US election 2020: presenter Chris Wallace after the chaos debate just “sad”

US election 2020 in the news ticker: On November 3, US President Donald Trump is standing for re-election. After the chaotic TV duel, there is horror, the viewers are upset – and there are first consequences. Everything you need to know about the 2020 US election can be found in the FOCUS Online news ticker.

Moderator of the chaos debate just “sad”

06:28 am: The US presenter Chris Wallace has expressed himself very frustrated about the chaotic course of the first TV duel between President Donald Trump and his election challenger Joe Biden. He was “just sad” about how the debate went, said the presenter of the conservative broadcaster Fox News on Wednesday the New York Times. He never thought that the debate would “derail” in this way.

Trump had not obeyed the rules of the debate and had interrupted Biden again and again. The speech duel was therefore extremely chaotic and violent. The former vice president responded with sharp counterattacks and once called to the president to “shut up”. Wallace failed to stop Trump.

“I’m a professional. I’ve never been through anything like this,” said the moderator, looking back on the debate. It was widely expected that Trump would attack his adversary harshly and with personal insults. But Wallace said he didn’t expect the president to do this throughout the debate.

He did not realize in advance that these attacks would be the president’s strategy not only for the beginning of the speech duel, “but for the entire debate,” admitted the moderator.

The commission responsible for organizing the presidential debates announced changes to the rules for the next speech duels. “Last night’s debate made it clear that additional structure should be added to the format of the remaining debates in order to ensure a more orderly discussion of the issues,” said the Commission.

Biden called Trump’s appearance in the television debate on Wednesday a “national embarrassment”. The presidential candidate of the opposition Democrats still wants to take part in the remaining two TV duels with the president, as Biden’s campaign team announced. Some Democrats as well as media commentators had called on Biden to boycott further television debates.

The two remaining television duels between Trump and Biden are scheduled for October 15 and October 22. Vice-presidential candidates Mike Pence and Kamala Harris will have a TV debate on Wednesday next week. The election will take place on November 3rd.

First TV duel: More than 73 million viewers in the USA

04.34 a.m .: More than 73 million people in the US have the first debate between US President Donald Trump and his Democratic challenger Joe Biden seen on TV. According to the Nielsen Institute on Wednesday evening (local time), there were significantly fewer viewers than in 2016, when an estimated 84 million people attended the first debate Trump and the Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton watched. It was the most watched of all TV debates between US presidential candidates to date. When looking at this year’s numbers, however, it should be noted that Nielsen does not cover all of the online services that streamed the debate.

Trump sees himself as the winner – and attacks Biden

9.42 p.m.: After the TV duel with his challenger Joe Biden, US President Donald Trump declared himself the winner of the first debate before the presidential election. “We easily won the debate last night by any yardstick,” said the Republican on Wednesday in the garden of the White House. Looking at Biden – who will run for the Democrats on Nov. 3 – Trump said: “I think he was very weak. He looked weak, he whined.” Trump said he also wants to have the next two TV debates against Biden. If his challenger does not want to participate, that is his decision.

Trump said he saw “about six” polls that saw him as the winner of the debate. It was unclear which surveys he was referring to. In some Twitter polls – which are considered unreliable without a scientific basis – Trump was ahead. In lightning polls by the broadcasters CBS and CNN, on the other hand, a majority considered Biden to be more successful in the debate than Trump.

Biden steps in after the mud fight – first consequences after the chaos debate

8:32 p.m.: US presidential candidate Joe Biden has described incumbent Donald Trump’s appearance in the TV duel between the two opponents as an “embarrassment for the country”. Trump tried everything to distract for 90 minutes, Biden told journalists on Wednesday in Alliance in the US state of Ohio. The Republican had interrupted Biden during the debate on Tuesday night (local time) and had attacked him personally. “Trump has no plan, no ideas,” said Biden. When asked what he was saying to undecided voters who had seen the debate and had had enough of the politics, the Democrat said, “I can understand.”

Trump and Biden first met in a TV debate on Tuesday evening (local time) and had a chaotic exchange of blows – peppered with abuse and constant interruptions from the other party. The spectacle was badly received by the voters: In a lightning poll by the broadcaster CBS, 69 percent said that the argument had mainly upset them.

