TV duel Pence – Harris: Vice-candidates refuse to answer sensitive questions

The TV duel between the two candidates for the vice presidency, Republican office holder Mike Pence and his Democratic challenger Kamala Harris, was a surprise: In contrast to the presidential candidates Trump and Biden, there was sometimes a factual discussion. The TV duel in the ticker protocol.

The essentials in brief: The duel between the vice-presidential candidates Kamala Harris and Mike Pence was so normal that it seemed almost abnormal in the age of Donald Trump. Nobody shouted at the other, sometimes the candidates could even finish, and on rare occasions Pence and Harris complimented each other.

In terms of content, however, things continued to be tough: Harris attested the Trump administration on the subject of Corona “the greatest failure of a US government in the history of our country”. Pence cornered his opponent when it came to the question of whether Biden would like to appoint additional judges to the country’s Supreme Court in the event of an election victory – a question that the Biden camp is constantly evading, including today.

Both rivals remained silent on another question: Are there any plans for a regular succession if one of the two presidential candidates who are over 70 years old becomes indisposed? With this horror scenario neither Pence nor Harris wanted to confront the audience. But the Vice-Debate is unlikely to stay in the Americans’ minds for long anyway.

TV duel Pence – Harris is in stark contrast to the presidential duel

04.32 a.m .: Harris points out that in his long career as a politician, Biden has worked very successfully with both Democrats and Republicans. And that was it! A debate that was very different from the duel between Trump and Biden from the previous week. Thank you for being there! The next debate is scheduled for the night of October 15-16 in Miami. However, it is unclear whether it can take place due to the President’s corona disease.

4.30 a.m .: The last question comes from a young student: How not to get tired of politics in a debate like the one between Trump and Biden last week? Pence replies that despite all the differences, there are far more similarities: “When the debate is over, we will all come together – as Americans.”

04:28 am: Pence then brings up some of his boss’s favorite lies. First of all, he accuses Obama and Biden of having conducted an espionage operation against Trump in the last election campaign (which is not true). Then he claims that the final report by Special Counsel Robert Mueller on Russia’s meddling in the 2016 election campaign revealed beyond any doubt that there was no Russian cooperation with the Trump camp and no obstruction to the investigation. (The report concluded that no evidence was found – these are not the same). Then he claims that the instrument of postal voting opens the door to electoral fraud (which is also not true).

04:26 am: Interesting question: what does Pence do if Trump refuses to resign if he loses? Pence’s answer: “I think we’ll win the election.” Well then.

04.23 a.m .: We come to the last thematic block while a woman in the audience is sneezing very loudly. How can the integrity of the election be ensured? “Chooses! Please vote, and vote soon! ”Says Harris, adding the address of an information website for voters. Clever.

04:21 am: By the way, social media are going crazy: A fly has landed on Mike Pence’s head and remains there for several minutes.

Fly on head of Pence steals runner-up in TV debate the show

04.20 a.m .: And of course Harris mentioned Trump’s now infamous sentence after the Nazi demo in Charlottesville that there were “very good people on both sides. “I think that’s one of the things that makes people in this country despise the media so much,” Pence replies – and accuses the press of taking the sentence out of context. (Trump said the same sentence in front of dozens of cameras at a press conference.) And besides, says Pence, Trump couldn’t be a racist – after all, he has Jewish grandchildren. Striking: Pence also avoids condemning right-wing extremist groups.

04.18 a.m .: “I’m not going to sit here and let the vice president teach me about law enforcement,” said Harris, the ex-prosecutor. And lists who she has accused in the past: murderers, big banks, fraudulent doctors. Then she brings up an uncomfortable subject for Pence: Trump’s inability to judge right-wing extremists.

04.15 a.m .: We are now talking about racism and the US police. As a former prosecutor, Harris is in her element here and rewinds a whole series of plans: the establishment of investigative committees, the ban on controversial police practices.

In the case of the Afro-American Breonna Taylor, who was shot by the police, Pence says that his heart goes with the bereaved of the young woman. Then he tries to direct the subject to the partly violent protests against racism and police violence that summer.

Pence successfully changes the subject

04.13 a.m .: The last few minutes have been a great success for Pence: The initial question was actually about health policy – an issue on which the Trump administration has no concept except “abolish”. But Pence managed to change the subject with ease.

04.12 a.m .: “I just want to state that she never answered the question,” says Pence, when it comes to the next thematic block. “Maybe Joe Biden will answer her next week,” he adds smugly.

4.10 a.m .: Pence asks Harris directly if Biden wants to fill the Supreme Court with additional judges to level the Republican seats if he wins the election – a controversial issue in the US. Harris dodges the question several times, as did Biden last week.

4:08 am: So how do Trump and Pence intend to protect people with pre-existing conditions for whom the abolition of health insurance would mean financial ruin? Pence doesn’t answer the question, accusing Harris that she and Biden are advocates of abortion well into the ninth month. (Depending on the interpretation, this is either a false claim or at least a position that Biden never articulated.)

04.06 a.m .: “More than four million people have already voted,” replied Harris, referring to the postal vote that has already started in several US states. “Let the American people decide.” Harris also advises television viewers that with another Conservative judge in the Supreme Court, the chances are increased that health insurance will be legally abolished. The so-called “Affordable Care Act” is popular with US citizens, but Republicans have wanted to abolish it since its inception.

