US election 2020: Trump statement about transfer of power worries German foreign politicians

German politicians are concerned about Trump’s statement

11.11 a.m .: When US President Donald Trump suggested that he would not readily recognize the result of the US election in November in the event of a defeat, German foreign policy-makers reacted with concern.

  • Omid Nouripour, foreign policy spokesman for the Greens parliamentary group, told the editorial network Germany: “Once again, President Trump’s statements are fueling the division in the country and leading to fears of the worst for the days after the election.” In the end, however, the courts in the USA will decide if there are complaints about the election result.
  • The chairwoman of the left-wing parliamentary group in the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Bundestag, Sevim Dagdelen, also sees Berlin’s duty in an emergency: “Anyone who, like the federal government in other countries around the world, is pushing for democracy and the rule of law cannot make an exception in the USA.”
  • In the opinion of the deputy chairman of the SPD parliamentary group, Gabriela Heinrich, Trump must stop “laying the ax to the roots of the American success story, which is linked to freedom and democracy”.
  • The deputy chairman of the CDU / CSU parliamentary group, Johann Wadephul, admitted that Trump’s announcement showed a disdain for democracy. Nevertheless, he has confidence in the laws of the United States, said Wadephul the RND. “I have no doubt that the United States’ constitutional structure works with its system of checks and balances.”

Trump rejects admission to peaceful transfer of power: At a press conference in the White House on Wednesday, the US President refused to guarantee a peaceful handover of government power after the November 3rd election. “We have to wait and see what happens,” he said when asked by a reporter whether he would guarantee a peaceful handover in the “here and now” elections in the event of “victory, defeat or tie”. Trump again warned against fraud with a view to the increasing proportion of postal voters, without citing any solid evidence. Republican Trump is running in the election against challenger Joe Biden of the US Democrats.

Trump continues to sow doubts about an “honest” presidential election

Friday, September 25th, 11.03 a.m .: Less than six weeks before the US presidential election on November 3, incumbent Donald Trump continues to raise doubts about their possible outcome. “We have to make sure that the election is honest. But I don’t know if it can be,” said Trump on Thursday, referring to voting papers sent by post. Trump has been claiming for weeks that election documents sent millions of times to US citizens drastically increased the risk of election fraud. Experts and those responsible for elections deny this. “The Democrats are manipulating our 2020 election!” Added Trump on Friday night on Twitter.

Trump said repeatedly in front of his supporters that he was convinced that he could only lose the vote through electoral fraud. On Wednesday, when asked by a reporter, he refused to promise a peaceful transfer of power in advance. “We’ll have to wait and see what happens,” he said instead. Trump’s remarks sparked criticism from both Democrats and Republicans. The Senate, in which the Republicans hold a majority, passed a resolution on Thursday with a commitment to the peaceful transfer of power.

Trump also referred to a notice from the Pennsylvania State Department of Justice that nine discarded ballot papers had been discovered. The authority had initially spoken of nine ballots for Trump, but later made it clear that this was only safe for seven of them. The other two were in the envelopes that came with them when the FBI seized them. They were voting papers from members of the military and some could also be assigned to individual persons. In Pennsylvania, envelopes with ballot papers sent by post have to remain sealed until election day.

According to the investigators’ first findings, employees of the local electoral authority opened the envelopes with the ballot papers because they looked very similar to the envelopes with applications for postal voting documents. Meanwhile, Trump took the opportunity to speak of irregularities. “They throw it away if it has the name Trump on it, I guess,” he said.

In the presidential election on November 3, in view of the corona pandemic, a significantly higher proportion of voting slips sent by post is expected than usual.

Trump is booed at Ginsburg’s coffin by the crowd: “Vote him out”

US President Donald Trump was booed at the coffin of the late judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg at the US Supreme Court. “Vote him!” Shouted a group of people who had gathered in front of the Supreme Court on Thursday. See the video here:

Senator John McCain’s widow supports Biden in US election

Wednesday, September 23, 10:45 a.m .: Former Republican Senator John McCain’s widow has spoken out in favor of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. “There is only one candidate in this race who stands up for our values ​​as a nation and that is Joe Biden,” tweeted Cindy McCain on Tuesday evening (local time). For her husband, who died in 2018, the country always came first. “We’re Republicans, yes, but mostly Americans,” McCain continued.

