TV duel USA: Pence and Harris are eagerly awaited

TV duel Pence against Harris: Should do better: The duel of the vice-candidates is eagerly awaited

The first TV duel between presidential candidates Donald Trump and Joe Biden turned into a wild, chaos debate. Now the vice-candidates Mike Pence and Kamala Harris should do better. Here you can read the TV duel.

Duel of the vice-candidates: Pence and Harris are eagerly awaited

Wednesday, October 7th, 2:06 p.m .: Around four weeks before the US presidential election, the vice-candidates Mike Pence and Kamala Harris will compete against each other in a television duel on Wednesday evening (7:00 p.m. local time; 3:00 a.m. CEST). You can read the duel here.

At the TV debate in Salt Lake City, Utah, the Republican Vice President and the Democratic Senator will be separated from President Donald Trump by Plexiglas after the corona infection.

The duel of the vice-candidates is expected with particular excitement this year. Not only did Trump and his challenger Joe Biden had a chaotic television debate last week. Because of the old age of Trump (74 years) and Biden (77 years), the future Vice President is likely to play a special role. They would take over the office if the president fell seriously ill or died in office.

The first TV duel between Trump and Biden

The essentials in brief: The first of three presidential debates between incumbent Donald Trump and challenger Joe Biden was a mess. Again and again Trump interrupted his opponent and moderator Chris Wallace, changed the subject, spread lies and conspiracy theories. Biden was visibly annoyed by Trump’s behavior: once he cursed him as a “clown”, once he called to him to shut up.

It had nothing to do with a democratic debate, and possibly that was exactly Trump’s plan: Because the president cannot score on issues such as health policy, racism or the corona crisis given the current situation in the USA.

Too bad the “main aloud” strategy drowned out Biden’s weak moments, some of which were in this debate. And so everything turned around that evening: Donald Trump. But the President did himself a disservice today.

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There has never been such a chaotic TV duel

04.39 a.m .: Biden affirmed with a tight “Yes” that he will recognize the result of the election, no matter how it turns out. And that’s the end of it. Host Wallace: “That was an interesting 90 minutes.” Indeed. There has never been such a chaotic TV debate in US history. Thank you, dear readers, for staying with us!

04.36 a.m .: Question to Trump: If the vote count takes longer, will you appeal to your supporters to keep calm? Trump: “I appeal to my supporters to watch the polling stations closely. It will be fraudulent! ”That is not a yes. As evidence, Trump mentions a case from the city of Philadelphia where postal votes were mistakenly thrown in the trash – nine of them. Trump: “Bad things happen in Philadelphia.”

04.34 a.m .: Wallace mentions that postal voting can quickly lead to formal errors (wrong box checked, envelope incorrectly sealed), which in turn can lead to disputes in court. What to do, is Biden asked? Biden doesn’t have a good answer either: the deadlines must be long enough and the information must be easy to understand.

4.30 a.m .: Now it comes to the question of the integrity of the election. Biden appeals to voters not to be discouraged and to cast their votes in large numbers. Trump claims that the postal vote is not trustworthy because US households receive 80 million ballot papers without being asked. (That’s not true.) Republicans have been fighting postal voting for decades because it tends to be used more by young people and minorities who feel more like Democrats.

Suddenly Trump is talking about cows

04:26 am: Trump mentions his environmental agency’s plan to plant a trillion trees. (Such a declaration of intent does indeed exist.) Then he criticizes Biden for the “Green New Deal”, an ambitious climate plan for young left Democratic congressmen – which is not Biden’s plan. Trump: “Oh, you don’t support the ‘Green New Deal’? That’s surprising news! ”(Biden had distanced himself from the plan several times in the past, but was inspired by it in practice.)

04:22 am: Now that it comes to the intricacies of political concepts, Biden is in his element. The democrat reports his plan to initiate an ecological transformation with a climate-friendly economic policy. And he confirms once again that he wants to rejoin the Paris climate agreement, from which Trump made the United States in 2017 had led out. Trump then accuses Biden of wanting to abolish planes and cows. This is not a typo. (Cows emit methane.)

