Trump pays a surprise visit to supporters – did you hide positive test?

Donald Trump went to the Walter Reed Military Hospital after his corona infection to receive treatment there. His personal doctor announced that the president was doing very well. In the meantime, it has become known that Trump’s infection was more severe than initially communicated. Everything important in the ticker of FOCUS Online.

  • After his corona infection, US President Trump is at the Walter Reed Military Hospital to be treated there.
  • His personal physician Conley admits in a second press statement that Trump had a “high fever” on Friday; Chief of Staff Meadows had previously spoken of a more severe course than initially assumed.
  • Trump had been given oxygen twice and the oxygen saturation of his blood had temporarily dropped.

Trump is said to have concealed a positive test

6:07 am: When did Donald Trump test positive for Corona? This question has still not been finally clarified. Trump’s personal physician Conley caused a lot of confusion over the weekend when he said on Saturday that the corona diagnosis was “72 hours” ago. That would be devastating for Trump: Then he would have known he was highly contagious before he met donors in Minnesota and New Jersey on Wednesday evening and Thursday afternoon to raise funds for his election campaign.

The “Financial Times” now reports that Trump received the first positive result after a rapid test on Thursday – but withheld it. Shortly afterwards he appeared on the television channel “Fox News”. There he reported that his close confidante Hope Hicks had tested positive for the corona virus, but did not report any of his test results. It was only after the second positive test that Trump made his illness public.

Horror over Trump action

05:58 a.m .: Doctors were horrified by Trump’s appearance. The risk of corona transmission in the car is high, said the head of the disaster medicine department at George Washington University, James Philipps, who works at Walter Reed Hospital, where Trump is treated. He spoke of an “amazing irresponsibility”.

“Every single person in the vehicle has to be quarantined for 14 days during this completely unnecessary drive by the president,” the doctor told the Reuters news agency. “You could get sick. You could die. Because of political theater.”

Speaking to the Secret Service, Democratic Senator Brian Schatz said, “These people know the risks of their jobs. But they shouldn’t have to think that the danger comes from the person they are supposed to be protecting.”

The White House rejected the criticism. A spokesman said “reasonable” precautions had been taken to protect both Trump and his employees.

Corona patient Trump can be driven past trailers – the press was not informed

11.47 p.m .: The US President Donald Trump, infected with the corona virus, paid his supporters a surprise visit outside the hospital. From a black SUV, Trump waved to his fans in Bethesda, north of Washington, on Sunday, as seen on a video on Twitter. Trump wore a mask inside the car, in which at least two other people were sitting. In a pre-recorded video message that was later posted on Trump’s Twitter profile, the president said, “I’m about to make a little surprise visit.” He praised the “great patriots” outside the hospital.

As the US broadcaster “CNN” reported, the press corps of the White House was not informed about the excursion. It is therefore “very unusual” that this pool of journalists who report regularly from the White House is not informed about a movement by the President. The chairman, Zeke Miller, criticized this approach in a statement. “It is outrageous that the president left the hospital – even briefly – in the midst of a health crisis without a corps of press in attendance so the American people would know where his president is and how he is doing,” announced Miller.

Top virologists surprise two things about Trump’s treatment

10:04 p.m .: Top virologist Hendrik Streeck spoke to the “Bild” newspaper about the treatment of Donald Trump, and sees above all “two surprising things”. First, Streeck was surprised that Trump got the substance REGN-COV2 from the US pharmaceutical company Regeneron. The active ingredient is a combination of two specially developed antibodies that bind to the so-called spike protein of the coronavirus and can thus deform its structure. This is to prevent the coronavirus from attacking human cells. The experimental antibody cocktail is currently still in the test phase – but has already achieved promising results in studies. It is unusual for something like this to be used already, says Streeck.

On the other hand, Streeck surprised that Trump would also get dexamethasone, a steroid anti-inflammatory drug used to treat severe corona cases. Especially patients who need oxygen therapy are given dexamethasone.

