United States: high tensions after the death of a black man killed by a police officer in Atlanta

Tension has escalated again in the United States after the death of a black man killed by a white police officer in Atlanta. The death on Friday June 12 of Rayshard Brooks, 27, comes as the country and the world are shaken by a wave of protests after the death of George Floyd. In Atlanta, the police chief of this southern city immediately resigned.

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The medical examiner qualified Sunday the murder of Rayshard Brooks. The Wendy’s chain restaurant near which he was fatally wounded by a police officer was burned down Saturday while hundreds of people demonstrated in the capital of the state of Georgia, blocking a highway. Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, whose name has been put forward as possible running mate for Democrat Joe Biden for the November presidential election, announced on Saturday the “immediate” resignation of Erika Shields, who was in charge of police for the city ​​for over 20 years.

Opposite versions

According to an official report, Rayshard Brooks, 27, fell asleep in his car on the driveway of the restaurant and establishment staff called the police because his vehicle was blocking customers. The man was drunk and resisted when two white police tried to arrest him, says the Georgia State Investigation Bureau (GBI).

Images of the incident, made public by police on Sunday, show a fight between the officers and the suspect who manages to seize one of the police officers’ taser and flees. But while the GBI claims that Rayshard Brooks “turned around and pointed the Taser at the officer who used his gun,” the footage shows the suspect’s back to the police officer when he is injured. Transported to a hospital and operated, he died soon after, specify the investigators, according to whom an agent was injured.

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The police officer who shot, Garrett Rolfe, was fired from the Atlanta police and the second officer involved was assigned to administrative duties, reported ABC News. According to local newspaper Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Fulton district attorney Paul Howard said his office will decide a prosecution by the middle of the week.

48e shooting involving a police officer in 2020

It’s the 48e shooting case involving a police officer the GBI has been investigating since the start of the year, the daily reported. Fifteen of these shootings were fatal. “In Georgia, a Taser is not a lethal weapon,” lawyer for the victim’s family, Chris Stewart, told reporters. “There were other options than shooting him in the back. “

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Rayshard Brooks, father of four, celebrated his daughter’s eighth birthday the same day, according to the lawyer. The ex-elected African-American of Georgia Stacey Abrams, another potential running mate of Joe Biden, judged Sunday “legitimate” the anger of the demonstrators. “A man was killed because he was sleeping in an alleyway and we know it is not an isolated incident,” she said.

James Clyburn, African American Democrat representative from South Carolina, said he was outraged. “There was no need to use lethal force. And I don’t know what drove this guy to do this. It must be in the culture. It must be the system, “he said on CNN. Distancing himself from the slogan “Defund the police”, he felt that “the police have a role to play” and that “we have to make sure that their role conforms to the times “

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