Transitional phase: Honda guarantees Red Bull support even after 2021

( – It is still unclear how things will continue for Red Bull after the exit of engine partner Honda at the end of the Formula 1 season in 2021. All options are weighed up internally. These range from a return to Renault to the option of setting up your own engine program, as Ralf Schumacher recently suggested.

Masashi Yamamoto

It is a personal concern of Yamamoto to continue to help Red Bull in the future



Honda would be on hand to provide advice as a (still) partner, as Masashi Yamamoto, Formula 1 Managing Director of Honda, suggests in an interview with ‘The Race’: “Honda is happy to speak to you if you have any questions Way, not only about the power unit but about other things as well. “

The Japanese manufacturer is keen to make its exit as painless as possible: “In order to support AlphaTauri and Red Bull in any way for their program after 2021, we are happy to work together.”

Yamamoto: “Ready to speak to Japan”

This could be structured as follows: Red Bull takes over part of Honda’s intellectual property and sets up a continuation program for its engines, possibly with additional technical support from another partner. This requires a significant commitment from Red Bull and the approval of all parties.

Honda gets out: what’s next for Red Bull?

After Honda withdrew from Formula 1, Red Bull had to look for a new engine manufacturer. And there is already speculation: Is Volkswagen coming?

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Yamamoto is open to this idea. “As Honda we had so many things from the teams, so we kind of want to give it back in a nice way for the future,” he says. For a possible follow-up project with Honda’s technology, he would stand up: “If such a request is made by the team, I am ready to speak to Japan.”

Red Bull only switched to Honda engines at the beginning of the 2019 season after the then junior team Toro Rosso had already worked with the new partner the year before. Both teams have since recorded victories.

In 2021, the signs are clearly on the title mission

This also ended a long dry spell for Honda after three unsuccessful years with McLaren. This makes it the only manufacturer who was victorious with two teams in the V6 turbo hybrid era. In the, for the time being, last Formula 1 season in 2021, the aim is of course to crown the cooperation with Red Bull with a title.

To this end, Honda has promised to develop a new engine for next year without diminishing its commitment. “We have seven more races to contest this year and we have several things that we want to try next year,” said Yamamoto, looking ahead.

“Next year we’ll try to fight for the championship and find a happy ending for our story. We’re not going to cut people off our project, we’re going to keep developing. And we’re going to make every effort to improve as much as possible win. We’ll just go on to the end. “

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