Trump votes in Florida, shows optimism

Donald Trump voted early in Florida on Saturday before stringing together a new round of three rallies in three different states, hoping to catch up on Joe Biden and repeat his performance of 2016 on November 3.

“I voted for a guy called Trump,” he told reporters, adding, “It was a very safe vote a lot safer than when you mail your ballot.”

The American president regularly raises, without proof, the threat of massive fraud concerning the vote by mail.

Like more than 55 million voters who have already voted early, especially for fear of COVID-19, the billionaire fulfilled his civic duty from a library in West Palm Beach, near his property in Mar-a- Lago, his new tax residence since leaving New York State, where he was booed four years ago while voting.

In Florida, dozens of supporters gathered Saturday morning to support him.

The Republican, who has resumed the campaign at a breakneck pace since being released from the hospital where he stayed for three nights following his coronavirus infection, will travel to North Carolina, Ohio and Wisconsin on Saturday, before d ‘go Sunday in New Hampshire.

“You are going to be very busy today, we are going to make you work very hard,” he told the presidential candidate, left behind by Joe Biden in the polls, to reporters before leaving the polling station.

But despite the displayed confidence of the current tenant of the White House, COVID-19 appears more than ever to be one of the main weaknesses of its record with more than 220,000 deaths from the disease in the country. The United States broke a new 24-hour contamination record on Friday, with around 80,000 new cases detected.

“This is the Trump presidency,” Democrat Joe Biden said Saturday morning from his native Pennsylvania, whose vote will be particularly eagerly awaited in November. In 2016, Donald Trump won a surprise victory there, a first since 1988 for a Republican candidate in this blue-collar state in the eastern part of the country.

“Yesterday was the worst day we have had, but again Thursday evening, during the debate, Donald Trump said and continues to say that we are at the end of the tunnel, that [le virus] goes away and that we will learn to live with. I told him that we are not learning to live with it, but that he asks us to die with it, ”he blurted out on a stage decorated with Halloween pumpkins in front of supporters driving in.

Obama and Sanders on the campaign trail

Joe Biden, 77, is often the target of the Republican billionaire’s taunts, due to the much calmer pace of his campaign and his compliance with health recommendations, which deprives him of contact with the crowds.

The former businessman has pledged to pick up the pace down the home stretch even further by increasing to five campaign rallies a day.

“How can we do five a day?” Who else can do five a day? Do you think Joe Biden can do five a day? I don’t think so, ”Donald Trump told reporters aboard the presidential plane on Friday evening, Air Force One.

But the former vice-president of Barack Obama can count on the support of the latter, still very popular among the Democrats, who will hold a rally in drive-in format in another key state, Florida, which he won twice, in 2008 and 2012.

Another big Democrat name, Senator Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden’s former primary opponent and still very popular with the party’s left wing, will also be campaigning in Pennsylvania.

“We have 10 days left, and it might play out in Pennsylvania, and I believe in you!” I believe in my state, ”Joe Biden said.

Despite the polls, which still give Joe Biden an average 8 point lead nationally, Donald Trump is still optimistic. The president seems to be enjoying a slight thrill in Florida, one of the main key states, those who will rule on November 3.

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