decision was announced on Friday evening by the commission responsible for organizing the presidential debates after a dispute over possible format changes due to Trump’s corona infection. He wants to resume his election campaign in the White House on Saturday, but postponed the first rally after his illness to Monday.

“There will be no debate on October 15th,” said the independent commission responsible. Now all efforts should be directed to the organization of the last TV duel planned for October 22nd in Nashville. Because of Trump’s corona infection, the commission said on Thursday that the second debate should be held virtually in order to “protect the health and safety of everyone involved”. According to the organizers’ plans, Trump and Biden should be in different places and be connected virtually.

While ex-Vice President Biden was open to the virtual format, Trump rejected the plans. The presidential campaign team has instead called for the debate to be postponed. The responsible commission has now decided to reject it.

Just a few days after returning: Trump wants to receive hundreds of people in front of the White House

10:21 p.m .: Just a few days after his return to the White House, US President Donald Trump is apparently planning to receive hundreds of people on the South Lawn of the White House. The US broadcaster “ABC” reported that first. The event should take place on Saturday. There is even an official invitation that the broadcaster has received.

Accordingly, the President is expected to speak to the crowd from one of the White House balconies. This should also include people who take part in a previous election campaign event in Washington, which is organized by a Trump supporter. The event continues Trump’s pattern of using the White House for political events.

White House sources said they were concerned about what the president might say about the expected crowd on Saturday, according to the report. There are fears that Trump could further fuel the criticism of him for playing down the corona virus.

Doubts about Trump’s ability to govern: “Any normal person would still be in hospital”

8 am: After Donald Trump’s corona infection and his return to the White House, doubts are being raised as to whether the US president is fit to govern in view of his aggressive corona treatment. Former director of the Biomedical Advanced Research & Development Authority Rick Bright told CNN about the health of the president: “He’s not well. We wouldn’t want any other person on the planet to see things soon after a coronavirus Infection that he’s doing now. “

Bright is believed to be a healthcare professional who helped develop a corona vaccine while at the agency. He is extremely critical of the fact that Trump has taken over government again.

Someone who had undergone such experimental Covid-19 therapies would normally still be in a hospital bed, he told CNN. And further: “That is very dangerous. He is responsible for many things, makes many important decisions for our country and the world”.

The health expert’s remarks came just hours after a day of chaotic and contradicting news from the White House. On Thursday, Trump had quickly changed his mind several times about his participation in a virtual election debate with opponent Joe Biden.

At the same time, Trump resumed negotiations on a new Corona bailout package for the US economy, which, completely surprisingly, he had still burst at the beginning of the week.

“If he is not in his right mind to make rational decisions, then he could be very ruthless for the country and the world,” said Bright, concerned about the president’s erratic behavior.

Trump’s official doctor, Navy Commander Dr. Sean Conley, however, said the president will be able to return to public appearances on Saturday after his treatment is over. The White House has not yet provided any information on whether Trump is still infectious.

Meanwhile, around 26 days before the US election, Trump is well behind Democratic candidate Joe Biden. The latest polls see Trump up to ten percentage points behind.

Attempted kidnapping of the governor heats tensions in the US – Trump offended

07.33 a.m .: A few weeks before the presidential election, the attempted kidnapping of the governor of Michigan further fueled the tense political climate in the United States. 13 extremists were arrested because they allegedly kidnapped Gretchen Whitmer, a sharp critic of US President Donald Trump, and wanted to start a “civil war”, the prosecutor announced on Thursday. Trump showed no sympathy for Whitmer after the FBI thwarted the plans.

Michigan’s Attorney General Dana Nessel said plans to kidnap the Democratic governor were a “serious and credible threat.” Accordingly, the suspects observed Whitmer’s holiday home and tested an explosive device.

Six of those arrested were formally charged at the federal level. According to the FBI, they are also said to have considered storming the Capitol in Michigan’s capital Lansing and “taking hostages, including the governor.” The plan should therefore be implemented before the presidential election on November 3rd.

Whitmer had been attacked by right-wing groups in the spring for their tough measures in the fight against the corona pandemic. Protests by activists, some of them heavily armed, at the Capitol in Lansing caused a stir across the country. In mid-April, Trump called for Michigan and the likewise democratically governed states of Minnesota and Virginia to be “liberated”. He had also repeatedly attacked Whitmer.

At a press conference, Whitmer said she knew when she took office 22 months ago that her job could be difficult. “But to be honest: I could never have imagined anything like this.” She sharply criticized Trump and declared that the president legitimized the acts of “internal terrorists” by refusing to distinguish himself clearly from white racists.

