US politics: President in clinic – The statement of his personal doctor in the live ticker

5:31 p.m .: Trump’s personal physician Sean Conley is still a long time coming, the press representatives in front of the Walter Reed Military Hospital have been waiting for half an hour and waiting for Conley’s statement on the state of health of the US President to begin.

5:05 p.m .: The statement of Donald Trump’s personal physician Sean Conley, originally announced for 5 p.m., about the state of health of the president is delayed by a few minutes. This was said by a representative in front of the press people present, who had already prepared for the start of the press conference.

Trump gets remdesivir – now his personal doctor has commented on his condition

Saturday, October 3rd, 4.30 p.m .: Donald Trump was flown to the Walter-Reed military hospital on Friday evening after his corona infection, which became known on Friday night. He should stay there for a few days, but be fit enough to go about his work, said his personal doctor Sean Conley on Saturday night. Trump is doing “very well”. The president is being treated with the drug remdesivir, among other things. He doesn’t need any oxygen supply. On Saturday afternoon (CEST), White House spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany announced that Conley would speak from the hospital at 5 p.m. (CEST) on the president’s health.

US judge lifts Trump’s visa ban for skilled workers

Friday, October 2nd, 9:31 am: An instruction from President Donald Trump, according to which work visas should no longer be issued to foreigners with special professional qualifications, has been temporarily overridden by a court order. A US federal judge in San Francisco issued an injunction against the directive on Thursday. Trump has exceeded his powers, quoted the “Wall Street Journal” from the decision.

The instruction is from June and is valid until the end of the year. The White House justified it with the high unemployment in the USA as a result of the Corona crisis. The directive applies to different types of work visas, including the so-called H-1B visa, from which the high-tech sector in particular benefits.

The technology and Internet companies in the Californian innovation mecca Silicon Valley rely heavily on foreign workers. The H-1B visa is typically issued to around 85,000 people annually.

Four business associations, which mainly represent Silicon Valley, had therefore taken legal action against the instruction. They reacted with satisfaction to the current judge’s decision, which, however, is only of a provisional nature. Any policy that prevents US companies from hindering highly skilled workers “only harms the economic recovery in these difficult times,” said TechNet chairwoman Linda Moore.

Failure for Trump: court stops Tiktok ban in the US for the time being

Monday, September 28th, 6:06 am: The popular Tiktok video app has more time to secure its future in the USA undisturbed. A court in Washington suspended the download stop with an injunction, which users would have felt on Monday. At the same time, the judge on Sunday rejected Tiktok’s request to take action against the threat of a complete shutdown for the app in the USA on November 12th.

According to the order of the US Department of Commerce, Tiktok should disappear from the Apple and Google App Store in the US on Monday. Users who already have the app on their smartphones would then have access to Tiktok as before. But you couldn’t download the app again. A few days ago, Tiktok applied for an injunction against the actions of the Ministry of Commerce and argued, among other things, that the damage could not be repaired by stopping the download.

Tiktok belongs to the Chinese company Bytedance. US President Donald Trump called the app a security risk because Chinese authorities could use the app to access data from US citizens. With two orders, he laid the basis for the end of the app in the USA. As of November 12th, Bytedance is no longer allowed to hold data from US users and no longer operate any infrastructure in the USA. Tiktok and Bytedance argued in vain that data from US users was being stored in the US and not going to China.

The situation around Tiktok is unclear. Trump had already announced that he had approved a fundamental deal that was to secure the continued existence of Tiktok in the USA through the entry of the American companies Oracle and Walmart. But since then there have been contradicting statements as to whether the new US partners or Bytedance should hold the majority in the global Tiktok business – and the conclusion of a final deal has been delayed.

Trump nominated Barrett for Ginsburg succession at the Supreme Court

Sunday, September 27th, 7.15 a.m .: US President Trump takes the opportunity to cement the conservative majority in the US Supreme Court. On Saturday, he nominated the lawyer Amy Coney Barrett for the vacant seat in the Supreme Court – and wants to put her into office before the presidential election on November 3rd. The Democrats cannot prevent the Senate nomination. You now want to mobilize the voters. They immediately raised the alarm that Barrett’s views could spell the end of health care for millions of Americans.

With the 48-year-old, the conservative judges would have a clear majority of six of the nine seats on the Supreme Court. That could change American society forever. Barrett is to replace the liberal icon Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who died last week at the age of 87 of complications from cancer.

The Supreme Court often has the final say on abortion, immigration, gun rights, and discrimination policy issues. It is considered likely that conservatives could now make a fresh attempt to overturn or at least limit the right to abortion and same-sex marriage in court. A majority of 60 percent of US citizens believe, according to a poll published on Sunday by the New York Times, that abortions should be legal.

Barrett is one of the most brilliant legal experts in the United States, Trump said when the nomination was announced in Washington. She herself emphasized: “Judges do not make politics – and they have to put all political views aside.” Judges would have to adhere to the wording of laws. “She is undoubtedly a conservative,” said Trump on Sunday on Fox News.

Supreme Court justices are appointed for life. They are proposed by the President and approved by the Senate. The Republicans have a majority of 53 of the 100 seats there. Barrett’s Judicial Committee hearing is slated to begin October 12th. He expects to be able to complete the process in the body within two weeks, said committee chairman Lindsey Graham at Fox News. Then the vote would be due.

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