Trial iPad 8th generation, powerful and affordable without the extras

The tablet market offers us an incredible choice. And even if you can always find cheaper, the entry-level model from Apple offers, as in previous generations, a clever price-performance ratio.

Like this new 10.2-inch iPad tablet which receives for its 8e generation one of the powerful chips in the catalog – the A12 Bionic with Neural Engine.

After spending a few days trying it out, the performance is excellent, the battery life is still good and the American manufacturer has finally decided to include a new charger 20 W faster.

On the passive side, the base model only gathers 32 gigabytes (GB) of storage, with which you might find yourself cramped with usage. On my test iPad, 14 GB is allocated for the system and included apps, so there is 18 GB left for your needs.

32 GB Wi-Fi model: $ 429

While the base model starts at $ 429, the 128GB version charges an additional $ 120 ($ 549). Adding the cellular option brings the total to $ 719.

But let’s stick with the basic iPad 8 modelegeneration Wi-Fi, which will suffice to cope well with its 32 GB capacity – and if necessary, using cloud-based online storage services like Apple’s iCloud, Microsoft’s OneDrive, Google Drive and many more.


Also in the equipment department, a tablet only becomes really usable when you pair it with a keyboard. My Logitech K380 wireless keyboard connected to it without a problem using Bluetooth, as did my TrackPad. From there, I find my keyboard controls, no need to touch the screen anymore as the iPad turns into a computer.

If you don’t have these devices, the Apple store of course offers theirs. On the other hand, this one only offers the Smart Keyboard ($ 239) which is devoid of the touchpad, while the Magic Keyboard model which includes a keyboard is incompatible in addition to costing almost as much as the tablet itself. ($ 399).

Fortunately, the market offers excellent peripherals and accessories. Searching a well-known mega-store, the Pad 8th Gen Keyboard Case ($ 82 as of this writing) is highly rated and praised by the Wirecutter Division of New York Times.

And a little further, you can find styluses for less than $ 40, compared to $ 129 for the Apple Pencil 1re generation – the Pencil 2e generation of $ 160 is incompatible with this iPad. Apple’s single case like the one used in this trial costs $ 65.

Granted, Apple accessories often have that little ‘extra’ that others don’t, but if budget matters, you might as well stick to it.

All that’s missing from these accessories is the screen protector (about $ 15 online) to complete the loop.

Unlocking: choosing the right finger

Since unlocking is done with the Touch ID sensor (and digital code if applicable), think twice before choosing the finger for the fingerprint.

If you plan to use the iPad primarily in landscape mode, like a computer screen, with a case, the Touch ID button will be on the left. In this position, then record the index finger of your left hand by placing the tablet in the same landscape – or horizontal mode.

You’ll save yourself a lot of unnecessary contortions – especially since Touch ID doesn’t turn all that pale in front of Face ID in this mask-making period.

iPadOS 14

In conclusion, the Split View mode allows you to open two applications at the same time as well as a third floating (Split Over).

However, the Scribble feature which is supposed to allow handwriting in any text field, like the text field in Safari, is only possible in English and Chinese. Pity.

To use it, you must activate the English keyboard in Settings> General> Keyboard. Then go to Apple Pencil to try the Scribble feature which allows you to handwrite, delete, select, insert and attach. iPadOS will do the conversion as long as it is in English.

And as I said in the introduction, if this iPad does not have a 4K video sensor, nothing prevents it from playing 4K content stored in its memory or online.

Apart from the storage limit of 32 GB in the basic version, this iPad tablet is well born, very homogeneous and efficient and remains one of the best on the market in its price range. Otherwise, with more memory and functions, its competitor is another Apple product, the iPad Air.

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