US politics: In the White House, a short of breath Trump immediately takes off the mask

US politics in the news ticker: “Do not be afraid”: Strange Trump show causes outrage

US President Donald Trump has returned to the White House after his corona infection. Previously, there had been confusion about his state of health, and a spontaneous visit to his supporters also caused horror. Everything important in the ticker of FOCUS Online.

  • After his corona infection, US President Donald Trump left the hospital on Tuesday night.
  • His personal physician Conley had previously said that Trump had a “high fever” on Friday, and Chief of Staff Meadows had previously spoken of a more severe course than initially assumed.
  • Trump had been given oxygen twice and the oxygen saturation of his blood had temporarily dropped. Meanwhile, Trump’s values ​​are good enough to leave the hospital.

“Do not be afraid”: Strange Trump show causes outrage

7.46 a.m .: Donald Trump marched through the golden gates of the Walter Reed Military Hospital like a winner. Three days after his admission due to a corona infection, the president left the clinic on Monday evening, put his thumb in the air and was flown back to the White House by helicopter, where he demonstratively took off his protective mask and saluted. As if he not only defeated his illness, but also the pandemic as a whole.

The 74-year-old, who was treated with strong medication and is standing for re-election in four weeks, used his own corona infection for a political show. But with his demeanor and remarks over the past few days, the Republican is likely to have reinforced his critics and many voters in the conviction that he is the wrong man in the White House in the fight against the deadly pandemic.

Because Trump linked the announcement of his discharge from the hospital with a highly dubious appeal: “Do not be afraid of Covid. Don’t let it rule your life, ”the president wrote on Twitter. After three days in hospital, he finally feels “better than 20 years ago”.

Don’t worry about a virus that has infected more than 7.4 million people in the US and killed more than 210,000 people? An immediate storm of indignation broke out among the opposition Democrats and on social networks.

Trump’s election challenger Joe Biden called on the president to address the more than 200,000 families who have lost a member with his remarks. Democratic Senator Jeff Merkley spoke of “continuing the terrible and dangerous advice of the very man whose mismanagement made the crisis so bad”.

The Democratic MP Ilhan Omar tweeted: “This man is unsuitable for the presidency.” Many also emphasized that the president speaks well when he can rely on the best doctors in the country and virtually unlimited medical resources.

Supporters, on the other hand, reacted enthusiastically to Trump’s discharge from the hospital. “It’s just made of iron,” said Karen Simon, who, like many other Trump fans, was posted in front of the clinic north of Washington. There is a widespread opinion among supporters of the president that the coronavirus is actually not that bad. Trump turned to them with his political performance.

Upon his return to the White House, Trump immediately takes off the mask

05:59 a.m .: US President Donald Trump has returned to the White House after three days of hospital treatment for his Covid disease. Trump staged his arrival on Monday evening (local time) as a demonstration of strength: He climbed the stairs to the balcony on the south side of his residence, took off the face mask and saluted the pilot of his departing helicopter. The president then recorded a video calling on his compatriots not to be afraid of the virus.

Trump had been treated in the clinic, among other things, with an still experimental antibody agent. According to the renowned epidemiologist Anthony Fauci, this could have contributed significantly to a rapid improvement in Trump’s health. “I have a strong suspicion that it helped,” Fauci said on CNN news channel. The drug was provided by the Regeneron biotech company at the request of the presidential doctors. It will be a long way from being available to ordinary patients.

Trump reiterated his call to Americans not to fear the virus. “Don’t let it rule your life. Do not be afraid of it, ”said the president in a video recorded on Monday evening (local time) on the balcony of the White House. “Go out, be careful.”

Trump had previously written on Twitter that he felt better than 20 years ago. “I wasn’t doing so well,” he said in the video about his illness. “But two days ago I felt great again, better than I have felt in a long time.” Perhaps he is now immune to the corona virus, the president speculated. He still looked a little short of breath.

Trump is likely to be contagious and, according to health authorities’ requirements, would have to wear the mask to protect people around him. He took it off while the White House cameramen were near him.

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12:44 a.m .: Trump is now on board Marine One, and the helicopter is now supposed to take him directly to the White House. Trump is expected to isolate himself there – for how long is still open.

Trump left the hospital

12:39 a.m .: Now the time has come: Trump is leaving the hospital. He wears a mask and shows the reporters present a thumbs up. On the stairs in front of the hospital, Trump briefly touches the railing, but then realizes for himself that this is probably not a good idea and quickly pulls his hand away again.

