US politics: Insiders speak of Trump’s mendacity – “More pathetic than anything”

Donald Trump has been behind his challenger Joe Biden in surveys for months, and his values ​​continued to decline after the corona infection. The president now wants to make a virtue out of necessity: through “God’s blessing” he has discovered a cure. A curious kidnapping plot about the governor of Michigan, however, heats up the mood in the country. Everything important in the ticker of FOCUS Online.

  • After his corona infection, US President Donald Trump left the hospital on Tuesday night.
  • Previously there had been confusion about Trump’s state of health – but now, according to his personal doctor, the president is “extremely well”.
  • Now Trump is promising the Americans a free Covid treatment with antibody agents
  • Attempted kidnapping of the governor heats tensions in the US – Trump offended

“More pathetic than anything else”: Insiders unpack on TV about Trump’s mendacity

Saturday, October 17th, 9:57 a.m .: A little more than two weeks before the US presidential election, Donald Trump is well behind in polls. After his Covid 19 illness, he is now looking for the public in major election campaign appearances. Meanwhile, a report by CNN made headlines. It should be broadcast on Sunday. In it, high-ranking former administrative officials express why they consider Donald Trump to be unsuitable for the office of US President.

The broadcaster released some quotes from the former White House chief of staff, John Kelly, in advance. According to this, Kelly is said to have said to friends that he thinks Trump is “the most flawed person” he has ever met. “The depth of his dishonesty is just amazing to me,” Kelly reportedly said. His dishonesty is “more pathetic than anything else”.

The chief of staff is considered the most important man of the US president. Trump fired Kelly in December 2018. He is said to have fallen out with the president.

Other former top officials share Kelly’s views of his mendacity. CNN quotes Olivia Troye, a former top advisor to Vice President Mike Pence, among others. Accordingly, Trump already knew about the effects of the corona pandemic in February. He did not want to hear this, however, “because his greatest concern was that we were in an election year”. The investigative journalist Bob Woodward had already reported something similar in his current book. He used audio recordings to prove that Trump would have known about the danger of the virus at the end of January, but deliberately downplayed it.

Celebrities republican distance themselves from Trump

10.10 p.m .: Less than three weeks before the US presidential election, several prominent Republicans are distancing themselves from President Donald Trump. The focus is on dealing with the corona crisis. Trump confidante Chris Christie criticized, among other things, the protective measures in the White House. He assumed that he was in a “safe zone” there. “I was wrong.” Christie had helped Trump, among other things, prepare for the TV debate with his Democratic challenger Joe Biden. He was then treated for about a week in the hospital for Covid 19 disease.

The tone that Christie took in a statement on Thursday and a TV appearance on Friday contrasted sharply with statements by Trump. The ex-governor of New Jersey warned against taking the virus lightly. “It’s something you have to take very seriously,” he said, calling for people to wear masks and keep their distance. “Nobody should be happy to catch the virus and nobody should be haughty about being infected or infecting others.” Meanwhile, during a TV appearance, the president once again raised doubts about the benefits of masks.

Last week, Senate Republican majority leader Mitch McConnell said he had not been to the White House since early August – because of concerns about how coronavirus risks are being dealt with there. His remarks have been seen by some political observers in Washington as a license for Republicans to stop criticizing Trump. Trump is clearly behind Biden in polls.

“Kiss dictators on the buttocks”: Republican US Senator attacks Trump sharply

Friday, October 16, 9:52 p.m .: A Republican US Senator has caused a stir with harsh criticism of President Donald Trump. In a public telephone conversation with voters, Ben Sasse accused the president of “flirting with racists”, “kissing dictators’ butts”, “betraying” allies, “obsessed with television” and “falling in love”.

Trump threw state money out the window “like a drunken sailor”, made fun of the important group of voters of evangelical Christians behind her back and failed in the corona pandemic, Sasse said, according to a recording of the phone call. “His family viewed the presidency as a business opportunity.”

