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As social measures become more and more restrictive, we must, as far as possible, do everything in our power to get well and even improve our condition of life. So, perhaps now is the time for some people to use the present moment to overcome certain beliefs that were limiting their prospects for the future.

Focusing on the positive isn’t necessarily easy right now. There is a certain heaviness in the air, even frustration, which can lead to irascible behavior. However, it is possible to put this aside for a few hours and try to see what one can do personally to improve one’s lot. Is this the right time, for example, to start a business in a whole new field better suited to our reality? Questioning oneself about one’s dreams, one’s possibilities, or exploring new avenues is certainly legitimate.

Author Valérie Roumanoff, who is a hypno-therapist, believes that many people limit themselves in their journey often because of false beliefs they hold about them. “I have realized, every time someone experiences a blockage in their life, that they hide a limiting belief which is at the origin of this blockage”, explains the one who wishes to allow everyone to be autonomous in his quest for well-being. “Working on your beliefs means allowing yourself to change, to evolve, and to get better.”

The impact of others

Self-imposed beliefs can be conscious or unconscious. They can go back to childhood, depending on the education received. According to the author, if you were told as a child that you were clumsy, or poorly educated, it may have had an impact on your own beliefs, even years later. “Beliefs are the result of conclusions that we have drawn up at a certain point in our life,” explains Valérie Roumanoff.

Already, realizing that certain beliefs have taken hold in ourselves in spite of ourselves is a step in the right direction to change our behavior.

“Not all beliefs are conscious. One can consciously know that believing certain things is not a good idea and, despite this, continue to believe it unconsciously. This thought, inherited from childhood, will rule our lives, ”notes the author.

The desire to change

“Usually, a change in attitude doesn’t necessarily lead to a change in belief, but a change in belief always causes a change in attitude,” she says.

Integrating the notion of desire is also essential in the whole process since the will is not enough. “A lot of times people say they don’t have the willpower to quit smoking, in fact it’s never a question of willpower. The will is a part of us that wants to coerce another part that does not agree with the project. Desire, on the contrary, can bring together, unify. The desire to get better, to get out of it, to flourish, it is the desire that gives energy and motivation, “says Valérie Roumanoff.

In addition, the author believes that we should not set limits on our desires. “The greatest personal limitation is not in the things you want to do and can’t do, but the things you never thought about doing. ”

♦ Valérie Roumanoff is also the author of Your problems want you well.

♦ She also offers hypnotherapy sessions. In fact, in her book she offers six hypnosis sessions to download for free. For more info, visit the site:

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