Tierno Monénembo – The files of discord

A few weeks before the election, the electoral files are now available. They are so implausible that one cannot consult them without taking the lead. It must be said that they relate to a vote where candidates are handpicked and the figures determined at the discretion of the prince. The electoral files! After genocides, pandemics and coups d’état, here they are, the new evil spells that haunt the continent. It is on these shelves that the charlatans of the third term decided to set up the cabal for us. And the result is astounding, not to say absurd.

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To each potentate his ruse

To be convinced of this, it suffices to look at what is happening in Côte d’Ivoire and Guinea, the two countries which occupy us at the moment because of their upcoming and highly contested presidential elections. Does Alassane Ouattara have the right to run for a third term? Let us leave it to History to decide on this question, which should not have arisen, and let us be satisfied with the small number, not to say ridiculous, of the candidates it has authorized to compete! 4 out of 44, a result with such a perfect sound, I was going to say so musical, that we can imagine that it is anything but the fruit of chance.

For one reason or another, Laurent Gbagbo, Guillaume Soro, Marcel Amon-Tanoh, Albert Mabri-Toïkeusse, Mamadou Koulibaly, in short all the opposition elephants have been sidelined. The first, for a robbery of ECOWAS committed … in December 2010, the second for embezzlement. We can guess that if Konan Bédié had not already bent under the weight of age, he would have been decked out with the crime of Cain and the sin of Eve.

It is as if at the Olympic Games, Carl Lewis and Usain Bolt had chosen their competitors themselves!

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Tierno Monénembo does not have enough harsh words to criticize the maneuvers of heads of state to move towards a third term.

The art of keeping power for yourself, just for yourself

The ball of power, we do not pass it, we keep it for ourselves especially under the sweet skies of Africa! To each, his ruse: Alassane Ouattara plays on the number of candidates, Alpha condé, on that of voters! In 2015, the Guinean electoral roll had 7,764,130 registered, i.e., behold, 62% of the total population! This percentage is only 41.23% in Senegal and 31% in Ivory Coast! The audit conducted by the OIF, the European Union and the UN revealed that this file included nearly 5,000,000 questionable voters. Since then, officially and on the recommendation of ECOWAS, more than 2,500,000 have been removed from the list. Has this file really been cleaned up? We doubt it in view of the figures recorded between 2010 and 2020. We can legitimately wonder by what genetic anomaly the fertility of Guineans is directly proportional to the electoral interests of Sieur Condé. In the prefectures which are favorable to him, such as Kankan, Mandiana and Siguiri, the number of voters increased by 76%, 141% and 167% respectively. While in Télimélé, Mali and Tougué, strongholds of the opposition, it barely reached 0.51%, 4.32% and 4.41%. It is this file that, without laughing, the international community has recognized. It is on the basis of this document that the elections of October 18 will be held.

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Put away your weapons, soldiers from Mali and elsewhere! Follow the handbook of the perfect democrat: “Violate the Constitution, choose your own competitors and most importantly, distribute voter cards at the head of the customer.” You will then reign without blame and without sharing. To speak like de Gaulle, no “thing” will call you a putschist!

* 1986, Literary Grand Prix of Black Africa ex aequo, for “Les Écailles du ciel”; 2008, Renaudot Prize for “The King of Kahel”; 2012, Erckmann-Chatrian Prize and Grand Prize for Métis Novel for “The Black Terrorist”; 2013, Palatine Grand Prix and Ahmadou-Kourouma Prize for “The Black Terrorist”; 2017, Grand Prix de la francophonie for all of his work.

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