Trump positive for Covid-19: the war machine is seized

It had to happen. By dint of seeing him have fun, encourage his supporters not to hide, Donald Trump ended up replacing, despite himself, the coronavirus in the middle of the American presidential campaign. America votes in 33 days, and one of the two candidates is “out” – at least for a few days. Donald Trump and his wife Melania are positive for Covid-19. “Out of a concern for extreme caution”, the American president will even be admitted to a hospital in the suburbs of Washington “for a few days”. The campaign is in fact suspended. After killing more than 200,000 people in the country and bringing its economy to its knees, the Covid hits the United States at its head. At 74, the president is one of the populations most at risk. The whole world will now watch with apprehension the health reports issued by the doctor of the presidency. The first of them, published Friday morning, specified that Donald Trump only presented “mild symptoms” of the disease for the moment.

Donald Trump joins the list of presidents or heads of government who contracted the virus after calling it a “flu” while announcing loud and clear that they would never change their way of life: Boris Johnson in the United Kingdom and Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil. While deep in the Kremlin, there is one who is suspicious. According to information from New York Times, Vladimir Putin has been living in seclusion since the start of the pandemic. And all the people who wish to meet him must first impose a quarantine.

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Officially, apart from these mild symptoms, Donald Trump is doing “well”, as his spokesperson Kayleigh McEnany repeated. ” The president and the first lady are both well (The president and the first lady are both doing well). This is how the White House press release announcing the news describes his state of health. It is, to say the least, concise. The president is more used to flights and demonstrative adjectives. “I am doing extremely well. “My state of health is wonderful,” these are the kinds of messages that Trump supporters will now be eagerly awaiting.

Can Trump’s campaign survive this episode? Already, his next meeting in Florida, a state he cannot afford to lose, has been called off. Above all, he had made a weapon of his physique – even if it took a long time to publish his health reports. Trump the energetic, Trump the fury, facing the sleeping Joe (Sleepy joe). Even in the toughest moments, like after his disastrous meeting in Tulsa, Oklahoma, he was able to rest on his physique. The photo of him, coming out of his helicopter in the middle of the night, will go down as one of the campaign images. Like a tired but valiant boxer, Trump places his impressive build in the center of attention.


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What will become of the beast of meetings? He is never as good – at least for his supporters – as when he lets himself go, intoxicated by the public, forgetting his teleprompter, and he throws his most treacherous projections. He who so mocked Joe Biden, reclusive in his Delaware basement, masked and scared by the epidemic, here he is in turn locked in the White House. Of course, decorum is more solemn, but Trump is a man of the great outdoors. He loves, for example, express meetings by plane. His fans are waiting for him on the tarmac to see Air Force One land at their feet. A hastily assembled platform, a speech lasting a few tens of minutes, a few well-placed pikes and the 747 sets off again towards a new swing state.

In the United States, as elsewhere, it is said that an election is a matter of dynamism, of “momentum”. It is undeniable that Donald Trump’s campaign has been skating for a few days. For several weeks, the polls indicated that he was slowly but surely catching up on Joe Biden. He was counting on the debate to mark the occasion. But, in the opinion of even his most fervent supporter, columnist Rush Limabuagh, his performance there was disappointing. He had to beat Biden down, Joe got away with a few scratches. And now Donald is sick….

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Trump positive, what about Joe Biden? The two candidates did not shake hands during the debate and their desks were far from each other. But did they sufficiently respect the barrier gestures? The Democratic candidate will soon take a test. If this is negative, it would be a serious advantage over its rival one month before the election. In the meantime, a good player, he wished the president and his wife a “speedy recovery”.

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