TikTok inspires Europe: Already over 100 million users

In a presentation, TikTok revealed numbers and data on its European user base. It is hardly surprising that Europe has now also succumbed to the TikTok hype.

In a presentation to Bloomberg, TikTok announced the current figures on its monthly active users in Europe and their characteristics such as habits on the app. In the UK in particular, TikTok is currently going through the roof. According to the information, 17 million Brits are already using the app. In a presentation during the first quarter of 2020 there was talk of ten million users. So there seems to have been a rapid increase in the number of downloads. For comparison: 37 million British users use Facebook, which has been around since 2004. The number of TikTok users is almost half as high. It remains to be seen whether TikTok’s tremendous growth will continue.

User numbers increased worldwide and in the US since January 2018, © TikTok

All of Europe in the TikTok craze

With its format, TikTok seems to have hit the nerve of the times. Because both Instagram with Reels and YouTube with YouTube Shorts recently released similar short video tools.

The impending ban on the app in the United States hardly seems to stop its growth in other parts of the world. Because not only Great Britain is active on TikTok, but also the rest of Europe. While the British have the upper hand numerically, users from Norway may even be a little more addicted to the app. Because they spend an average of 74 minutes on the platform every day. Among the British users, the number is at least 66 minutes.

There are already a lot of TikTok fans in the rest of Europe. The number of users in Germany has now climbed to 10.7 million. In France there are 11 million, in Spain 8.8 and Italy 9.8.

TikTok users are young and often female

In addition to the origin of its users, TikTok also stated which gender the average TikTok user belongs to and which age range is particularly active on the platform. It is not surprising that 18- to 24-year-olds in particular spend a lot of time on TikTok. In Great Britain this is almost one in two – namely four out of ten users. In Italy, too, 30 percent of users are of this age.

Minors are also often active on TikTok. In the presentation, only user data from people over the age of 18 were evaluated. But the percentages of the user base did not give the full 100 percent for any of the countries. From this it can be concluded that the remaining percentage is made up of users under the age of 18. In Germany this is 24 percent and in France, Italy and Spain even around a third each. Great Britain has the oldest audience with 82 percent of users over the age of 18.

Overall, women seem to have enjoyed the platform more than men. In the UK, 65 percent of all users are female and in Spain it is even three quarters. Only in Scandinavia do women and men seem to use the platform about equally often. After all, around 44 percent of all users in Norway and Sweden are male.

The number of users in Europe and the USA are converging

In August, TikTok published its user numbers for the first time. As of July, there are now a total of 690 million worldwide users. In the US today there are over 100 million monthly active users. 50 million Americans use the app every day. There are also over 100 million MAU in Europe, as TikTok confirmed to OnlineMarketing.de. The enormous increase is probably due in part to the increased social media consumption of many people during the corona pandemic. It can be assumed that the number of users of the popular short video platform will continue to rise.

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