Biden accused Republican Trump of sowing doubts about the legitimacy of the election and condemned that he had sent a bad signal to a right-wing group called the Proud Boys. During the debate, Trump refused to condemn right-wing groups and said: “Proud Boys – hold back and be ready.” Regarding the group, Biden said on Wednesday: “This is not what we are as Americans.”

Chaos duel has consequences

The commission responsible for the TV duels has meanwhile announced the first consequences. The concept should be changed. The course of the duel made it clear that “the format of the remaining debates needs additional structure in order to ensure a more regular discussion of the issues,” said the Presidential Debate Commission on Wednesday. The Commission did not explain how exactly the measures should look. However, they would be announced shortly.

According to the concept of the debate, six topics should have been discussed in 15-minute blocks. First, Trump and Biden were supposed to present their position undisturbed for two minutes, after which a free discussion was planned. But even with the opening statements there were interruptions and the candidates sometimes spoke at the same time. In addition, they often deviated from the topic just given, such as the corona crisis or the economic situation.

The second of the three debates between Trump and Biden is scheduled for October 15, local time (3:00 a.m. on Wednesday CEST). It is planned in a different format than the first one anyway – as question time for voters. As things currently stand, the third debate is again planned as a 90-minute speech duel with a moderator. Vice-President Mike Pence and Biden’s Vice-candidate Kamala Harris will meet on October 7th.

Poll: Americans angry after TV duel

Wednesday, September 30, 6:59 a.m .: The vast majority of Americans found the first televised debate before the US presidential election to be particularly stressful. In a lightning poll by the broadcaster CBS, a narrow majority saw the Democratic challenger Joe Biden as the winner in the exchange of blows with President Donald Trump.

When asked about their overwhelming feeling when watching the debate, more than two-thirds (69 percent) responded in the CBS lightning poll that the discussion had primarily annoyed them. Only 31 percent felt entertained by it. In the survey with several possible answers, 19 percent also stated that they were pessimistic after the broadcast. Only 17 percent said the debate was informative for them.

The tone of the discussion, in which the Republican incumbent Trump repeatedly interrupted his challenger, was felt by 83 percent of those questioned as negative, only 17 percent as positive.

When asked who won the debate, 48 percent named Biden and 41 percent named Trump. Around ten percent rated the outcome as a draw.

A CNN poll also saw Biden in front: 60 percent said the challenger had done better, only 28 percent see Trump in front.

You can read all information about the TV duel in the news ticker from FOCUS Online.

A few hours before the TV duel, Biden exposes Trump with a tax return

8.49 p.m .: The Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden published his latest tax return a few hours before the first TV duel with incumbent Donald Trump. Biden and his wife Jill paid $ 299,346 in federal taxes last year, according to documents posted on the candidate’s website Tuesday. The sum is in stark contrast to Trump, who, according to a report in the New York Times, only paid $ 750 to the federal IRS in 2016 and 2017 and made no payments in many other years.

Biden published the tax return a few hours before his first television duel with Trump. This should take place five weeks before the presidential election on Tuesday evening (9:00 p.m. local time; Wednesday 3:00 a.m. CEST) in Cleveland, Ohio.

The “New York Times” reported on Sunday, citing tax documents that Trump had kept secret for years, that the real estate billionaire only paid $ 750 to the IRS in the election year 2016 and in his first year in office in 2017.

In eleven of the 18 tax years for which the paper sifted through the documents, the president reportedly paid no federal income tax at all. Trump has used a lot of write-off options in the past 20 years or so: Among other things, he has deducted costs for his homes and planes – and $ 70,000 for hair styling for television appearances.

Unlike his predecessors, Trump keeps his tax documents under lock and key. He had rejected the newspaper report as “total false news” and “fabricated”. He also “paid a lot of state income tax,” he said with a view to his – also kept under lock and key – tax payments to the state of New York.

Bizarre strategy: Trump wants to push through the judge candidate

Tuesday, September 29, 9:36 a.m .: Donald Trump wants his candidate Amy Coney Barrett to be confirmed as senior judge by the Senate before the elections. His team is now said to have worked out an aggressive plan with “knife fighters” to defend Barrett against any criticism. Here you get more information.

