US election 2020: Trump uses Fauci statement for election campaign – he’s pissed off

US election 2020 in the news ticker: On November 3, US President Donald Trump is standing for re-election. Former Vice President Joe Biden wants to replace him. The next TV duel between Trump and Biden is now apparently a matter of dispute. Everything you need to know about the 2020 US election can be found in the FOCUS Online news ticker.

Trump uses Fauci’s statement for his election campaign – he’s pissed off

Monday, October 12, 6:33 a.m .: The US epidemic expert Anthony Fauci is angry about a commercial of the election campaign team of US President Donald Trump. The government advisor on Sunday alleged that the clip was misleading about the fight against the corona pandemic. In the nearly five decades of his service to the general public, he has never “publicly supported” a political candidate, said the 79-year-old.

The 30-second spot contains a recording by Fauci in which he says he could not imagine that “anyone could do more”. In the context of the commercial, this gives the impression that the medical professional is referring to Trump with his statement.

However, it is clear from the full quote that this is not the case. It reads, “I’m on the White House Task Force practically every day. It’s every single day. So I can’t imagine that under any circumstances anyone could do more.”

Fauci now expressed anger that his statements had been used by Trump’s campaign team and taken “out of context” without his approval. These months-old comments would have related to the efforts of public health workers.

Trump rejected his advisor’s criticism of the spot. It was “in fact Dr. Fauci’s own words,” wrote the president on Twitter. Trump added that his administration did a “phenomenal job” in the fight against the pandemic, as confirmed by the governors of several US states.

Fauci and the President have crossed paths over and over again in recent months. The immunologist has not shy away from correcting Trump’s misleading statements about the pandemic. With this, he incurred the resentment of the president, who repeatedly tried to downplay the threat posed by the corona virus.

Unwelcome support: Taliban campaign for Trump to be re-elected

Sunday, October 11th, 3:41 p.m .: Unexpected campaign support: US President Donald Trump has the backing of the Islamist Taliban in Afghanistan in his efforts to secure a second term in the White House. “We hope that he wins the election and handles the US military presence in Afghanistan,” said Taliban spokesman Sabihullah Mujahid in a telephone interview with CBS on Saturday. The withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan is one of Trump’s promises in his election campaign. Just a few days ago he had announced that all American soldiers could be withdrawn from Afghanistan by the end of the year.

The spokesman for Trump’s campaign team, Tim Murtaugh, rejected support for the Taliban. “The Taliban should really know that the president will always protect the interests of the United States by whatever means necessary,” Murtaugh responded to CBS.

Report: Trump prevented masking requirements on buses, trains, subways and planes

Saturday, October 10, 2020, 2:20 p.m .: According to a report in the “New York Times” (“NYT”), the US government has prevented an order to make mask compulsory on all public and commercial means of transport impossible. The regulation prepared by the health authority CDC should apply to both passengers and staff on buses, trains, subways and airplanes, as the newspaper explained.

US President Donald Trump’s government rejected the agency’s proposal, as the “NYT” reported on Friday evening (local time), citing two officials. A representative of the White House was cited as a justification for ordering a mask requirement is a matter for the states and municipalities, which can best assess the corona situation on site. The regulation should therefore also apply to all train stations and airports.

The practical relevance of the blockade of the White House should be limited, however, because in most means of transport and public buildings there is a mask requirement – even if there is no uniform regulation for all 50 states.

According to data from the University of Johns Hopkins, around 7.7 million people have been infected with the coronavirus in the country with a population of 330 million, and 214,000 people have died after being infected.

Trump is flying to Florida to campaign on Monday

10:58 p.m .: US President Donald Trump, who has Covid-19, will fly to Florida for an election campaign appearance on Monday. This was announced by his campaign team on Friday. Trump had already promised an appearance in Florida on Saturday the day before – but at the same time admitted that it was still unclear whether this could be organized at such short notice.

According to information from the broadcaster “ABC” as well as the “New York Times” and the “Washington Post”, Trump now wants to speak to his supporters from the balcony on the south side of the White House on Saturday.

According to his personal doctor, Trump will be allowed to attend public appointments again from Saturday. It is still unclear whether the White House will prove that the president is no longer contagious. According to official information, he tested positive on Thursday last week.