The President reacted angrily in the short message service Twitter. “Instead of saying thank you” for the successful work of the FBI, “she treats me like a white racist,” said Trump. In fact, he does not tolerate “any extremist violence” and is committed to protecting all US citizens. US

2020 election: Trump does not want to take part in a virtual TV duel

2:11 p.m .: The second TV duel between the US presidential candidates, planned for October 15, could burst: President Donald Trump said on Fox on Thursday that he would not take part in a virtually organized debate. This is “not acceptable to us”.

After Trump’s corona infection: The next TV duel with Biden will take place virtually

1:34 p.m .: US President Donald Trump is still suffering from Corona, but the second of three TV speeches with presidential candidate Joe Biden is imminent. However, the duel on October 15 should now take place virtually. This was announced by the non-partisan “Commission on Presidential Debates” on Thursday. The third verbal argument is planned for October 22nd.

The Commission’s explanatory memorandum states “to protect the health and safety of everyone involved in the second presidential debate”.

TV duel: When Pence wants to blame China for the corona pandemic, China ignores it

8:20 am: The TV duel between the Republican US Vice President Mike Pence and the Democratic candidate Kamala Harris was followed with great interest worldwide. A speech duel between the representatives has never been so important. State television broadcasted in China too – but at one point the current favorite enemy, US President Donald Trump, censored the speech battle. When Pence says, “It’s China’s fault that …” suddenly cut the connection to the transmission of the US broadcaster “CNN”. A test image remained with the line “No signal – please wait”. Pence then talked about China and its supposed guilt for the global pandemic.

This censorship approach is not unusual in China – if the Middle Kingdom is criticized abroad, it is ignored. The only thing that has been new for a few weeks now is the “No signal” message, which has now replaced a completely black screen.

Trump’s carrier of the atomic case is infected with the corona virus

07.13 a.m .: The Corona outbreak in the White House is currently the dominant issue in the US election campaign. 18 people close to the US president have tested positive for the virus. But key people are also infected elsewhere. US Coast Guard military adviser Jayna McCarron has also contracted the coronavirus. The reported “Bloomberg” reporter. The tricky thing: McCarron regularly carries what is known as “nuclear football”, the suitcase with the president’s atomic codes.

McCarron was last on duty at a president’s fundraising dinner in Bedminster, New Jersey last Thursday. She has been corona-positive since the weekend.

For Trump, his corona disease is now a “blessing from God”

Thursday, October 8th, 6:28 am: US President Donald Trump has promised his compatriots a free Covid treatment with antibody agents, as he got it. “I call it a cure,” Trump announced in a video released on Wednesday. He wanted to enable the rapid use of the drugs with an extraordinary permit.

Last week, the US president was treated with a still experimental drug from the biotech company Regeneron. Afterwards, he felt “great” within 24 hours, enthused Trump. “I want you to get what I got – and I’ll do it for free.” There are “hundreds of thousands of doses” of it, and they want to be brought to hospitals as soon as possible. The military is responsible for the distribution, said Trump. “That’s called logistics.” However, it is unclear whether and how the approval process for such new drugs can be accelerated.

It was “God’s blessing” that he was sick with Covid-19, Trump said. This made him aware of the antibody treatment. “I had heard about this drug. I said let me take this. It was my suggestion. And it was amazing how it worked,” said Trump. “And if I hadn’t caught that, we would have just looked at it in line with other drugs.”

In addition to the drug not available to ordinary people, Trump also had several top doctors available around the clock. In the US, more than 211,000 people have died after being infected with coronavirus.

After Covid 19 illness: Trump returns to the Oval Office

10:36 p.m .: US President Donald Trump, who had Covid-19, temporarily returned to his workplace in the Oval Office on Wednesday. Among other things, he was informed about the development around the hurricane Delta, said spokesman Brian Morgenstern. According to media reports, Trump confidants had spoken out in the past few days that he should stay in his residential area and not go to the Oval Office. The president is likely to be contagious.

Trump had returned to the White House on Monday evening after three days in the hospital. According to his personal physician Sean Conley, he has no symptoms, but the White House is holding back on specific details about his health. The president has not been seen since a video was recorded immediately after his return.

Personal doctor Conley announces: Trump has been symptom-free for 24 hours

8:56 p.m .: According to his doctor, the US President Donald Trump, who is ill with the corona virus, has been symptom-free for 24 hours. The president has not had a fever for four days, his personal physician Sean Conley said on Wednesday. “I feel great,” said the President, according to Conley in the morning.

