US policy: Trump is openly threatening to withdraw troops if Germany does not pay

Next disclosure book about Trump – now threatens the author

Tuesday, June 16, 3:43 p.m .: US President Donald Trump has threatened his former National Security Advisor John Bolton with legal consequences if his book is published. If the book were released as announced on Tuesday next week, Bolton would “violate the law,” Trump said at the White House on Monday (local time). The president added that the case would likely end up in court soon. All discussions with him, which Bolton may quote in his book from his time in the White House, are “top secret”. It was “totally inappropriate” for Bolton to publish a book during Trump’s tenure.

Justice Secretary William Barr said Bolton had not gone through the mandatory process of getting passages through the White House released. Trump added that Bolton would be punishable if released. Trump went on to say that Bolton is known for not always telling the truth. According to the publisher, the book portrays a president who is “addicted to chaos”. Trump was only concerned about his re-election. Trump fired Bolton as a security advisor last September because of disagreements. Bolton already made a meaningful announcement at the time that he would present his view of things in due course.

Trump threatens: If Germany does not pay, we will withdraw our troops

9:58 pm: US President Donald Trump has officially confirmed to press representatives that he plans to massively withdraw US troops in Germany. Trump said Germany had failed to pay NATO. Germany had to pay to stop the troop withdrawal. “Germany has been in default for years and owes NATO billions of dollars, and they have to pay that,” he said in the White House. Trump wants to reduce the quota to 25,000 US soldiers in Germany.

Federal Foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) said on Monday in the ZDF “Morgenmagazin” that the US government’s plans to withdraw soldiers stationed in Germany were probably not optimally coordinated in the US government. “So there seems to be a lot of need for discussion within the American government,” said Maas. The SPD politician indicated that there are individuals in the Trump administration who are annoyed with how the decision was made. When asked about American-German relations, the SPD politician said: “Well, I would say it’s complicated.”

Trump himself had to criticize something else besides the allegedly missing payments to NATO. “Why does Germany pay Russia billions of dollars for energy and then we should protect Germany from Russia? How is that supposed to work? It doesn’t work,” he said in the White House. Trump thus alluded to the Nord Stream 2 Baltic Sea pipeline, which is supposed to bring gas from Russia to Germany – bypassing Ukraine and Poland. The US wants to prevent Nord Stream 2 and imposed sanctions at the end of last year.

The media had previously reported that Trump wanted to withdraw 9500 of the approximately 34,500 US soldiers from Germany. There was initially no official confirmation from the White House or the Pentagon. The previous US ambassador to Germany, Richard Grenell and the Republican president had threatened to withdraw last year. This was also justified by the German military expenditure, which despite the increase is still far below the NATO target of two percent of the gross domestic product.

The US President also accused Germany of putting the US at a disadvantage in trade. He said negotiations on a trade agreement between the EU and the US would stall.

TrumpFans celebrate the birthday of their idol with columns of ships in Florida

Monday, June 15th, 12.02pm: Supporters of Donald Trump celebrated the U.S. President’s 74th birthday on Sunday with ship columns in the state of Florida. The yachts with Trump fans departed from several ports in the “sunshine state”. The ships were decorated with US flags. Some also carried banners that read “MAGA” – the four letters stand for Trump’s campaign slogan “Make America great again”.

The birthday party boats were referred to by some Trump fans as “Trumptillas” – a fusion of the president’s name with the English word “flotilla” for a small fleet. “Trumptillas” took off from Fort Lauderdale, Jacksonville, Pensacola and Tampa, among others. Officials estimate that the fleet in Jacksonville alone consisted of around a thousand ships.

“I’m here to celebrate it,” Rachel Cramer said of the president. She danced on a boat that departed from Fort Lauderdale. Trump’s opponents portrayed him as a “racist,” “but he isn’t,” said Cramer.

Trump himself was faced with speculations about his health on his birthday. This was triggered by recordings of the President’s hesitant and evidently difficult walk down the stage ramp after a speech at the famous West Point Military Academy on Saturday. Various U.S. media also discussed how Trump used both hands during his speech at West Point to bring a glass of water to his lips.

The topic of age and physical fitness could still play an important role in the election campaign. Trump is fighting for a second term in the November 3 election. However, his designated challenger Joe Biden is three years older. Trump was the oldest president of the United States to date when he took office in January 2017.

Book about First Lady reveals why Melania only moved to Trump six months after taking office

10.07 p.m .: Mary Jordan, a Washington Post reporter, will publish her new book next week. The theme is the life of First Lady Melania Trump. According to a report by The Washington Post, the journalist for The Art of Her Deal is said to have had over a hundred interviews with people close to the Trump wife.

In doing so, she came to an interesting conclusion: For tactical reasons, Melania should have moved to Washington six months after taking office in Trump. She was anxious to renegotiate the marriage contract with the US president.

There were several reasons for this: Firstly, Trump had been married to Melania longer than to any of his other women, secondly, her “perceived calming effect” on her husband was so strong that various family members had tried to make the first lady so quick to get to Washington as possible.

Trump: Would accept electoral defeat

9:35 pm: US President Donald Trump said he would accept defeat in the November presidential election. “If I don’t win, I won’t win. I mean, you know, go ahead and do other things. I think it would be a very sad thing for our country,” Trump said in an interview with the TV station on Friday Fox News.

Democratic nominee for president, Joe Biden, said in an interview recently that he had already thought that Trump might refuse to leave the White House in the event of a defeat. He added that he was “absolutely convinced” that the military would then escort Trump.

Trump said in the interview that Biden “is not entirely there” and that everyone knows this.

World Criminal Court Condemns US Government Attack

Friday, June 12, 10:00 a.m .: The International Criminal Court has sharply condemned threats from the US government against court officials as an attack on the independence of the judiciary. Despite the “threats and coercive measures,” the court remains determined to carry out its mandate independently and impartially, a Friday statement in The Hague said.

US sanctions against International Criminal Court officials

15:52: US President Donald Trump has approved sanctions against International Criminal Court officials investigating or prosecuting US security forces. Any possession of those affected in the United States can be frozen, according to a Trump order published by the White on Thursday. In March, the International Criminal Court in The Hague cleared the way for investigations into alleged war crimes in Afghanistan – including against CIA officials.

The White House said the president had also approved the extension of visa restrictions to criminal court officials and their dependents. The International Criminal Court prosecutes war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide. 123 states have ratified the basic treaty of the court, the so-called Roman statutes. The United States is not a party to the Court of Justice and has been strongly opposed to it for years.

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