Thiago Silva will not give a gift to PSG

Marked with a hot iron by Leonardo’s decision not to extend it, Thiago Silva is determined to continue until August. But will not make any concessions.

Thiago Silva had known for a few days what to expect. Leonardo had indeed taken the trouble to call him to tell him the end of his adventure in PSG, eight years after his arrival in the capital. The Parisian captain was therefore not surprised to see the Parisian sports director leaving on Sunday in the columns of the Sunday Journal. As well asEdinson Cavani, Thomas Miller or Layvin Kurzawa, all at the end of the contract.

We had to make a logical decision, even at the economic level or with regard to the coming generation“Said the former midfielder. The phone call as these explanations to the JDD were not enough to digest the bad news to the Brazilian defender, who has had French nationality since last year and ardently wanted to continue the adventure with the club of the capital. “He is upset and saddened by the turn of events. He loves PSG, he loves Paris, he sees it as a heartbreak this choice for him and his family “, told his entourage to RMC Sport.

Thiago Silva is motivated

And the former Milanese understands this decision all the less since he was coming out of a season to say the least convincing even if his performance in the first leg against Dortmund had been singled out. “This season, he felt great before the Covid-19. He was hungry and, even if he is 35 years old, he feels very fit and he has trouble understanding this decision“Continued one of his relatives.

Willing to make efforts – but not sacrifices – to extend, Thiago Silva hopes to continue until the end of August in order to compete in the French Cup and League Cup finals and especially the Final 8 of the Champions League. “We feel him helpless but not demotivated. Anger but also the desire to win it “, assured those around him. But this time, Thiago Silva will not make any gifts during the discussions relating to this CDD of two months.

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