04.18 a.m .: We’ll talk briefly about climate change. Trump does not want to say that climate change is man-made, which science now agrees on. But it is important to have the most clean air and maximum clean water. Moderator Wallace: “And why did you then reverse the environmental regulations from the Obama era, which are supposed to ensure clean air and clean water?” Trump: “Because this has increased energy prices.” In addition, modern cars are getting cleaner, which means that Regulations are unnecessary.

“Under this president we have become more insecure, sick, poorer and more divided”

04.17 a.m .: Terrible scene: Biden mentions the (now confirmed) report that Trump called fallen soldiers “losers”. “My late son was a soldier and he wasn’t a loser!” Says Biden about his son Beau, who died of cancer in 2015, and becomes emotional in the process. Trump’s answer: “Which son? Hunter? What he did in Ukraine … “

04.13 a.m .: “Under this president we have become more insecure, sick, poorer and more divided,” Biden begins his plea. Then Biden referred to his successes as Vice President: “I was asked to fix an economy in recession, that’s what I did. I defended myself against Putin while he doesn’t even dare to criticize him. Under him the rich have become richer and the poor have become poorer. “

04.11 a.m .: We come to the closing arguments: why should the Americans vote for you, Donald Trump? The President replies that it went really well until the corona pandemic: “Everything was good! We even moved a little closer together! ”Then Trump says he has“ rebuilt the military ”and helped the veterans. He also appointed many new conservative judges.

Trump does not want to distance himself from right-wing extremists

04.09 a.m .: Probably nothing sums up the evening as well as this scene: Moderator Wallace wants to nail Biden to the wall with a critical question, but Trump saves Biden by chatting so often that Wallace can never finish his question.

4:05 a.m .: Trump is asked whether he distances himself from right-wing extremist groups like the so-called “Proud Boys” on stage. Trump evades the question and speaks about the Antifa.

04.03 a.m .: Now Trump is accusing his opponent of having increased the crime rate during the presidency of Obama and Biden. Biden, meanwhile desperate: “That is just wrong. The crime rate fell by 15 percent! ”(That’s right, at least with regard to violent crime.) When moderator Wallace asks the president that the murder rate has skyrocketed this summer, Trump blames the Democratic mayors of the big cities. (However, the homicide rate has also increased in major Republican cities like Tulsa, Oklahoma.)

4 a.m .: One of Trump’s rare hits: The president mentions Biden’s initiative behind a draconian judicial reform from the 1990s that particularly affected African Americans. “You called black offenders ‘super-predators’ back then,” Trump told Biden. He replies: “I never did that.” (Biden had used the word “predators”, however, the expression “super-predators” comes from Hillary Clinton.)

Trump throws conspiracy theories around Biden’s ears

03:57 a.m .: In his response, Trump then accuses Biden of his “radical left supporters” being responsible for the fact that the protests in the big cities sometimes escalate violently. (Biden tends to be unpopular with the radical left, albeit more popular than Trump.) The president continues to Biden: “You can’t even say the word ‘law enforcement officer’ because you would lose your radical left supporters. Why can’t you say the word ‘lawman’? “

03.55 a.m .: From Charlottesville to Portland: Now it’s about racism and the mass protests in the USA in recent years. Biden on Charlottesville: “There were people with torches shouting nasty anti-Semitic filth, and Trump said there were good people on both sides.” Trump: “That’s not true.” (Trump got the now infamous sentence at a press conference with dozens Cameras said.)

03:52 a.m .: Trump throws Biden several conspiracy theories about his son Hunter on the ears. (All of which are not true.) When Biden wants to refute the allegations, Trump interrupts him again and again. Biden: “It’s hard to get a word in with this clown – sorry, with this person.” Then the Democrat mentions that it is Trump’s children who are involved in several corruption scandals. “I don’t want to talk about family,” says Biden, “but I could.”

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