Trump is playing with fire and is raising his own party colleagues against him

Some Republicans want to support Biden: Play with fire: Now even party colleagues are taking a stand against Trump

Donald Trump loves to perform in front of thousands of cheering supporters. Despite the corona pandemic, he wants to revive his campaign. He announces further major events. Now, however, his own party colleagues are increasingly positioning themselves against Trump.

Donald Trump repeatedly criticizes four months before the US presidential election. Now, like in 2016, Republican party colleagues have even teamed up against him and are calling for the election of the democratic candidate Joe Biden. They want to take advantage of Trump’s current weakness – and end his term. For this, donations have been collected and TV spots have already been broadcast in which there is mockery about Trump. Former Republican President George W. Bush has also announced that he will not vote for Trump.

And despite the departure of his party colleagues and rising corona numbers, Trump continues to feed the critics: On Saturday, he wants to speak to thousands of Americans at Portsmouth Airport in northeastern New Hampshire. This time he also wants to attract more people.

Almost three weeks ago, Trump spoke in a closed stadium in the state of Oklahoma in front of partially empty seats. Now the supporters should wear masks – but must sign a document before the event stating that they “voluntarily assume all risks” that could result from a corona infection.

His team’s mask recommendation is considered a small concession to Trump’s critics who accuse him of misusing public health for his campaign purposes.

Trump puts forward dangerous theory

But last Friday, when America’s independence was celebrated, Trump largely ignored the dangers of the virus: In his speeches at Mount Rushmore and in the White House, only a few followers wore masks and did not keep a minimum distance.

Trump is playing with fire. Because more and more of his advisors sound the alarm that the virus has got out of control. In his speech to the White House last Friday, he said that 99 percent of coronavirus cases are “harmless”. It is not known whether he refers to a study with this number or to expert assessments.

“I’m not going to go into who is right and who is wrong,” said Trump’s health expert Stephen Hahn and member of the Corona Task Force when he was repeatedly asked by journalists on Sunday where Trump’s allegation came from. Only after further inquiries did Hahn admit that the task force’s existing data would have a serious problem and that the population should take the virus seriously, as reported by “CNN”.

Hahn repeatedly calls for the recommendations of public health authorities to be followed and warns that people would “put their relatives at risk” if they did not do so.

Hahn’s refusal to explicitly contradict Trump’s fatal theory underscores the growing gap in trust between the government and the people of the United States. Hahn wants to avoid publicly correcting the president and running the risk of losing his post – as was often the case in the past when Trump quickly exchanged adversaries.

Republican governor goes his own way

However, headwinds are not just from the health sector: Republican governors are also increasingly turning their backs on the US President’s views, for example when it comes to contact restrictions or wearing masks. Trump makes no secret of the fact that he regards mouth-nose protection as an annoying brake on fun. He also campaigned to quickly restart the economy.

The Republican governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, admitted mistakes in a CNN interview: “We shouldn’t have reopened the bars so quickly.” Since mid-June, cases of new corona infections in Texas have been increasing rapidly, sometimes up to 8,000 New infections every day. Abbott then independently imposed a mask requirement in most public places in early July.

Even before that, the Republican had repeatedly campaigned to protect the Texas population against the spread of the coronavirus and at the beginning of the pandemic, like in Germany, warned only in urgent cases to leave the house. At the time, he also ordered operations that were not urgent to be postponed to avoid overloading the hospitals. Abbott also appeals to Texans to wear masks.

However, he is heavily criticized for its use, among others by the Texas County Ector, as reported by “Texas Tribune”. Republican counterparts there complained of going it alone and believed that Abbott had exceeded his authority. This could be in Trump’s sense.

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