The breathing rate and oxygen saturation of the president are in the normal range and are stable, as the personal physician announced at a short press conference about the state of Trump. Trump had promised his supporters to return to the election campaign shortly and to take part in the second presidential debate against Democrat Joe Biden on October 15 in Miami.

The president is faced with poor poll results in the run-up to the November 3rd election. The TV broadcaster CNN, for example, gives Trump’s opponent Biden a clear lead of 41 to 57 percent.

Trump had tested positive for the corona virus last week. On Monday he returned to the White House after a three-day stay at Walter Reed Military Hospital.

Pelosi calls the White House “one of the most dangerous places in the country”

8.45 p.m .: Nancy Pelosi, Democrat and Chair of the House of Representatives, called the White House a dangerous place in an interview with ABC television. She ruled out meeting with President Donald Trump at government headquarters to negotiate another corona stimulus package. “I’m not going anywhere near the White House,” Pelosi said. “It is one of the most dangerous places in the country, both because of the assault on truth and health that it emanates.”

“Triumphant and blind”: Large US medium openly opposes Trump

3:38 p.m .: In the US, voting recommendations from major media outlets are common. With the “Los Angeles Times”, just under a month before the election, the next medium is now positioning itself against US President Donald Trump. “We want Trump to recover and stay healthy. We just don’t want him as president,” commented the newspaper, referring to Trump’s handling of his corona infection.

The comment also states: “For a brief moment you could believe that this man, who has so little compassion for others, finally got it. (…) But as his tweet on Monday showed, it is not the realization Trump came to following his coronavirus infection. Instead, his focus remained inward and his tone triumphant, blind to the unique circumstances and the vast resources he alone had at his disposal to fight the disease . “

Insider reports of a “chaotic” atmosphere after Trump’s return to the White House

12.34 p.m .: Donald Trump is back in the White House, he’s also tweeting the old way. His release from the clinic on Monday appears to mark the end of the health emergency. But the virus continues to spread in the US government and around the White House. Another close adviser to the president, Stephen Miller, tested positive on Tuesday.

“It is obvious that there was an outbreak in the White House,” admitted Trump’s spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany. According to media reports, high-ranking generals, including Chief of Staff Mark Milley, work from home because they may have been exposed to the corona virus at a meeting.

An insider describes the White House atmosphere after Trump’s return as “chaotic” according to CNN report – Mainly because numerous employees worked from home and Trump is now in charge again. White House staff had previously reported a “total mess” (see entry from October 6th, 11:28 am). Trump is said to have recorded a video message on Tuesday evening. However, it has not yet been published.

Since the west wing of the White House is currently largely empty because of the many employees who have tested positive, are Provisional office space has been set up for Trump in the basement – in close proximity to the medical area of ​​the house, the CNN report said.

According to the broadcaster, that was also chaotic Contact follow-up at the White House. On Tuesday, the contact tracing of infected people in the White House was declared complete in an email to the employees. However, both a New York Times correspondent and a CNN reporter reported that they were not contacted despite direct contact with White House officials. There were no indications on how to proceed.

Biden makes TV duel dependent on the course of Trump’s corona infection

6:15 a.m .: US presidential candidate Joe Biden only wants to take part in the second television duel with President Donald Trump if his rival is no longer infected with the corona virus. “I’m looking forward to having a discussion with him, but I just hope that all regulations are followed,” Biden told journalists on Tuesday. “If he still has Covid, we shouldn’t have a debate,” added the former Vice President.

The guidelines of the US health authority CDC provide for those infected with corona to be quarantined at home for at least ten days from the onset of symptoms. If the disease is severe, infected people should stay at home for 20 days.

06.14 a.m .: After Donald Trump’s corona diagnosis, the virus is spreading in the US government. Another close adviser to the president, Stephen Miller, tested positive on Tuesday. “It is obvious that there was an outbreak in the White House,” admitted Trump’s spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany. According to media reports, high-ranking generals, including Chief of Staff Mark Milley, work from home because they may have been exposed to the corona virus at a meeting. The President, who has Covid-19, says he no longer has any symptoms, but at the same time the White House is holding back with details about his health.