At the US Democratic Party conference in mid-August, the 66-year-old spoke about the unusual friendship between her husband and presidential candidate Joe Biden. Both served together in the Senate for decades before Biden assumed the office of Vice President under Barack Obama in 2009.

“Joe and I don’t always agree, and I know he and John have had some passionate arguments,” wrote Cindy McCain. But Biden is a good and honest man and will lead the country with dignity.

He replied in a tweet: “I am deeply honored to have your support and friendship. This choice is bigger than any single political party.”

The relationship between McCain and President Donald Trump was considered tense. John McCain was one of the leading internal party critics of Trump, who is running for re-election in early November. He had repeatedly made derogatory comments about the senator.

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US government accuses New York and Portland of negligence towards “anarchy”

Tuesday, September 22, 11:23 a.m .: The US government has accused the cities of New York, Portland and Seattle of negligence towards “anarchy” and threatened to cut federal funds. The US Justice Department said on Monday that the three cities had allowed “violence and property destruction” to continue on the sidelines of the anti-racism protests of the past few months. They also did not take sufficient measures to combat crime.

“When state and city-level officials prevent their own police force from doing their job, it puts innocent citizens deserving of protection at risk,” said Attorney General Bill Barr. “We must not allow federal taxes to be wasted when the safety of citizens is on a knife’s edge.”

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio immediately criticized the announcement: It was “another game” by President Donald Trump, said the Democratic Party politician. The classification is without any basis; a cancellation of federal funds would also be unconstitutional.

In the USA, after the death of the African American George Floyd in a brutal police operation at the end of May, people across the country took to the streets to protest against racism and police violence against black people. On the sidelines of the largely peaceful demonstrations, there were repeated riots – including in the Democratic cities of New York, Portland and Seattle.

Trump wants to use this in the election campaign: The Republican accuses the opposition Democrats of weakness in dealing with violence and crime and presents himself as the “President of Law and Order”. For weeks he has been painting the horror of a country sinking into anarchy and chaos if his polled challenger Joe Biden wins the election on November 3rd.

In early September, Trump published a memorandum about a possible withdrawal of federal funds for cities that the US government believes allow “anarchy, violence and destruction.” Should the government in Washington actually attempt to cut such funds, it should end up in court.

US election 2020: pandemic could cost Trump re-election

Monday, September 21, 2:55 p.m .: The virus, which Trump has repeatedly called an “invisible enemy”, could destroy his hopes for a second term in the presidential election on November 3rd. The pandemic plunged the economy into a severe crisis, the number of infections skyrocketed, and the mass deaths began.

The number of nearly 200,000 fatalities – on Monday morning (local time) it was more than 199,500 – shows that the pandemic was not managed optimally. The United States makes up less than five percent of the world’s population, but the United States accounts for about 20 percent of all known deaths worldwide. Such comparisons are difficult because many factors play a role in the pandemic. But a look at the number of victims in other countries shows a clear trend.

In the USA, according to data from the University of Johns Hopkins, 60 people per 100,000 population died after a corona infection – about the same as in Italy or Sweden. But if the United States had the same death rate as neighboring Canada (25), about 115,000 Americans would be alive. At a rate like that in Germany (11.3 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants), even 160,000 Americans could still be with their families today.

Trump’s challenger, Democrat Joe Biden, leaves no doubt that he blames the Republican personally for failures. “When we needed him to take containment measures, he spent his days playing golf,” Biden wrote on Twitter. “When we needed the president most, he was nowhere to be found. That is unforgivable.”

The pandemic could be decisive for the election: especially for the relatives of the corona dead, for the almost seven million people who have now tested positive for the virus, as well as for the approximately 30 million people who receive some form of unemployment benefit due to the economic crisis, it is likely to play a major role in voting.

Several polls have shown that most voters are more likely than Trump to trust former Vice President Biden to bring the pandemic under control. Biden (77) has also been ahead of Trump (74) in national polls for months. However, a lot can change before election day in around six weeks – and national surveys are only of limited value due to the complex voting system.