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Warning for election winner tweets: Twitter tightens rules before US election

10:48 p.m .: Twitter is taking additional precautions to avoid abuse of the service surrounding the November 3rd US presidential election. All tweets in which one of the sites prematurely declares its election victory should be provided with warnings, as the short message service announced on Friday. Posts calling for interference in the election process or violence should be deleted.

If tweets from political figures or people followed by more than 100,000 users contain misleading information, warnings should be attached to them. To get to the content, you will first have to click away the hint. In addition, it should not be possible to retweet such tweets directly. From October 20th and at least until the end of the election week, direct retweets will be made more difficult worldwide. Users should then first be asked to share a tweet as a quote. With this function you can add your own comment.

Facebook is also preparing for the election and has announced, among other things, that it will take action against the premature announcement of a victory.

Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau is concerned about the US election

4:01 p.m .: Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is concerned about the politically heated climate in the USA shortly before the presidential election on November 3rd. “We are all watching the polarization in the US with some concern,” Trudeau said at a press conference on Thursday.

The course and outcome of the election in the neighboring country “has a potential impact on the Canadian economy and Canadians,” said the Prime Minister. Therefore everyone hoped for a clear result and a smooth course. “When things are less clear, there might be some disruption and we need to be prepared for whatever result comes out,” said Trudeau.

Should Trump lose the election and not acknowledge defeat, violent clashes are feared. A period of uncertainty after the presidential election in the world’s largest economy would have negative economic consequences around the world.

US election 2020: Facebook deletes fake pro-Trump profiles

12:39 p.m .: Less than four weeks before the US presidential election, Facebook deleted hundreds of fake profiles and dozens of groups that raised the mood for incumbent Donald Trump or against his election challenger Joe Biden in the online service. Facebook cyber security director Nathanial Gleicher said the company had completely banned marketing company Rally Forge. This has coordinated “inauthentic behavior” on Facebook on behalf of organizations close to Trump.

With “inauthentic behavior” Facebook describes the actions of users who leave political messages on the online service under a false identity. A total of 200 apparently fake Facebook profiles and 55 Facebook groups have been deleted, said the same. The Instagram subsidiary has also blocked 76 profiles.

“Many of these profiles used archive photos and pretended to be people on the right,” explained Gleicher. Although the “people behind this network” tried to conceal their identity, Facebook was able to trace the fake profiles back to the activities of Rally Forge.

The marketing company is now blocked, said Gleicher. “We will continue to investigate all related networks and take action should we discover that they are also involved in inauthentic behavior.”

According to the information, a total of around 373,000 Facebook users followed the fake profiles or groups. There were 22,000 users on Instagram.

According to the same, Facebook took action on the matter after the Washington Post reported that Trump-related organizations had spread false news on Facebook. According to the newspaper report, Rally Forge hired young people to distribute articles on online networks that put Trump in a positive light.

Trump promises election campaign appearance on Saturday

Friday, October 9th, 6:18 am: US President Donald Trump has announced his first campaign appearance this Saturday after his Covid 19 illness on Saturday. He wants to do it in Florida if the event can be set up by then, Trump said in a telephone interview with Fox News on Thursday.

For Sunday evening he will then tackle a performance in Pennsylvania. These are important states for the November 3rd presidential election where Trump is behind in polls.

Trump’s personal physician Sean Conley had previously announced that the president had completed the Covid treatment prescribed for him and was allowed to attend public appointments again on Saturday. Trump told Fox News that he should be tested on Friday. In the roughly 20-minute interview, Trump had to interrupt himself twice in the middle of a sentence because of problems with his voice.

Instead of a TV duel: US broadcaster shows election campaign event only with Biden

9:18 p.m .: After Trump initially rejected a possible virtual TV duel with Joe Biden, the TV broadcaster ABC News has now found a replacement. Instead of the duel, Biden should – at the same time as the originally planned TV duel – answer questions from US voters. This was announced by ABC – the station that should host the next TV duel, on Thursday evening (German time).

Had only canceled: Suddenly, Trump just wants to postpone a virtual TV duel with Biden

9:03 p.m .: Just hours after canceling the TV duel planned for next week with his challenger Joe Biden, US President Donald Trump has now suggested a postponement. The debate, originally planned for October 15, should be postponed by a week in order to enable the candidates to be directly compared in one room, said Trump’s campaign team on Thursday afternoon (local time). The third and final debate on October 22nd is also to be postponed by a week.