Trump’s state of health: White House promises transparency

10:03 p.m .: After contradicting information on the state of health of US President Donald Trump, the White House has meanwhile promised transparency. “This is a dynamic situation, as you know. We try to be as transparent as possible for the American public,” said spokeswoman Alyssa Farah on Sunday the broadcaster Fox News.

Trump has been treated for a corona infection at the Walter Reed Military Hospital in Bethesda, north of Washington, since Friday evening. Trump’s personal physician Sean Conley and his team of doctors drew a rosy picture of the 74-year-old’s condition in front of journalists on Saturday. Minutes after the press conference, reporters learned from an anonymous source that the President’s values ​​had been “very worrying” for the past 24 hours and that the next 48 hours would be critical. Trump’s chief of staff, Mark Meadows, was later identified as the source of these statements.

Farah said Sunday the White House wanted to add to the doctors’ information so the public would know all the facts. Conley gave an “accurate update” on Trump’s condition on Saturday. Meadows’ statements reflected that the situation on Friday was “a little more worrying,” Farah said. “We know he’s not out of the woods yet, but we’re very confident that his condition will improve.”

Trump had a “high fever” and was given oxygen

5:51 p.m .: Trump’s personal physician Sean Conley justified the decision not to disclose information about external oxygen supplies yesterday with the fact that they did not want to spread information that could harm Trump in his recovery. That ends the statement.

5:50 p.m .: The decision to move Trump to the hospital was related to the fact that the oxygen saturation in his blood had fallen. That was decided by Conley together with Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, who had expressed “concerned” about Trump’s condition the day before and thus contradicted Conley’s health update.

5.48 p.m .: Yesterday, the oxygen saturation fell again, it is usually between 96 and 98 percent, says Trump’s personal doctor Conley. So far, no signs of pneumonia have been noticed.

Dismissal tomorrow?

5.47 p.m .: Last night, Trump received a second dose of remdesivir, and he will now receive the drug for five days. Brian Garibaldi from Trump’s medical team holds out the prospect that Trump could soon be fired, “maybe tomorrow”so that you can continue your treatment in the White House.

5.45 p.m .: Another doctor repeats that Trump has been doing much better since the fever on Friday morning and that his vital functions are in order.

5.43pm: On Thursday the president was still doing well, but on Friday morning he had a high fever, reports personal physician Conley. They then intervened and activated the artificial oxygen supply, and Trump quickly got better. The oxygen saturation in his blood had risen again after it had fallen below 94 percent in the meantime. Trump was given additional oxygen for around an hour. On Saturday, Trump’s oxygen saturation fell again to around 93 percent.

5.42 p.m.: The statement begins ten minutes late. Conley says Trump’s condition has improved since the last briefing. In the course of the infection, Trump was given artificial oxygen twice.

5:28 p.m .: After the first health update on Saturday, the White House has announced another briefing on the health of US President Donald Trump at 5:30 p.m. CEST. According to the White House, Trump’s personal physician Sean Conley will probably comment.

Trump is enraged by reports on his health

2.45 p.m .: Donald Trump is dissatisfied with the reporting on his corona course. That’s what CNN reports. He thinks the descriptions are exaggerated, people around him say. In particular, the statement by his chief of staff, Mark Meadows, that Trump had “serious” symptoms, is said to have angered the US president. Of course, Trump doesn’t want to appear weak and sick in this situation. To counter this impression, he published a video on Twitter on Friday and Saturday. In it he signed papers and sat at the hospital desk in a shirt and jacket.

Surf tip: how is Trump really doing? After his personal doctor appeared, great doubts remained

Trump is said to have been scared to death after the corona diagnosis

11.50 a.m .: Donald Trump’s positive corona test apparently did not leave him as unscathed as it initially seemed. As reported by “Vanity Fair” correspondent Gabriel Sherman, citing several sources from the Republican Party, Trump had a fever of 39.4 degrees. He is also said to have been supplied with oxygen because of breathing difficulties. According to two sources, the US president also had a racing heart.

As the “Sunday Mirror” reports, Trump is also said to have been scared to death. The headline is emblazoned on the cover: “Will I die?”.