“New mentality” announced: The White House is now presenting the “Corona survivor” Trump

7:24 p.m .: Despite the uncertainty about the outcome of US President Donald Trump’s Covid-19 disease, the White House is already daring to make predictions about his appearance in the next TV debate against challenger Joe Biden. Spokeswoman Alyssa Farah said Tuesday on Fox News that she expected Trump to have a “new mentality” on the coronavirus. He has already lost friends to the virus and mourned with the Americans. “But now he comes as a survivor himself. And I think you will hear that in this debate.”

Presidents are doing “extremely well”: Trump no longer shows any corona symptoms

7:04 p.m .: According to his doctor, the condition of US President Donald Trump is still good after his return from the hospital to the White House. Trump did not report any corona symptoms to the medical team on Tuesday, personal physician Sean Conley said in a message. The 74-year-old’s values ​​are stable. His blood has an oxygen saturation level between 95 and 97 percent. “Overall, he’s still doing extremely well,” said Conley.

Trump declares negotiations on the new corona aid package to have failed

9:08 p.m .: US President Donald Trump has declared negotiations with the opposition Democrats for a new Corona aid package to have failed for the time being. Trump wrote on Tuesday in the short message service Twitter that he had instructed his negotiators to suspend talks until the presidential election on November 3rd. On the New York Stock Exchange, share prices immediately plummeted.

The Democrats, Trump’s Republicans and the government had been wrestling for weeks over a new aid package to support citizens and business in the face of the devastating effects of the corona pandemic. Opposition leader Nancy Pelosi last spoke on the phone repeatedly with Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin. The Democrats, however, asked for significantly more funds than the Republicans and the White House wanted to pledge.

Trump accused Pelosi on Tuesday of asking for $ 2.4 trillion in order to financially rehabilitate “badly governed” states with high crime rates by the Democrats. The chairman of the House of Representatives was not concerned with the fight against the corona virus and its economic effects. His government, on the other hand, made a “very generous” offer of $ 1.6 trillion.

Trump wrote on Twitter that he would win the presidential election on November 3rd – and immediately afterwards launch a new stimulus package. In polls, the incumbent is currently behind his challenger Joe Biden of the Democrats.

Just a few days after his infection, Trump becomes a corona denier again

2.45 p.m .: US President Donald Trump compared the coronavirus with the flu again after his hospital stay because of an infection with the novel pathogen. “The flu season begins! Every year many people die from the flu, sometimes more than 100,000, and despite the vaccination. Is that why we are shutting down our country? No, we have learned to live with it, just as we learn to live with Covid which is less fatal in many populations !!! “wrote Trump on Twitter on Tuesday.

Trump’s corona infection became known on Friday. On Monday, he called on Americans not to be afraid of the virus. In the United States, more than 210,000 people have died from infection since the pandemic began, more in absolute terms than any other country in the world.

Especially at the beginning of the pandemic, Trump had repeatedly compared Covid-19 diseases with flu. He also publicly claimed that the death rate was lower than that of flu. He repeatedly promised that one day the virus would simply go away again.

In September, recordings of conversations between Trump and the investigative journalist Bob Woodward were published in which he knew the serious risks of the virus at the beginning of the pandemic and yet made trivial comments. Trump said in a conversation in February that Covid-19 was “more deadly” than severe flu that kills 25,000 to 30,000 Americans each year.

Because of his corona infection, Trump has been given a number of drugs, including an antibody drug that is still experimental. According to the renowned immunologist Anthony Fauci, this could have contributed significantly to a rapid improvement in Trump’s health. According to his personal doctor Sean Conley, Trump’s illness is not over yet despite his return to the White House.

Historic moments in history: New commemorative coin for Trump’s “Victory over Corona”

2:08 p.m .: That was fast! “President Donald J. Trump defeats Covid” is the name of a new commemorative coin that can be ordered in the souvenir shop of the White House from November 14th. It was designed by Anthony Giannini, who had previously created other coins for “historical moments in world history”, such as the meeting between Trump and North Korea’s ruler Kim Jong-un.

The official announcement, written by the designer himself, states: “When we first heard the sad news about President Trump’s positive corona test, we firmly believed and prayed, but we knew that our president would find a way would KO Covid in the first rounds Trump’s victory over the virus is a symbol for everyone that Covid-19 could be overcome, more often than the “fear that many media incessantly hammer into us every minute, every hour, every day” suggest leaves.

Like it or not, Trump is almost mythically strong, and the new coin is intended to pay tribute to that strength of the president. The exact design is deliberately kept secret until it appears. Giannini only reveals this much: “My new design is inspired by superhero drawings because President Donald J. Trump is surrounded by a myth that has never been seen before with a US president.”

