US election 2020: Biden wins series of US primaries as expected

Biden wins series of US primaries as expected

Thursday, June 4, 10.12 a.m .: Former US Vice President Joe Biden has won additional primaries in several states. The 77-year-old collected hundreds of additional delegate votes for his planned nomination as a Democratic presidential candidate.

The states of Indiana, Maryland, Montana, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and South Dakota as well as the US capital Washington had held primaries on Tuesday – amid the corona pandemic and the ongoing protests against racism and police violence in the country. According to preliminary results from Wednesday, Biden – as the only remaining presidential candidate of his party – won everywhere as expected.

Biden has already been designated as challenger by incumbent Donald Trump in the November presidential election. Biden’s official freestyle as a presidential candidate is to follow at a party conference in August. For a nomination, he needs at least 1991 regular delegates on his side. According to calculations by the US broadcaster CNN, Biden now has over 1900 votes following the recent votes. In one of the next primaries in June, he should exceed the necessary threshold to secure the necessary majority for a nomination in a purely formal sense – possibly as early as next week. On June 9, primaries are scheduled in Georgia and West Virginia.

Several of the states that voted on Tuesday had originally planned the primaries, but postponed them to this date because of the Corona crisis. In one fell swoop a total of 479 delegate votes were distributed – 186 of them in Pennsylvania alone. According to the Democratic Party there, Biden in the state counted more than 90 percent of the constituencies to more than 77 percent of the votes. Left senator Bernie Sanders, who had left the Democratic race at the beginning of April, came to just under 19 percent in Pennsylvania.

When announcing his retreat, Sanders had announced that he would remain on the ballot papers for the remaining primaries in order to continue collecting delegate votes and thus at least gain influence over the content of the party conference, where the programmatic course is also being debated.

Biden has already assured Sanders a say there. Both teams have also set up joint working groups to work together on content-related concepts. The aim is to bring the party together in this way. Sanders has a clearly left agenda, Biden belongs to the moderate wing of the party. Leading Democrats have been demonstratively behind Biden in the past few months to pool all the forces of the party in the fight against Trump.

The US election campaign has been turned upside down by the corona pandemic. Rallies have been canceled for weeks because of the spread of the virus. Many primaries have been postponed, and the Democratic Party conference has been moved from July to August. It is unclear whether and when major campaign events can take place again. Many states have switched the area codes entirely to postal voting or at least significantly expanded this option.

Another crisis is currently emerging: demonstrations against police violence, racism and social injustice have been taking place in many US cities for days. The protests were triggered by the death of African American George Floyd after a brutal police operation in Minneapolis. Some of the demonstrations were violent. Trump recently announced that he would stop the riots with the military if necessary.

Biden sharply criticized his rival for dealing with the current crisis. “Donald Trump has turned our country into a battlefield torn apart by old resentments and new fears,” the ex-vice president said in a speech in Philadelphia on Tuesday (local time). He promised a different approach: «I will not act with fear and division. I will not kindle the flames of hatred. »

Biden warns of supposedly possible US nuclear test

Friday, May 29, 12:08 p.m .: The prospective US Democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden, has warned the government of President Donald Trump of an allegedly possible resumption of nuclear tests. Such a move would be “as reckless as it is dangerous,” the ex-vice president said on Thursday. The background to this is an article in the “Washington Post” last Friday, according to which representatives of US security agencies should have debated such a possibility in mid-May.

The newspaper quoted an unnamed US government official that a US nuclear test could be helpful in negotiations with Russia and Beijing for a trilateral agreement to regulate the nuclear arsenal. The meeting in mid-May ended without agreement, but the proposal would be discussed further. Another person familiar with the matter said, according to the Washington Post, that it had decided not to run any tests. The White House refused to comment on the report on request.

Biden said: “President Trump should put an end to this nonsense and immediately affirm that the United States will continue to honor its commitment not to conduct nuclear weapons tests.” The idea that a test would induce Russia and China to negotiate a new arms agreement is absurd. Resuming tests would be more likely to prompt other countries to conduct their own nuclear tests and undermine the non-proliferation target. A test would also complicate the position on countries such as North Korea and Iran, which Washington is calling for to refrain from nuclear weapons.

Trump and Biden bicker over wearing protective masks

Wednesday, May 27, 12.40 p.m .: The mutual taunts between US President Donald Trump and his likely challenger Joe Biden are entering the next round. Now they are arguing about wearing protective masks during the corona pandemic. Trump had shared a tweet from a journalist.

A journalist from Fox News posted a photo on Twitter showing Joe Biden wearing a black mask. Biden had been out for a campaign appearance for weeks. The journalist wrote about it: “This could explain why Trump doesn’t like wearing a mask in public.”

Trump shared the tweet without comment – Biden struck back. In an interview with CNN, the Democratic candidate told Trump that he was “an absolute fool” for making fun of wearing a mask. He also accused the US President of macho behavior and that his behavior would cost lives.

Trump recently imposed a mask requirement in the White House – but he excluded himself from it.