Correspondent Gabriel Sherman also speaks of the US President’s fears in a Twitter posting. He is said to have asked several times before he was brought to the Walter Reed Military Hospital: “Will I end up like Stan Chera?” Chera was a friend of Trump, he died in April of the consequences of a corona infection.

Trump initially did not want to be hospitalized

9.46 a.m .: According to information from the broadcaster CNN, US President Donald Trump initially hesitated on Friday to be treated in the hospital for his corona infection. Citing informed circles, the station reported on Sunday night that Trump’s advisors first had to convince the 74-year-old in the White House to get on board the Marine One helicopter. The helicopter had already been waiting on the south lawn of the official headquarters. Trump was ultimately flown to the Walter Reed Military Hospital north of Washington, where he has been treated ever since.

Despite symptoms and therapy that had already started, Trump initially did not want to be taken to hospital, it said. He wanted to avoid appearing seriously ill. The president had been told that it would be better for him to stay in the clinic if his condition worsened. Senior government officials said they would not have Trump hospitalized until after the stock market closed in order to avoid a crash in stock prices.

Trump team after corona illness of the president: “were really concerned”

Sunday, October 4th, 7:18 am: Donald Trump’s personal physician has not given the all-clear for the state of health of the US president despite “considerable” progress since the corona diagnosis. “While he’s not out of the woods yet, the team remains cautiously optimistic”Doctor Sean Conley explained in an update released on Sunday night. Trump is still fine he doesn’t have a fever and doesn’t need additional oxygen. He worked on Saturday and moved without difficulty in his quarters in the hospital.

Trump himself pointed out that the next few days would determine the course of the disease. “I’m starting to feel good again,” he said in a new video message from the hospital on Saturday. But one does not know how it will go in the coming days. Then comes “the real test” – “we’ll see what happens”. At the same time, the president was confident: “I think I’ll be back soon.”

Trump’s chief of staff, Mark Meadows, has meanwhile confirmed that the coronavirus infection is Trump took a more severe course had presented as initially. “Yesterday we were really worried”said Meadows on Saturday night on Fox News. “He had a fever and the oxygen saturation in his blood had fallen rapidly.”You can find all the news about the corona pandemic in the news ticker from FOCUS Online

US President suffers from Corona: Trump team contradicts personal physician

9.41 p.m .: How is Donald Trump? There are numerous rumors surrounding this question. Now there is a new twist, according to the news agency “Associated Press”: Of all things, Trump’s chief of staff Mark Meadows is said to have contradicted the optimistic statement by Trump’s personal doctor Sean Conly. It was apparently Meadows who told reporters that Trump was in a “very worrying” condition and that the next 48 hours would be crucial in his fight against the coronavirus. Conley had previously stated that Trump was “doing very well”.

I used the wrong expression: Personal doctor corrects test statement

9.30 p.m .: A few hours after Trump’s personal physician Sean Conley made a statement on the state of health of the US President, the White House issued a memo in which Conley corrected one of his statements. Conley had said that Trump’s positive corona test result was 72 hours ago. That would point to Wednesday. When asked by reporters when Trump had now tested positive, Conley said, “On Thursday afternoon, after a close contact and clinical evidence and a little more concern became known, we carried out a retest.” He did not provide any information about what the “clinical evidence” was.

In addition, another doctor said the president had received an antibody drug about 48 hours ago – that would mean Thursday noon, before the test the president spoke of. Trump himself announced his coronavirus test on Thursday evening (local time) and the positive result shortly before 1 a.m. on Friday night.

After the statements raised massive questions, the White House circulated a written statement from the personal physician, in which he made it clear that the times of 72 and 48 hours were incorrect and that they simply meant the third and second day. “The president was first diagnosed with Covid-19 on the evening of Thursday, October 1st, and received the first antibody cocktail from Regeneron on Friday, October 2nd,” it said.

On Wednesday, Trump attended a meeting with donors in Minnesota and made an election campaign appearance in front of several thousand supporters. On Thursday, he flew to New Jersey to meet with donors. If he has already done all of this with the knowledge of a positive test, that would be extremely irresponsible, because you have to assume that you are highly contagious in this phase.

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