US election 2020: “Washington Post” makes election recommendation for Trump challenger Biden

6:57 p.m .: The Washington Post has warned of the re-election of US President Donald Trump in November and issued an election recommendation for his challenger Joe Biden. Trump is the “worst president in recent history” in the country and has done serious damage to US democracy, the respected daily wrote in its editorial on Monday, around five weeks before the election. Biden, on the other hand, is “exceptionally well” qualified for the presidency and can bring “decency” and “competence” back to the White House.

“In order to chase away the worst president in recent history, many voters should be ready to vote for almost anyone,” said the editorial, which was published the day before the first TV duel between Trump and Biden. “Fortunately, voters don’t have to lower their standards to vote President Trump 2020 out.”

“The Democratic nominee, Ex-Vice President Joe Biden, is exceptionally well qualified by character and experience to face the daunting challenges the nation will face over the next four years.”

The “Washington Post” names, among other things, the corona pandemic, growing inequalities, the increase in authoritarian tendencies worldwide and global warming. Trump “created, exacerbated or neglected” each of these challenges, the editorial says. Biden, on the other hand, would “restore decency, honor and competence in the US government”. Where Trump stands for “narcissism” and “cynicism”, Biden embodies compassion and a belief in American values.

The newspaper warns that democracy in the US is in danger. The country needs a president who advocates the rule of law, recognizes the constitutional role of Congress and works for the common good rather than “its private benefit”.

US election 2020: Biden against Trump – First TV duel on Tuesday

5:05 p.m .: The first TV duel between Donald Trump and Joe Biden will take place on Tuesday evening (local time). Biden is ahead in the polls, but Trump has a lot of experience in front of the camera. You can find out more about the topic here: From Tuesday to Wednesday – Biden is ahead in polls, but in the TV duel he has to pay attention to 3 things

Biden team Trump: Better to argue with words than urine

Monday, September 28, 12:10 p.m.: US President Donald Trump has received a snappy response from his opponent’s camp with his demands for a drug test for Joe Biden. Biden wants to answer the upcoming debate with words, said campaign manager Kate Bedingfield of the website “Politico” on Sunday. “If the president thinks the best way to make his case is through urine, he needn’t force himself.”

Trump again proposed a drug test for the first presidential debate on Sunday. Biden’s form in the debates of the Democratic Party candidates in the spring was too uneven, he argued again at a press conference in the White House. “People say he was on performance-enhancing drugs. A lot of people said that.” When asked by a journalist who said that besides himself, Trump recommended looking on the Internet. “I’m ready to do a drug test. I think he should, too.”

Trump and Biden will meet on Wednesday night in the first of three TV debates. Trump had already called for a test from his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton four years ago.

Financial report puts Trump in dire straits

Monday, September 28th, 12 noon: Just over a month before the US presidential election, an explosive report in the New York Times raises questions about the finances of incumbent Donald Trump. Read more here.

Trump has already reacted to the report and rejects the allegation as “fake news”. You can see his reaction in the video.

Hardly any taxes paid for 15 years: Trump rages at the desk over media reports

Biden: Trump lies like Goebbels

10:39 pm: US presidential candidate Joe Biden has accused incumbent Donald Trump of lying like Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels. “He’s a bit like Goebbels. You tell a lie long enough, repeat it, repeat it, repeat it – and it is considered general knowledge,” said Biden in an interview broadcast on Saturday by the TV station MSNBC. It was triggered by a question about Trump’s claims that Biden was a socialist.

Trump always declares in his appearances that Biden will promote “radical left” who would destroy America and bring chaos to American cities. He also claims, among other things, that Biden and the Democratic Party are using postal votes in the hope that the presidential election on November 3 will be manipulated with forged ballot papers. Goebbels was one of Adolf Hitler’s closest confidants during the Nazi era and a pioneer of the Holocaust.

While supporters whistle about corona rules, Trump jokes Biden’s caution

Saturday, September 26th, 11:28 am: US President Donald Trump is campaigning for the votes of black voters with the promise of three million new jobs for African Americans. A “platinum plan” worked out by him provides for new jobs and the provision of further funds for the promotion of African Americans, said Trump on Friday (local time) during an election campaign appearance in front of black supporters in Atlanta, Georgia.

In the past 47 months in office, he “did more for the black community than Joe Biden did in 47 years,” said the president, referring to his challenger from the Democratic Party. He repeatedly denounced Biden’s support in the 1990s for a law enforcement law that, according to many experts, had led to numerous arrests of African Americans.