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Trump scoffs at Biden: he was never known as a smart person

Monday, May 25, 11:29: US President Donald Trump has once again made fun of his prospective presidential challenger, Joe Biden. In a television interview that aired on Sunday, Trump mocked the designated Democratic presidential nominee and former US Vice President: “He was never known as a smart person.” When asked what he saw as Biden’s greatest strength, Trump said, “Well, I would have said experience, but he didn’t really have experience because I don’t think he remembers what he did yesterday.”

Trump explicitly left the question of something positive about Biden unanswered. When asked about the Democrat’s weaknesses, Trump said, “I could talk about vulnerabilities all day.” Among other things, Biden was not mentally fit enough to be president. In addition, a democratic election would lead to a stock market crash, Trump warned.

Biden is the only remaining presidential candidate for the Democrats and has thus already been determined as Trump’s challenger in the November presidential election. Trump regularly ridicules Biden, among other things he has nicknamed him “Sleepy Joe”.

Biden to African Americans: Whoever chooses Trump is not really black

3:12 p.m .: Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has caused a stir in the United States with a statement in support of African-American voters. Biden told a prominent African-American radio host on Friday that he wasn’t a real black man if he had to consider whether he supported him or President Donald Trump.

Biden subsequently regretted his statement, according to US media reports. The broadcaster CNN reported that Biden had admitted in a telephone exchange with the African American Chamber of Commerce that his words could be considered haughty. He knew that he couldn’t take the voices of African Americans for granted. “I know I need the African American votes to win the presidential election.”

Biden (77), who was Vice President under President Barack Obama at the time, is very popular with African Americans. However, there was a heated debate on social media; many blacks criticized Biden’s statement as patronizing. Trump’s campaign team condemned the remark as “racist”. It shows that as a white man, Biden believes that black people are “unable to be independent or to think independently.”

Radio presenter Charlamagne Tha God had asked Biden in the interview for reports that he had shortlisted white senator Amy Klobuchar for the position of vice president. The moderator said that Biden owes his victory in the primaries to black voters, so there are now calls for a black vice in the White House.

Biden replied that there were also black candidates. At the end of the conversation, he added: “If you have a problem clarifying whether you are for me or for Trump, you are not black.” Biden emphasized that he had been working for African Americans for decades. A consultant Bidens later said on Twitter that Biden’s remark was joking – but the debate about the hashtag “YouAintBlack” was already spreading (you are not black).

Biden can count on a majority of African-American votes in the presidential election on November 3. For the Democrat, however, it could be decisive how motivated black voters are: If they simply do not vote but stay at home, an election victory for Biden will be even more difficult to achieve.

USJustice Minister sees no reason to investigate Obama and Biden

Wednesday, May 20, 9:34 a.m .: Attorney General Bill Barr has dismissed calls from President Donald Trump to investigate his predecessor Barack Obama and former deputy Joe Biden. He sees no cause for criminal investigation against the two politicians in connection with the Russia affair, Barr said in Washington on Monday.

Barr described the investigation into illegal collusion between the Trump team and Moscow in the 2016 presidential election campaign in March 2019 as “great injustice”. However, he declined to investigate Obama’s and Biden’s role in the investigation.

The US judiciary should not be used to harm political opponents, the minister emphasized. Especially before the presidential election in November, in which Biden is likely to stand against incumbent Trump, the judiciary should not be used for political purposes.

In the past, Barr had been repeatedly accused by opposition Democrats of behaving towards Trump in dealing with the Russia affair, and of not protecting his authority’s independence as the country’s top investigative body.

Trump recently asked for an investigation into Obama over alleged criminal activities by the previous government. The US President spoke of an “Obamagate” plot that led to the investigation into the Russia affair.

Trump was surprised by Barr’s statements on Monday. “I think Obama and Biden knew about it,” he said, referring to the Russian investigation he had “hunted down”. “A lot of bad people were involved and they should pay a very high price.”

Russia special investigator Robert Mueller had not found sufficient evidence for illegal collusion between the Trump team and Moscow in his almost two-year investigation into the Russia affair. However, the special investigator expressly did not exonerate the President from the allegation of legal obstruction.

And then came Corona: Virus brings US election campaign to a standstill

Tuesday, May 19, 11.17 a.m .: It was supposed to be a violent election campaign – the fight for the re-election of Donald Trump as President of the United States, the fight against Joe Biden, his designated challenger from the Democrats. But then came the corona virus and thus around 90,000 dead US citizens to date, a ruined economy and an election campaign that had slipped into the surreal.

With less than six months to go before election day, none of the candidates can run a normal election campaign, voters are concerned about their safety, and Trump faces a kind of referendum on how to deal with the unprecedented crisis. “We really don’t know how to do it,” said political professor Christopher Arterton of George Washington University at AFP news agency.

Just four months ago, the situation seemed clear: referring to a historic low in unemployment and solid economic growth, Trump promised four more years of a presidency that revolves around his stubborn businessman.