Because of Trump, the Republicans threatened to lose their majority in the Senate in the presidential and congressional elections on November 3, warned the politician from the state of Nebraska. “I now think a bloodbath for the Republicans in the Senate is possible. That’s why I never jumped on the Trump bandwagon.”

Sasse’s statements reflect the concerns of many Republicans that they will not only lose the White House in the elections – but also the Senate because of Trump’s unpopularity with many voters.

Also Trump-Son Barron was infected with coronavirus

Wednesday, October 14, 11:24 p.m .: The youngest son of US President Donald Trump, Barron, was also infected with the corona virus. The 14-year-old had no symptoms of the disease and has since tested negative again, said his mother, First Lady Melania Trump, on Wednesday. A corona test has now also turned out negative for her herself.

The president and his wife tested positive for the corona virus just under two weeks ago. “Of course, I immediately thought of our son,” said the first lady on Wednesday. A test at Barron was initially negative – but then tested positive.

Personal doctor: Trump tested negative on “consecutive days”

11:52 p.m .: According to his personal doctor, US President Donald Trump has tested negative for the corona virus. Rapid tests were negative on “consecutive days”, said Sean Conley in a statement on Monday (local time). He added that in addition to the antigen tests, other laboratory data were also used to determine that the president was no longer contagious after his corona infection. When Trump tested negative for the first time and how often remained unclear.

Trump announced on October 2 that he had been infected with the corona virus. Because of his Covid-19 illness, he was treated for three days in a military hospital. Personal physician Conley had already announced on Saturday that the president was no longer contagious. He did not publish information on test results at this time.

On his first trip to an election campaign appearance since his corona infection, Trump refrained from wearing a mask on Monday. Trump was extremely rarely seen in public wearing mouth and nose protection throughout the pandemic. His opponents criticized him as a bad example. Not only Trump was infected with Corona, but also numerous other employees and guests of the White House.

Senate begins hearings from Constitutional Justice-designate Barrett

Monday, October 12th, 11:04 am: The U.S. Senate begins Monday’s confirmation hearings for Constitutional Justice-designate Amy Coney Barrett. The conservative lawyer will answer questions from the senators on the Justice Committee of the Congress Chamber. President Donald Trump’s Republicans, who have a majority in the Senate, want to confirm the 48-year-old for the office of the country’s Supreme Court before the presidential election on November 3.

This causes outrage among the opposition Democrats: They have unsuccessfully demanded that the personnel be decided after the election. Trump had nominated the strictly Catholic Barrett at the end of September as the successor to the late liberal constitutional judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Should Barrett be confirmed in the Senate as expected, that would increase the Conservative majority in the Supreme Court and cement it for years.

Twitter warned Trump’s immunity claim

8:59 p.m .: Twitter has provided a message from US President Donald Trump regarding his alleged immunity to the coronavirus with a warning of false information. The tweet violated the rules for the “dissemination of misleading and possibly harmful information” on the subject of Covid-19, it said on Sunday. The tweet was therefore only accessible after clicking on a warning and could not be distributed without the users’ own comment.

Trump had previously written on Twitter that the doctors of the White House had now certified that he was “completely” healthy after his Covid 19 illness. Regarding the coronavirus, he wrote, “That means I can’t get it (immune) and can’t pass it on.” Trump wants to make major campaign appearances again from Monday. In the election on November 3, he is applying for a second term. Trump’s personal doctor said on Saturday that the president was no longer contagious.

Experts assume that people are probably immune after a corona infection. For how long and how absolutely protection exists is still unclear. The Robert Koch Institute, for example, writes about this: “At this point in time, it is still unclear how regular, robust and permanent this immune status is built up.”

The 74-year-old Trump said he had tested positive for the corona virus on October 1. Trump fell ill with Covid-19 and was therefore treated in a hospital for three days from October 2.