04.03 a.m .: Now we’re talking about the Supreme Court, the US Supreme Court – a sensitive issue. As a reminder: After the death of the liberal judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Trump’s Republicans want to push through a conservative candidate shortly before the election – and ignore a promise they had made in 2016. “President Trump and I couldn’t be more enthusiastic,” said Pence of candidate Amy Coney Barrett.

04.01 a.m .: A rare moment: presenter Page manages to interrupt Pence.

Kamala Harris: “We threw dictators on the neck”

03:59 a.m .: Harris speaks directly to Mueller’s parents and says, “I’m very sorry about what happened to your daughter. I know Mr. Biden feels the same way, and I know that Mr. Obama feels the same way. ”Then she reminds Pence that Trump labeled fallen US soldiers as“ losers and failures ”. She also mentions media reports that Russian President Vladimir Putin had a bounty put on US soldiers in Afghanistan – and Trump did not act on it. (These reports are not confirmed, however.)

03:57 a.m .: Now Pence is addressing the Kayla Mueller case. The American was kidnapped and killed by IS in Syria. Mueller’s parents then accused the Obama administration of having missed a chance to save them. They later even said she would have survived under a President Trump. At today’s debate, the parents are in the audience – as special guests of Pence. He also uses the stage to hold Obama and Biden responsible for the young woman’s death.

03:54 a.m .: “We cheated on our friends and threw dictators at each other,” Harris says on the subject of foreign policy. Then he criticized the Trump administration for unilaterally terminating the Iran deal. Trump does not understand the advantages of international cooperation, criticizes Harris, “because Trump does not understand how to be honest.”

Pence points out that Trump has moved the US embassy to Jerusalem. “The Biden government wanted that too, but it never did.” (In fact, the US has recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel since 1995, but for reasons of national security no president had moved the embassy – until Trump came to power. ) Trump also defeated the ISIS terrorist group.

03.49 a.m .: Now we are talking about job creation. Because of the corona pandemic, more jobs were lost during Donald Trump’s tenure than since the global economic crisis almost 100 years ago.

Pence is approached about this grim record, but Harris prefers to accuse Harris of holding back job creation. She counters: “Back in 2009, you voted against the Obama-Biden administration’s economic crisis package, which saved thousands of jobs in the auto industry. Let’s not forget that. ”Pence replies with a low voice:“ Yep. ”Then he again reminds Harris of criticizing Trump’s trade deal with Canada and Mexico.

03.45 a.m .: The two candidates bite into these two topics for minutes, one of which – fracking – is relatively irrelevant. Then the debate changes the subject: “The Trump administration has lost its trade war with China,” says Harris. Pence: “We lost him? Joe Biden never started it! “

03.43 a.m .: “Is climate change an existential threat?” Pence is asked. The vice president does not answer the question – and claims again that Biden wants to ban fracking and increase taxes for families. Pence’s argument: Because Harris had spoken out in favor of a ban on fracking, Biden certainly wants that too.

03.41 a.m .: Harris repeats again, speaking extra slowly: “Joe Biden will not ban fracking. It is a fact. Joe Biden won’t raise taxes for families either. That’s a fact too. ”Pence shakes his head.

03:38 a.m .: Now it’s about climate change – a rather uncomfortable topic for the Trump camp. Pence tries anyway: The United States has very clean air and water values. (That is true, but it is mainly due to regulations by the environmental agency, which Trump is systematically reversing.) Then he adds: “We all agree that climate change is happening. The only question is what causes it. ”There is almost unanimous agreement in science that man is the cause.

“Let me finish. Are you okay? “

03:36 a.m .: Pence is right that even non-rich Americans have saved taxes through the reform. However, these savings will only exist until 2027, and it was the richest Americans who benefited disproportionately. But then he lies: Biden does not want to reverse all tariffs against China, and he also does not want to ban the controversial oil production method fracking, as Pence claims.

03:34 a.m .: Now Harris is getting mad. “Joe Biden will not raise taxes for citizens with an annual income of less than $ 400,000,” she says. “He was very clear on this.” When Pence tries to interrupt, Harris chokes him off. “Sorry, we have a debate here. Let me finish and we will have a debate. Are you okay? “

03:32 a.m .: Pence counters: “America, you heard what Mrs. Harris said, on the very first day of his term, Joe Biden will raise your taxes.” Harris can only laugh in disbelief: “I didn’t say that.” With a President Donald Trump, however, 2021 will be the biggest year of the American economy, promises Pence.

03.29 a.m .: Now let’s talk about the economy. “Joe Biden believes that the strength of an economy is measured by the well-being of workers and the American family,” says Harris. “Donald Trump believes that the strength of the economy is measured by how much money the richest in the country have.”

Harris announced that Biden will reverse the 2017 Trump tax reform, which disproportionately benefited millionaires and large companies and drove up national debt, immediately after taking office. However, Biden never claimed that – and the tax reform could not be undone with the stroke of a pen anyway.

03.25 a.m .: Mike Pence has already given more niceties in 25 minutes than Trump has in all of last week’s debate. First he thanks Biden and Harris for the well-being wishes of the president, then he whispers to his opponent: “I congratulate you on this groundbreaking candidacy.” Harris thanks politely – and then mentions Trump’s trickery in his tax returns.

03.24 a.m .: Harris is also asked about Joe Biden’s old age. And Harris does not answer the question either: Instead, she tells us what a great honor it was to have Biden offer the office of Vice.

You can read the rest of the TV duel here.

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