Three sources of inspiration for athletes

Swedish athlete Emelie Forsberg has won several championships and is recognized as a world-class athlete in forest and mountain running over very long distances, as well as in ski mountaineering. She joined forces with her two Swedish friends Mimmi Kotka and Ida Nilsson, also great trail runners, to write this illustrated book on their active and positive life centered on sport and natural cooking.

Accomplished athletes, the three of them are bursting with energy. Driven by the outdoors, physical activity and a positive attitude, together they concocted the best recipes for success combining the idea of ​​playing sports and eating well. For the three champions, each season is an opportunity to reinvent themselves, both in terms of their lifestyle and in the way they eat.

In addition to recounting their multiple mountain obstacle courses that extend over several days, or their way of experiencing ski mountaineering, they share their tips with us on how to motivate themselves and work on their endurance in this competitive world and become champions. The most important keys are: learning to visualize your goal, surrounding yourself with people who can encourage you, and knowing how to face adversity. It is this last point that they believe transforms you and makes you stronger.

Change your habits

For those who would like to undertake a marathon or any other endurance sport, this book is full of advice given by three great enthusiasts to motivate themselves, take care of their body, train well and afford vegetable cuisine, while aiming The well-being.

Know that the mental aspect is as important as the physical side. It is necessary to develop these two aspects in order to be successful. In addition to conditioning, there is the idea of ​​dreaming big, being passionate about what you do and wanting to surpass yourself in order to achieve success. Aware that it is difficult to change your behavior, since according to scientists it takes about 66 days to change your lifestyle, so you have to give yourself time to give yourself the chance to reach new goals.

A most inspiring book!

When work rhymes with passion

Who says work has to be boring and monotonous? The vast majority of those who are professionally successful will say their work was a true passion. We will also say that to be successful, we must not count our hours, so we might as well like what we do. Wishing everyone to integrate the notion of pleasure at work, the author, who has an unusual background, guides his readers so that they can find their true vocation. Seeking satisfaction, learning to stand out and not being afraid of change are her main recommendations. He also suggests not practicing a trade just for the money. Doing what you love is priceless. In principle, if you focus on a job well done that provides that little spark in itself, the money will follow sooner or later.

A vision of peace

To move towards peace on a daily basis while aspiring to live in abundance, this is the mission of the author of Amerindian origin of the nation Cherokee Dhyani Ywahoo who transmits through her book, which has just been republished, the education she received from her grandparents. It is through meditation exercises that one achieves, according to the author, harmony between body and mind in order to live an authentic life in connection with his life mission. Animated by great wisdom, she applies various principles of benevolence towards others, but also towards herself. Healing rituals are also discussed in his book.

The favorite of the month


If everyone focused on their health, there would be much less need to fight against the disease, believes the author Michel Odoul who has signed several books in this area. Here, he delivers about fifty behaviors to be observed to avoid many diseases. First, eat a healthy diet by chewing slowly while respecting 80% of the satiety threshold so as not to saturate our energy system. Added to this is the idea of ​​restful sleep in accordance with the sun’s cycle, doing physical exercise every day, such as a simple walk, and indulging in a psychic activity, such as reading a book or doing crosswords. Other interesting tips are also provided, including how to deal with your emotions in order to experience a state of inner calm, and treat yourself to a gift every day as easy as taking the time to enjoy a sunset.

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