The coin is available for a price of $ 100. 20 percent of the proceeds go to Hershey Medical Penn State for Covid Prevention and the Hershey Cancer Center.

“It’s all messed up” – White House staff “scared”

11:28 am: Corona-ill US President Donald Trump left the Walter Reed Military Hospital in Bethesda on Monday evening after three days of treatment. But it is very likely that the 74-year-old is still highly contagious – which in no way prevents him from stepping in front of people in the White House without a mask. So has Trump really learned from his experience, as he said in a video message?

For White House staff, the risk of infection from this contagious but carefree US president is real. While Trump is bragging about his Covid fight, his staff is rumbling, as reported by the US political magazine “Politico”.

Because the information that is passed on to the employees is apparently sparse. Wann wurde Trump vor seiner Corona-Infektion das letzte Mal negativ getestet? Das verheimlicht das Weiße Haus auch seinen Bediensteten und Beratern. Stabschef Mark Meadows soll das Personal sehr spät und nur oberflächlich über das Protokoll nach der Trump-Erkrankung informiert haben. Das sorgt für Verunsicherung. Über die Ansteckungen von Trump-Helfern, Pressechefin Kayleigh McEnany und New Jerseys Gouverneur Chris Christie erfuhren sie nur über die Medien, schreibt das Magazin.

„Es herrscht totales Durcheinander”, sagte Olivia Troye, frühere Mitarbeiterin des Weißen Hauses, gegenüber „Politico“. 14 Infizierte gibt es mittlerweile im Weißen Haus. Während Sprecher Judd Deere darauf besteht, dass alle notwendigen Vorkehrungen getroffen treffen, „um nicht nur den Präsidenten und seine Familie, sondern jeden Mitarbeiter, der in dem Gebäude arbeitet, zu schützen“, hat die Insiderin andere Erfahrungen gemacht. „Wir wussten von Mitarbeitern, die Infizierten ausgesetzt waren. Die sind trotzdem wieder zur Arbeit erschienen.“ Troye weiter: „Einige der jungen Berater waren verängstigt. Ich habe Mitleid mit ihnen. Wir alle haben Familien, Eltern und Großeltern.“

Sprecher Deere versucht zu beruhigen: „Der Zugang zum Präsidenten wird erheblich eingeschränkt sein und in seiner Nähe wird jeder eine Schutzmaske tragen müssen.“

Also read: Präsident aus Klinik entlassen – Corona-Angst im Weißen Haus nach Trump-Rückkehr: „Es herrscht totales Durcheinander“

„Habt keine Angst“: Seltsame Trump-Show sorgt für Empörung

07.46 Uhr: Wie ein Sieger marschierte Donald Trump durch die goldenen Pforten des Walter-Reed-Militärkrankenhauses. Drei Tage nach seiner Einlieferung wegen einer Corona-Infektion verließ der Präsident die Klinik am Montagabend wieder, reckte den Daumen in die Höhe und wurde mit dem Hubschrauber zurück ins Weiße Haus geflogen, wo er demonstrativ seine Schutzmaske abnahm und salutierte. So als habe er nicht nur seine Krankheit besiegt, sondern auch die Pandemie insgesamt.

Der mit starken Medikamenten behandelte 74-Jährige, der sich in vier Wochen zur Wiederwahl stellt, nutzte die eigene Corona-Infektion für eine politische Show. Doch mit seinem Auftreten und seinen Äußerungen der vergangenen Tage dürfte der Republikaner seine Kritiker und viele Wähler in der Überzeugung bestärkt haben, dass er im Kampf gegen die tödliche Pandemie der falsche Mann im Weißen Haus ist.

Denn die Ankündigung seiner Entlassung aus dem Krankenhaus verknüpfte Trump mit einem höchst zweifelhaften Appell: „Habt keine Angst vor Covid. Lasst nicht zu, dass es euer Leben beherrscht“, schrieb der Präsident auf Twitter. Er selbst fühle sich nach drei Tagen im Krankenhaus schließlich „besser als vor 20 Jahren“.

„Keine Angst“ angesichts eines Virus, das in den USA schon mehr als 7,4 Millionen Menschen infiziert und mehr als 210.000 Menschen getötet hat? Bei den oppositionellen Demokraten und in den sozialen Netzwerken brach sofort ein Sturm der Entrüstung aus.

Trumps Wahlherausforderer Joe Biden rief den Präsidenten auf, sich mit seinen Äußerungen an die mehr als 200.000 Familien zu wenden, die ein Mitglied verloren hätten. Der demokratische Senator Jeff Merkley sprach von der „Fortsetzung der furchtbaren und gefährlichen Ratschläge eben jenes Mannes, dessen Missmanagement die Krise so schlimm gemacht hat“.

