URLs on Google incorrect or gone: indexing problem with mobile and canonicalization continues

An indexing problem at Google causes pages to disappear from Google’s index and leads to strong fluctuation in the ranking. According to Google, webmasters cannot do anything until the problem is resolved.

The official Twitter account of the Google Search Liaison has confirmed that Google is currently addressing two different indexing problems. There is one problem with mobile indexing, another with canonicalization. Both problems ensure that various URLs cannot be indexed or that pages that have already been indexed disappear again on Google. The announcement follows reports of pages that suddenly disappeared from Google’s index. The problems have therefore existed for a few days. Google is trying to fix this as soon as possible and explains that site operators should not take action now.

New indexing problem with Google: confusion among webmasters is resolved

A few days ago, some Twitter users complained that various pages were suddenly no longer indexed by Google, as reported by Barry Schwartz at Search Engine Roundtable. They couldn’t make out the reason for this:

In the Black Hat World Forum, a user wrote:

Today I found out that the main page has disappeared from the index. The page has been in the top for more than 4 years, no prohibited methods were used, there were no alerts, no changes were made to the site either. Yesterday I filled out the questionnaire “Share your experience with Search Console Insights” and today the page is not in the index, and accordingly the drawdown of positions and traffic. Where to dig, what happened.

On September 29th, Google announced an indexing problem for news content, which was fixed on the same day. For many webmasters, this problem was not the basis of their confusion about unindexed or disappeared pages:

With the announcement on Twitter, Google has given the site operators the reason for the problems with various URLs – but that will not help them immediately.

While Google states that they will update Twitter as soon as the problem is resolved, the webmasters will have to be patient. After all, the problem may have been around since September 23rd. If the problem is resolved, the ranking of the affected pages should return to normal. Nevertheless, webmasters should not rule out that their pages could also have other problems and make sure that any indexing problems can only be traced back to the bug with Google. In the event of problems with the site that they caused themselves, they could ultimately act themselves.

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