United States: George Floyd’s death reclassified as “murder”

Rebound in the George Floyd case. The prosecutor investigating the death of the 46-year-old man in Minneapolis has reclassified the facts as voluntary homicide, charging the police officer who asphyxiated the American black man with complicity in the three other agents present, announced Wednesday local senator Amy Klobuchar.

Derek Chauvin, the police officer who, on May 25 in Minneapolis, knelt on the neck of the forties for more than eight minutes, causing his death, was initially charged only with manslaughter. The charges against him were reclassified on Wednesday as “more unpremeditated murder”, punishable by 40 years in prison.

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The three other officers who accompanied him, also fired from the police since, are now also being prosecuted for complicity. Tou Thao, J. Alexander Kueng and Thomas Lane were all detained in turn. “We are deeply pleased that Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison has acted decisively in arresting and charging all officers involved in the death of George Floyd,” said family attorney Benjamin Crump.

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Protests continue

The protests, which were sometimes accompanied by looting and riots, continued in many cities, with no major spillovers reported on Wednesday afternoon. An appeasement that has made it possible to soften the schedules of the curfews imposed in recent days to help restore calm, as in Washington and Los Angeles, where thousands of demonstrators were again on the streets.

A large police force was once again deployed to close access to the White House, although the authorities said they expected peaceful rallies. After the scenes of violence that had enamelled the previous night, President Donald Trump had threatened Monday to deploy the army “to quickly resolve the problem”, words immediately denounced by the opposition, which had seen an autocratic drift.

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Former President Barack Obama on Wednesday welcomed the “change of mentality” made among Americans demonstrating against racism and police violence, which he said could lead to reforms at the national level. Donald Trump’s predecessor also urged state and local authorities to review their policy on the use of force in his first video comment since the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police on May 25. The first black president of the United States called for cooperation among individuals to “change America” ​​and help it conform to its values.

Trump attacked by former defense minister

In apparent disagreement with Donald Trump, the US Secretary of Defense said himself on Wednesday against the idea of ​​deploying soldiers in major cities. “I am not in favor of the insurgency decree”, which would allow the republican billionaire to deploy active soldiers in front of American citizens, and not National Guard reservists as is currently the case said Mark Esper. Jim Mattis, the former Defense Minister of Donald Trump who had resigned, in turn stepped up to accuse the president of “dividing” America.

“In my lifetime, Donald Trump is the first president who does not try to bring the Americans together, who does not even pretend to try,” wrote the former Marine General, who had never been out before. of his reserve.

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