TikTok for Business: Global advertising platform launched

With TikTok for Business, the popular app competes with Facebook, YouTube and Co. In the future it will be easier for companies and brands to advertise on TikTok.

Yesterday Thursday short video app announced the launch of its own advertising platform. In TikTok for Business, the platform presents tools and best cases for campaigns on TikTok. Under the slogan “Do not advertise. Mach TikToks ”encourages companies and brands to create unique ads that blend in perfectly with their surroundings.

“Don’t advertise. Make TikToks “

The advertising platform does not offer any innovations in advertising options. But from now on, they are united in one place and also share best practices and access to the Creator Marketplace. This is where brands and creators for campaigns should come together.

No matter how big or small your company is, whatever you make or sell: we think your brand deserves to be discovered here,

explains TikTok on the business side. The slogan makes it clear what the app attaches importance to. So before companies start planning their campaigns, it is all the more important for TikTok to first understand the community and its content. After all, addressing the target group can quickly go wrong here.

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TikTok currently offers the following ad formats:

  • Top view: up to 60 seconds long full-screen videos that are played directly when the app is started
  • Brand takeover: three to five seconds long image or GIF display that appears when you open the app
  • In-feed ads: nine to 60 seconds long video ads that are played in the “For you” feed of the users
  • Branded Hashtag Challenge: sponsored placement of own hashtag challenges for three to six days
  • Branded Effects: brand-specific 2D, 3D and AR effects

Branded Scan has now been introduced as a new branded effect. TikTok is showing that new opportunities for marketers could soon arise. According to TikTok, these should now also be shared via TikTok for Business.

A new innovative format of TikTok’s Branded Effect, which can activate exciting visual effects such as a Brand logo or Brand product in user’s videos. As a part of this launch, we’re excited to partner with leaders in 2D & 3D development in an effort to scale creativity and production of AR effects for brands on TikTok. Those partners include Bare Tree Media, Subvrsive, Tommy, and more.

Little by little, TikTok could become an advertising platform that is no longer only used by marketers as a test field, but can also be seen as a serious player alongside Facebook and Co. Especially those who have a younger target group can’t avoid the short videos. Even if a large campaign is not yet to be started, it can make sense to look at the positive examples and take tips for your own marketing with you.

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