Trump seems to be focusing on a corona vaccination in the final spurt of the election campaign. Almost every day he promises that the vaccine will be available soon – most recently he spoke of “mid-October”, around two weeks before the election. In view of the clinical tests required to test the effectiveness of a vaccine, experts believe this is hardly possible. The head of the US health department CDC, Robert Redfield, also contradicted Trump’s schedule when he testified under oath in the Senate. Trump immediately dismissed Redfield publicly: “I think he was confused when he said that.”

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Trump vs. Biden: Russian interference in US election campaign strong again

Friday, September 18, 2:03 p.m .: According to FBI chief Christopher Wray, Russia is again massively interfering in the US presidential election campaign. It was specifically a matter of “denigrating” President Donald Trump’s Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, Wray said in a hearing in the US Congress on Thursday.

“We are seeing very, very active efforts by the Russians to influence our 2020 elections,” Wray said. They also tried to sow “division and discord”. According to the US secret services, this was also a practice of campaigns carried out by Russia before the presidential election in 2016. In the meantime, unlike back then, no direct attacks on the election infrastructure have been detected, said the FBI director. The Russian government had always denied the allegations.

Wray received a public reprimand from the president via Twitter for his statements. “But Chris, you see no activity from China, even though it is MUCH bigger threat than Russia, Russia, Russia,” wrote Trump. He also reiterated his unsubstantiated claim that Russia, China, and other countries could interfere in the election with falsified postal ballot papers. Twitter quickly tagged the Trump tweet with information about “how voting by mail is safe”.

Meanwhile, in a question time with voters on Wednesday evening, Biden described Russia as an “opponent” of America. Russian President Vladimir Putin knows him and knows that if Biden is elected he will have to pay for interference in US affairs, said the former US vice president. When asked, Biden did not want to give any information about how he would get Putin paid. When asked whether China was also an opponent of America, Biden chose the term competitor instead.

Trump: US election result could never be exactly determined

6.43pm: Less than two months before the US election, US President Donald Trump has expressed doubts that there will ever be a valid result. “Because of the new and unprecedented amount of unsolicited ballot papers that are being sent to” voters “or wherever this year, the November 3rd election result could never be exactly what some want,” Trump wrote on Twitter on Thursday . The decisive statement of his tweet, “never be exactly determined”, he wrote in capital letters. In a second tweet, Trump urged those states that are proactively sending postal voting documents to voters because of the corona pandemic to stop this immediately. Instead, you should call on voters to vote at polling stations.

Due to the ongoing corona pandemic, a massive increase in postal votes is expected in the elections on November 3rd. Postal voting is generally considered to be very secure and established – in the 2016 US election, for example, almost every fourth voter voted by post. Trump repeatedly criticizes postal votes as prone to fraud without giving reasons.

Because of his repeated attacks, Trump has been accused of sowing doubts about the legitimacy of the election, which could lead to an unprecedented test of US democracy. When asked by journalists, Trump left it open several times whether he would accept an election defeat. If he didn’t do this, what happens would be completely open.

Biden: Trump’s handling of the corona crisis “disqualifies” him for president

Thursday, September 17th, 11:38 am: US presidential candidate Joe Biden has denied that President Donald Trump is suitable for the highest office in the country because of his handling of the corona crisis. “The president’s first job is to protect the American people, and he will not do that. That completely disqualifies him,” Biden said Wednesday after meeting health professionals in Wilmington, Delaware.

Trump lacks “seriousness” in dealing with the pandemic, the opposition Democratic candidate accused his opponent in the November 3rd election. The president refuses to take important steps to contain the virus, such as the introduction of national distance rules.

Biden also accused Trump of instrumentalizing the search for a corona vaccine for political purposes. He did not believe his statements that a vaccine could be available in a few weeks, the Democrat said. The process should be based on scientific and safety standards, not politics, he said.

“Let me make one thing clear: I trust vaccines, I trust scientists, but I don’t trust Donald Trump,” said Biden. “At this point, neither can the American people.”

Trump said on Tuesday that he expected a corona vaccine within three to four weeks. Less than two months before the presidential election, Trump is under enormous pressure because of the ongoing corona crisis in the USA. The Democrats have already voiced concerns that Trump is putting massive pressure on researchers and health officials to get a vaccine approved as soon as possible.

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