“This election will primarily be a referendum on President Trump”

Biden, on the other hand, basked in the nostalgia of the years of his vice presidency under Barack Obama, which in retrospect seems to be quiet. The 77-year-old promised to end the scandals and split under the Trump-show-style government and restore the “soul of America”.

Biden did lead in the polls. Still, many believed that Trump would ultimately gain the upper hand on November 3. The last incumbent to lose reelection was George Bush in 1992. Historically, presidents in whose tenures are doing well are practically invulnerable.

With macho self-confidence, Trump asked at his campaign events how the man he insulted as “Sleepy Joe” could keep up. But then the coronavirus destroyed this script: Trump wanted the country to celebrate its successes, instead the fate of the 73-year-old is now in the hands of the people who will judge him after dealing with the disaster. “This election will primarily be a referendum on President Trump,” says American University historian Allan Lichtman.

The corona pandemic is at least as difficult a test for the political leadership of the USA as the attacks of September 11, 2001 or the recession of 2008. Trump believes that he has already passed this test: “I would rate it 10 “he asked when asked how he would rate his leadership – on a scale of 1 to 10, of course.

Biden is also tied to the house

But many disagree with Trump, criticizing his divisive style of politics, his rare hints of compassion, and his haphazard handling of federal funding for testing and treatment. According to a recent CBS poll, 57 percent of US citizens think Trump is doing a “bad job”. In March it was still 47 percent.

This should look like a unique opportunity for Biden. Instead, he is tied to the house like millions of other US citizens because of the corona restrictions. Although Trump also had to give up his beloved campaign appearances, he occasionally comes out with Air Force One or dominates the evening news from the White House. Biden, on the other hand, got no further than the home garden in Delaware and limited the communication to amateur videos.

Ironically, Trump’s advantage could still benefit Biden: Because even though the president is in the limelight, what he says there makes half the country furious. “This reveals all of his mistakes, which were always there, but are now much more immediate for the lives of Americans,” says Biden spokesman Michael Gwin.

In other words, Biden doesn’t have to lift a finger. Lichtman points to an old saying: “Never interrupt an opponent if he makes a mistake.”

Trump son: Democrats exploit coronavirus pandemic as an election advantage

Monday, May 18, 12:57 p.m .: President Donald Trump’s son, Eric Trump, has accused the US Democrats of using measures to control the corona virus for campaign purposes. Democrats would “cannibalize the issue every single day between now and November 3,” said Eric Trump on Saturday evening (local time) to Fox News broadcaster with a view to election day. “And you know what? After November 3rd, the coronavirus will magically go away and disappear, and everyone will be able to open it again.” He seemed to be referring to democratic governors who oppose the president’s efforts to reopen their states as quickly as possible despite the pandemic.

Eric Trump accused US Democratic nominee Joe Biden of savoring the situation because the president is currently unable to hold large campaign events because of corona virus containment measures. “Biden loves that. Biden can’t go on stage without making a terrible mistake.” The Democrats tried to take Donald Trump’s greatest advantage – that he could fill arenas with tens of thousands of people. “Joe Biden doesn’t get ten people in one room.” The United States has killed more than 88,000 people in the pandemic.

Biden wins US area code in Nebraska as expected

Thursday, May 14, 11:45 a.m .: The designated Democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden, has won the primary in the state of Nebraska. This was announced by the Democratic Party in Nebraska on Tuesday evening (local time). According to consistent US media reports, Biden received around 77 percent of the vote after almost all ballot papers were paid out. The left senator Bernie Sanders, who got out of the race at the beginning of April, got around 13 percent of the votes.

For the first time in several weeks, an area code was held in Nebraska, where people could also vote in polling stations. However, because of the corona pandemic, many opted for postal voting.

After Sanders’ withdrawal, Biden is the only remaining candidate to be the challenger of incumbent Donald Trump in the November election. The candidate’s official freestyle is to follow at a Democratic nomination party conference in the summer. The remaining area codes are considered a formality.

In Nebraska, it was about the distribution of a total of 29 votes from regular delegates for the party convention. Biden needs at least 1991 regular delegates on his side for a nomination. He has not yet reached this threshold.

When announcing his withdrawal, Sanders had announced that he would remain on the ballot papers for the remaining primaries in order to continue collecting delegate votes and thus at least gain influence on the content of the party conference, where the programmatic course is also being debated. Biden has already assured Sanders a say there. Both teams have also set up joint working groups to work together on content-related concepts. The aim is to bring the party together in this way. Sanders has a clearly left agenda, Biden belongs to the moderate wing of the party.

Obama calls for Biden’s support again – and sharply criticizes Trump’s crisis management

Monday, May 11th, 1.45 p.m .: In confidential statements, ex-US President Barack Obama has sharply criticized his successor Donald Trump’s handling of the corona pandemic. Trump’s crisis management is “an absolutely chaotic catastrophe,” Obama said in an interview with former members of his government on Friday evening, according to an audio recording.

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Obama again called on him to support the designated Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden in the race against Trump. The US presidential election will take place in early November. “I hope you all feel the same urgency as I do,” said Obama.

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