Trump shows his stamina, rushes to resume his campaign

Donald Trump, struggling 25 days before the US presidential election, on Friday tried to display his endurance with a radio marathon a week after being hospitalized with COVID-19, but doubts persist about his ability to reconnect with them. campaign meetings.

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Distanced by Democrat Joe Biden in the polls and confined to the White House since leaving hospital on Monday, the Republican president participated in a “radio meeting” – in fact, a two-hour uninterrupted telephone conversation, with Rush Limbaugh, figure in the conservative sphere, who has never ceased to praise his record.

“We have a cure” to cure the coronavirus, he hammered several times about the experimental treatment which was administered to him, promising once again to distribute it for free.

“I was not very well,” but “these drugs are so good, they just eliminated the virus,” said the 74-year-old president, repeatedly showing his frustration with the stunt.

The message is clear: the disease page has been turned.

His voice was clearer than Thursday night, when the hoarse candidate was repeatedly interrupted by coughing in a telephone interview on Fox News.

Friday night, he must follow up with his first filmed interview since the announcement of his positive coronavirus test a week ago, on the same conservative channel, which promised a “medical assessment” by a doctor-columnist.

On the other hand, despite his impatience, questions still hover over his return to the field.

Negative test?

Thursday, Donald Trump had said he wanted to hold a real meeting, in person, on Saturday night in Florida, but the White House did not confirm at this point and even insisted on “logistical” difficulties.

Same doubts about a possible rally Monday in Pennsylvania. In both cases, these are key states he needs to win, as in his surprise victory in 2016, to secure a new four-year term.

The holding of the next Trump-Biden televised debate on October 15 is also pending. The president refuses to make it virtual, as the organizers decided as a health precaution.

“He is ready to go out as soon as his doctor gives the green light,” his spokesperson Kayleigh McEnany assured Fox News.

White House doctor Sean Conley, whose elusive communication has come under fire, said Thursday he expected “the president to resume public activities” on Saturday “without risk”.

But a crucial question remains unanswered: Donald Trump, who “thinks” he is no longer contagious, has he taken a negative test to confirm this conviction? He said on Thursday that the test would “probably” take place on Friday.

His aptitude in question

Opposite, his opponents warn against his return to meet voters, while even the multiplication of gatherings, with little or no physical distancing and masks in the public, is criticized from all sides.

Democrats also openly question his suitability to govern.

Their leader in the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, proposed Friday to create a commission to assess the ability of US presidents to govern.

“It’s not about President Trump. It will be subject to the judgment of the voters, ”she took care to clarify. “But he showed us that it was necessary to create a process for future presidents. “

This initiative, in a climate of extreme divisions before the November 3 election, aims to keep attention on the disease contracted by Donald Trump, and more broadly on the pandemic that he has largely minimized and which has made more than 212 000 dead in the United States, by far the most bereaved country in the world.

Joe Biden, who is now nearly ten points ahead in national polls and has also cemented his advantage in voting intentions at the state-level decisive for the election, continues to campaign at his own pace. He was expected Friday in Nevada.

He hammers out almost a single message: Donald Trump has failed across the board in managing the pandemic.

And the former Democratic vice-president voluntarily avoids sensitive questions, especially when asked if he endorses the will of some in his camp to increase the number of judges on the Supreme Court to dilute the conservative majority within of this key institution which settles major social issues.

Trump will hold his 1st public event at the White House on Saturday since hospitalization

Donald Trump will hold his first public event at the White House on Saturday since testing positive for COVID-19 last week, a senior official said on Friday.

This source confirmed, on condition of anonymity, US media reports that the president will speak on the topic of security at an outdoor rally. Mr. Trump will speak from the balcony of the White House to respect the rules of physical distancing.

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