Personal physician: Trump is no longer contagious

Sunday, October 11th, 8:43 am: Nine days after his positive corona test, US President Donald Trump is no longer contagious, according to his doctor. The president meets all the requirements for the complete lifting of the isolation rules, said personal physician Sean Conley on Saturday evening. According to the latest findings, there is no longer any risk that Trump will transmit the corona virus to other people.

The president has no fever and the symptoms he has shown have improved, Conley said. However, he will continue to check the health of the 74-year-old when he returns to work.

Trump had previously appeared publicly for the first time since returning from hospital. “I feel good,” he said in front of several hundred supporters who had gathered under a balcony of the White House. The president, who had also been hospitalized for three days because of his infection with the coronavirus, did not wear a respirator when he appeared. He wants to resume his campaign tour on Monday and is planning at least three rallies in the coming week.

“I feel good”: Trump is aimed at supporters in front of the White House

9:11 p.m .: US President Donald Trump made public appearances on Saturday for the first time since his return from hospital. “I feel good,” Trump said in front of several hundred supporters who had gathered under a balcony of the White House. The president, who had been hospitalized for three days for an infection with the coronavirus, did not wear a respirator when he appeared.

“I want you to know that our nation will defeat this terrible China virus,” Trump said in front of the cheering supporters. Most of them wore masks, but did not adhere to the rules of distance at the outdoor event.

“It will go, it will go,” Trump said of the virus that has killed more than 210,000 people in the United States – and that has cut his chances of re-election.

“Go out and vote – and I love you,” Trump told his supporters, many of whom wore bright red peaked caps with the words “MAGA” (Make America great again) on. Trump’s 18-minute speech was mainly about law and order.

The corona diagnosis suddenly interrupted Trump’s election campaign just a few weeks before the presidential election on November 3rd. While the incumbent had to recover, his Democratic challenger Biden completed several campaign events in key states. The former vice president is ten percentage points ahead of the incumbent in national polls. Biden was also able to expand his lead in the states that make the elections.

Trump himself is growing impatient to come out of the White House after his Covid 19 illness and to address the people directly again. “The president wants to be there,” said Hogan Gidley, spokesman for his campaign team, Fox News. Trump wants to “address the Americans directly, without the filter through the media”.

Second TV duel between Trump and Biden canceled

Saturday, October 10th, 7:01 a.m .: The second TV duel planned for next week between US President Donald Trump and his challenger Joe Biden does not take place. This decision was announced on Friday evening by the commission responsible for organizing the presidential debates after a dispute over possible format changes due to Trump’s corona infection. He wants to resume his election campaign in the White House on Saturday, but postponed the first rally after his illness to Monday.

“There will be no debate on October 15th,” said the independent commission responsible. Now all efforts should be directed to the organization of the last TV duel planned for October 22nd in Nashville. Because of Trump’s corona infection, the commission said on Thursday that the second debate should be held virtually in order to “protect the health and safety of everyone involved”. According to the organizers’ plans, Trump and Biden should be in different locations and be connected virtually.

While ex-Vice President Biden was open to the virtual format, Trump rejected the plans. The presidential campaign team has instead called for the debate to be postponed. The responsible commission has now decided to reject it.

Just a few days after returning: Trump wants to receive hundreds of people in front of the White House

10:21 p.m .: Just days after his return to the White House, US President Donald Trump apparently plans to receive hundreds of people on the South Lawn of the White House. The US broadcaster “ABC” reported that first. The event should take place on Saturday. There is even an official invitation that the broadcaster has received.

Accordingly, the President is expected to speak to the crowd from one of the White House balconies. Among them are also people who take part in a previous election campaign event in Washington, which is organized by a Trump supporter. The event continues Trump’s pattern of using the White House for political events.

White House sources said they were concerned about what the president might say about the expected crowd on Saturday, according to the report. There are fears that Trump could further fuel the criticism of him for playing down the corona virus.

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