From the hospital exit it goes straight to a limousine that drives the president to Marine One. Trump did not answer questions on the meters between the hospital and the car – but that was not planned either.

Trump wants to campaign “soon” again

12:29 a.m .: Trump had just announced that he would like to take part in the TV debate next week – now he is even going one step further. “Soon” he will participate in election campaign events, Trump tweeted from the hospital.

12:20 a.m .: As can be seen on TV pictures, the helicopter has already landed in front of the hospital. It can’t be long before Trump really leaves the hospital.

12:16 am: At 12:30 a.m. it should be ready – then Donald Trump will leave the Walter Reed Hospital and return to the White House. According to “NBC”, the plan is as follows: Trump should leave the hospital through the main entrance, from where an SUV is supposed to bring him to Marine One, the presidential helicopter. He then flies him from the hospital to the White House. Trump should then record a video on the way.

Trump wants to participate in TV debate against Joe Biden next week

Tuesday, October 6th, midnight: According to a report by Reuters news agency, Trump plans to participate in the scheduled TV debate on October 15 in Miami. Tim Murtaugh, spokesman for Trump’s campaign team, announced this on Monday (local time), according to the agency.

Conley: Trump has all the values ​​to be released from the hospital

9:14 p.m .: Before leaving the hospital, Trump is said to be given a fourth dose of remdesivir, and a fifth is also planned. This was announced by Trump’s medical team on Monday evening (German time).

Trump’s personal physician Sean Conley confirmed that the president would leave the hospital on Monday. Trump’s health has continued to improve, the 74-year-old meets all the medical criteria for discharge from the clinic. The president was “not completely over the top,” said Conley. In the White House, however, there will be “world-class medical care” 24 hours a day.

Trump is leaving the hospital today

8.43 p.m .: After only three nights in the hospital, US President Donald Trump, who is infected with the corona virus, says he can return to the White House on Monday (local time). “I feel really good!” He wrote in a tweet on Monday and announced that he would be leaving Walter Reed Hospital at 6.30 p.m. (local time / Tuesday 00:30 a.m.).

The president also wrote in the tweet: “Do not be afraid of Covid.” You shouldn’t allow the corona virus to dominate your own life. “We developed some really great drugs and knowledge under the Trump administration. I feel better than 20 years ago!”

Four days after the president: Trump’s press spokeswoman also tested positive for corona virus

5:36 p.m .: Just four days after US President Donald Trump, White House spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany tested positive for the corona virus. She will quarantine after her test result on Monday morning, according to a message distributed by McEnany on Twitter.

Secret Service criticizes Trump’s hospital trip

5.13pm: Because Trump took a short trip from the hospital despite his corona illness, the US President now has to take criticism from the Secret Service. An agent told the US news broadcaster “CNN” that this excursion “should never have happened”. Now all agents who went with the president would have to be quarantined.

They are frustrated with how they are being dealt with in relation to Trump’s corona diseases, the agent continued. Another Secret Service employee said on CNN: “We mustn’t say ‘No’.” While agents in the Secret Service have the authority to say no to activities that could put a president in danger, they can in situations who could put themselves in danger, don’t say no.

White House: Trump could be released from the clinic on Monday

16:26: The state of health of US President Donald Trump has continued to improve, according to his chief of staff Mark Meadows. “We are still optimistic that he can return to the White House later in the day,” Meadows told Fox News on Monday.

“He continued to improve overnight and is ready to return to a normal work schedule.” A decision can be expected in the afternoon at the earliest, added Meadows later. First of all, there are meetings with the doctors. Meadows spoke of “incredible progress” that Trump has made.

Right after getting up: Trump sends an angry tirade from the military hospital

12.49 p.m .: After US President Donald Trump, who had contracted the corona virus, had held back on the short message service Twitter more than usual for the past few days, the 74-year-old switched back to full election campaign mode on Monday morning. Trump, who is currently being treated at the Walter Reed Military Hospital, attacked the Democrats on Twitter at 6:30 a.m. local time: “If you want a massive tax increase, the biggest in the history of our country (and one that affects our economy and jobs to the ground), then vote for the Democrats. ”

Then Trump sent various messages such as “Law and Order”, “The Strongest Military Ever” or “Highest Level on the Stock Market” and raged against the free press.

In total, Trump sent a total of 18 tweets within an hour, 16 of them within half an hour.

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