This lighthouse that no longer lights up anything

It’s a fact, the image of the United States around the world has tarnished over the past three years. Little sympathy – in Paris, Moscow or Beijing – for “America First”. The last three months of COVID and the last ten days of riots have not helped.

The death of George Floyd brutally brought to the fore the racial inequalities that continue to characterize American society. African-Americans are more often arrested by the police, have less access to good schools and are systematically more unemployed. The list of injustices, when you start, does not end.

The behavior of many police officers has demonstrated that the “militarization of the police” is a perversion of the mission to protect citizens. We were touched by examples, here and there across the country, of police paying homage to Floyd or hugging demonstrators; they had, for that, removed their helmet and put their shield, that is to say all.

Chief Trouble Maker

The US president’s constant references to law and order or his calls to governors to “dominate” to avoid “looking like a bunch of idiots” have not eased the tensions, far from it. The threats and attacks against journalists have demonstrated the harmful impact of Trump’s words on respect for individual rights and freedoms.

The Washington Post This week also pointed out that the country had experienced the abuses and slippages that usually denounce human rights groups … in other countries: “Journalists and protesters, blinded and injured by local police ? Check ! A demagogic leader fueling fury against the free press? Check ! Security forces targeting unarmed protesters with impunity? Check ! ”

Elsewhere, we rub our hands

Where did we not fail to note all of this? In these countries where autocrats are tired of being given lessons in humanitarianism! To critics of the Americans regarding Beijing’s pressure on Hong Kong, Hua Chunying, the spokesperson for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, replied in a short tweet: ” I can’t breathe. (I can’t breathe), the last words of George Floyd.

In Moscow, ridiculing the American diplomatic “hypocrisy”, Dmitry Kiselyov, TV host close to the Kremlin, argued that “if such protests had taken place in Russia, the United States would have called for the establishment of a commission of the UN Human Rights Council ”.

It is from tiny and distant Malawi, however, that disapproval, it seems to me, hurts the most. Jack McBrams, a local journalist quoted by the CSIS “Africa” ​​program, recalls that “the United States used to be a beacon of what was right and just.” The biggest problem is that the world – and especially Africa – has no one left to ask for lessons in democracy. And it’s a tragedy, he concluded. Indeed, Jack

The United States, perceived as the main ally …

United States

  • Israel 82%
  • South Korea 63%
  • Canada 46%
  • Kenya 35%
  • Mexico 27%
  • Inde 21%

2e most cited country

  • Russia 2%
  • North Korea 4%
  • United Kingdom 14%
  • China 30%
  • China 16% / Canada 10%
  • Russia 15%

(Source: Pew Research Center, spring 2019)

Trump and the world, a confidence tottering …

Percentage of people who trust Trump in international affairs.

  • Canada: 28%
  • Mexico: 8%
  • United Kingdom : 32%
  • France : 20%
  • Russia: 20%
  • India: 56%
  • Israel: 71%
  • Australia: 35%

(Source: Pew Research Center, spring 2019)

Ranking of the best countries in the world

Depending on cultural influence, entrepreneurship, heritage, openness to business and quality of life.

  1. Swiss
  2. Canada
  3. Japan
  4. Germany
  5. Australia
  6. United Kingdom
  7. United States
  8. Sweden
  9. Netherlands
  10. Norway

(Source: U.S. News & World Report, 2020)

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