Trump went on a twelve-hour campaign tour of three particularly competitive states on Friday.

He made fun of his competitor Biden because he refrained from mass events because of the Coronoa pandemic. “This guy never goes outside. Terrible, isn’t it?” He shouted in Atlanta in front of the attendees of a black strengthening event where hardly anyone wore a protective mask and no distance rules were observed. “If I should lose to a man who isn’t campaigning, I don’t know what to do,” joked Trump.

In Florida, the president took part in a conversation with Latinos. Biden was “very bad to the Hispanics,” he said at the event at his golf club in Doral. In contrast, he himself is “a protective wall between the American dream and chaos”.

US election 2020: German politicians are concerned about Trump’s statement

11.11 a.m .: When US President Donald Trump suggested that he would not readily recognize the result of the US election in November in the event of a defeat, German foreign policy-makers reacted with concern.

  • Omid Nouripour, foreign policy spokesman for the Greens parliamentary group, told the editorial network Germany: “Once again, President Trump’s statements are fueling the division in the country and leading to fears of the worst for the days after the election.” In the end, however, the courts in the USA will decide if there are complaints about the election result.
  • The chairwoman of the left-wing parliamentary group in the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Bundestag, Sevim Dagdelen, also sees Berlin’s duty in an emergency: “Anyone who, like the federal government in other countries around the world, is pushing for democracy and the rule of law cannot make an exception in the USA.”
  • In the opinion of the deputy chairman of the SPD parliamentary group, Gabriela Heinrich, Trump must stop “laying the ax to the roots of the American success story, which is linked to freedom and democracy”.
  • The deputy chairman of the CDU / CSU parliamentary group, Johann Wadephul, admitted that Trump’s announcement showed a disdain for democracy. Nevertheless, he has confidence in the laws of the United States, said Wadephul the RND. “I have no doubt that the United States’ constitutional structure works with its system of checks and balances.”

Trump rejects admission to peaceful transfer of power: At a press conference in the White House on Wednesday, the US President refused to guarantee a peaceful handover of government power after the November 3rd election. “We have to wait and see what happens,” he said when asked by a reporter whether he would guarantee a peaceful handover in the “here and now” elections in the event of “victory, defeat or tie”. Trump again warned against fraud with a view to the increasing proportion of postal voters, without providing any solid evidence. Republican Trump is running in the election against challenger Joe Biden of the US Democrats.

US election 2020: Trump continues to sow doubts about an “honest” presidential election

Friday, September 25th, 11.03 a.m .: Less than six weeks before the US presidential election on November 3, incumbent Donald Trump continues to raise doubts about their possible outcome. “We have to make sure that the election is honest. But I don’t know if it can be,” said Trump on Thursday, referring to voting papers sent by mail. Trump has been claiming for weeks that election documents sent millions of times to US citizens drastically increased the risk of election fraud. Experts and those responsible for elections deny this. “The Democrats are manipulating our 2020 election!” Added Trump on Friday night on Twitter.

Trump said repeatedly in front of his supporters that he was convinced that he could only lose the vote through electoral fraud. On Wednesday, when asked by a reporter, he refused to promise a peaceful transfer of power in advance. “We’ll have to wait and see what happens,” he said instead. Trump’s remarks sparked criticism from both Democrats and Republicans. The Senate, in which the Republicans hold a majority, passed a resolution on Thursday with a commitment to the peaceful transfer of power.

Trump also referred to a notice from the Pennsylvania State Department of Justice that nine discarded ballot papers had been discovered. The authority had initially spoken of nine ballot papers for Trump, but later made it clear that this was only safe for seven of them. The other two were in the envelopes that came with them when the FBI seized them. They were voting papers from members of the military and some could also be assigned to individual persons. In Pennsylvania, envelopes with ballot papers sent by post have to remain sealed until election day.

According to the investigators’ first findings, employees of the local electoral authority opened the envelopes with the ballot papers because they looked very similar to the envelopes with applications for postal voting documents. Meanwhile, Trump took the opportunity to speak of irregularities. “You throw it away if it says Trump, I guess,” he said.

In the presidential election on November 3, in view of the corona pandemic, a significantly higher proportion of voting slips sent by post is expected than usual.

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