The responsible independent commission CPD announced on Thursday morning that the next duel would not take place in person for reasons of health protection. The two candidates should therefore appear in different places and be interconnected. The moderator and guests, on the other hand, should meet as planned next week on Thursday evening (Friday CEST) in Miami, Florida.

Trump had described this as “unacceptable” and then canceled his participation. “I will not waste my time with a virtual debate,” he said in a TV interview. Instead of the duel, he is now planning an election campaign event, it said. Biden, in turn, stated that he had agreed to a virtual format, but would now meet with voters alone.

Trump fell ill with Covid-19 as a result of a coronavirus infection and was treated for three days in a military hospital. He returned to the White House on Monday.

US election 2020: Trump does not want to take part in a virtual TV duel

2:11 p.m .: The second TV duel between the US presidential candidates, planned for October 15, could burst: President Donald Trump said on Fox on Thursday that he would not take part in a virtually organized debate. This is “not acceptable to us”.

Shortly before, the organizers had announced that the second TV debate between Trump and his challenger Joe Biden would not take place in a room for security reasons; rather, the opponents would be placed in different places. The corona infection in Trump had raised concerns about the format of the TV debates.

Shortly after the first TV duel on September 29, the 74-year-old incumbent Trump tested positive for the novel corona virus. The diagnosis was released last Friday, after which Trump received hospital treatment before returning to the White House on Monday. His 77-year-old challenger Biden then tested negative for the coronavirus.

After Trump’s corona infection: The next TV duel with Biden will take place virtually

1:34 p.m .: US President Donald Trump is still suffering from Corona, but the second of three TV speeches with presidential candidate Joe Biden is imminent. However, the duel on October 15 should now take place virtually. This was announced by the non-partisan “Commission on Presidential Debates” on Thursday. The third verbal argument is planned for October 22nd.

The Commission’s explanatory memorandum states “to protect the health and safety of everyone involved in the second presidential debate”.

2020 US election poll: Europeans wish for defeat of Trump

Thursday, October 8th, 1:11 p.m .: In the US presidential election on November 3rd, a large majority in Germany and six other European countries would like incumbent Donald Trump to be defeated. This comes from a poll by the polling institute YouGov, which was published on Thursday. According to this, 71 percent in Germany hope for a victory for the democratic challenger Joe Biden. Only eleven percent of Germans would like the Republican Trump to stay in office for four more years.

In Denmark, according to the survey, 80 percent are for Biden and only six percent for Trump. The incumbent US president does best in Italy, where 20 percent want him re-elected. Questions were also asked in Great Britain, France, Spain and Sweden.

Most of the total of more than 9,000 respondents believe that Trump’s tenure to date has had a negative impact on their country. Germans and Spaniards say this most often with 69 percent each, Italians least often (50 percent). Few think Trump is a good president: 5 to 15 percent, depending on the country. A large majority consider him a bad president – 76 percent in Germany.

TV duel between runner-up Harris and Pence

Wednesday, October 7th, 2:57 p.m .: The TV duel between US President Donald Trump and challenger Joe Biden turned out to be a faux pas, as political positions were not really discussed. Now the duel between the runner-up candidates Kamala Harris (Democrats) and Mike Pence (Republicans) is expected. You can read about the debate here

US elections 2020: Biden ahead of Trump in polls

Tuesday, October 6th, 11:53 a.m .: According to current polls in the USA, Joe Biden is ahead of Donald Trump (42.7 percent) as President in the upcoming elections with 51 percent. This is shown by a dpa chart. The average of publicly available surveys in the USA, weighted according to the number of respondents and the survey quality, was evaluated.

Trump is meanwhile for criticism with regard to the handling of his corona infection. When he arrived at the White House, after his stay in hospital, he sent a video message to all Americans.

After his dismissal, Trump causes outrage with a dangerous video message

2020 US election: Joe Biden again tested negative for coronavirus

Monday, October 5th, 4.15pm: The Democratic US presidential candidate Joe Biden has again tested negative for the corona virus. The test was done on Sunday, Biden’s campaign team announced. The last known negative test result Biden comes from Friday.

Biden stood on Tuesday in a TV duel before the presidential election on a stage with US President Donald Trump, who was infected with the virus. Biden’s election campaign team announced on Saturday that, as a sign of transparency, the results of all corona tests for the 77-year-old would be published in the future.

You can find older reports on the US election on the other pages of this ticker.

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