Die demokratische Abgeordnete Ilhan Omar twitterte: „Dieser Mann ist ungeeignet für das Präsidentenamt.“ Viele hoben auch hervor, dass der Präsident gut reden hat, wenn er sich auf die besten Ärzte des Landes und quasi unbegrenzte medizinische Ressourcen verlassen kann.

Anhänger reagierten dagegen begeistert auf Trumps Entlassung aus dem Krankenhaus. „Er ist einfach aus Eisen gemacht“, sagte Karen Simon, die sich wie viele andere Trump-Fans vor der nördlich von Washington gelegenen Klinik postiert hatte. Bei Anhängern des Präsidenten ist die Auffassung weit verbreitet, das Coronavirus sei in Wirklichkeit gar nicht so schlimm. An sie wandte sich Trump mit seiner Politik-Darbietung.

After his dismissal, Trump causes outrage with a dangerous video message

Nach seiner Rückkehr ins Weiße Haus nimmt Trump sofort die Maske ab

05.59 Uhr: US-Präsident Donald Trump ist nach einer dreitägigen Krankenhaus-Behandlung wegen seiner Covid-Erkrankung ins Weiße Haus zurückgekehrt. Trump inszenierte seine Ankunft am Montagabend (Ortszeit) als Demonstration von Stärke: Er stieg die Treppe zum Balkon auf der Südseite seiner Residenz hoch, nahm dort die Gesichtsmaske ab und salutierte dem Piloten seines abfliegenden Hubschraubers. Danach nahm der Präsident ein Video auf, in dem er seine Landsleute aufrief, keine Angst vor dem Virus zu haben.

Trump war in der Klinik unter anderem mit einem noch experimentellen Antikörper-Mittel behandelt worden. Nach Einschätzung des renommierten Epidemiologen Anthony Fauci könnte dies entscheidend zu einer schnellen Verbesserung von Trumps Gesundheitszustand beigetragen haben. „Ich habe einen starken Verdacht, dass ihm das geholfen hat“, sagte Fauci im Nachrichtensender CNN. Das Mittel war von der Biotech-Firma Regeneron auf Anfrage der Präsidenten-Ärzte bereitgestellt worden. Es wird für gewöhnliche Patienten noch lange nicht verfügbar sein.

Trump bekräftigte seinen Aufruf an die Amerikaner, sie sollten sich nicht vor dem Virus fürchten. „Lasst es nicht Euer Leben beherrschen. Habt keine Angst davor“, sagte der Präsident in einem am Montagabend (Ortszeit) auf dem Balkon des Weißen Hauses aufgenommenen Video. „Geht raus, seid vorsichtig.“

Zuvor hatte Trump bei Twitter geschrieben, er fühle sich besser als vor 20 Jahren. „Es ging mir nicht so gut“, sagte er dann im Video zu seiner Erkrankung. „Aber vor zwei Tagen fühlte ich mich wieder großartig, besser als ich mich seit langem gefühlt habe.“ Vielleicht sei er jetzt immun gegen das Coronavirus, mutmaßte der Präsident. Er wirkte immer noch etwas kurzatmig.

Trump dürfte noch ansteckend sein und müsste nach Vorgaben von Gesundheitsbehörden die Maske tragen, um Personen in seiner Nähe zu schützen. Er nahm sie aber ab, während Kameraleute des Weißen Hauses in seiner Nähe waren.

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00.44 Uhr: Mittlerweile ist Trump an Bord von Marine One, der Helikopter soll ihn nun direkt ins Weiße Haus bringen. Dort wird erwartet, dass Trump sich isoliert – für wie lange, ist noch offen.

Trump hat das Krankenhaus verlassen

00.39 Uhr: Nun ist es so weit: Trump verlässt das Krankenhaus. Er trägt eine Maske, zeigt anwesenden Reportern einen Daumen Hoch. Auf der Treppe vor dem Krankenhaus fasst Trump kurz das Geländer an, merkt dann aber wohl selbst, dass das wahrscheinlich keine gute Idee ist, und zieht die Hand schnell wieder weg.

Vom Krankenhaus-Ausgang geht es direkt in eine Limousine, die den Präsidenten nun zu Marine One fährt. Fragen beantwortete Trump auf den Metern zwischen Krankenhaus und Auto nicht – das war aber auch nicht geplant.

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