These podcast trends will change the market this year

Podcasts and audio offers find more and more users in Germany. These five trends will have the potential to change the podcast market in 2020.

Podcast and audio are becoming increasingly popular. According to a study by Bitkom in 2019, one in four respondents (26 percent) said they heard these formats in a representative survey. The previous year it was 22 percent. Another study also sees growth: According to the Online Audio Monitor, almost two thirds of users in Germany used online audio in 2019. That is three million more users than last year. So audio is becoming increasingly popular: The following trends can change the podcast market sustainably and dynamically in 2020.

1: More and more platforms that bundle the offers on the net will

Given the abundance of offers on the Internet, the conscious consumption of content with added value such as podcasts – the spectrum ranges from entertainment or information podcasts to career tips – will continue to gain momentum this year. After the podcast platforms were left to a large player for a long time, new providers have positioned themselves this year and last year to gain market share.

The biggest problem currently facing listeners is in the area of ​​“discovery”: Finding and discovering new podcasts is often time-consuming and confusing. Users will therefore increasingly access the offers of the platforms to find what is relevant to them in the abundance of the many podcast offers.

2: Content production will continue to professionalize

High-quality content with added value is becoming increasingly important – and demand is increasing. According to a study by YouGov on podcast usage (2019), 35 percent of those surveyed want to be entertained. At 34 percent, the focus is on information. 32 percent value further training and personal growth. Here the podcasters will further professionalize themselves. This year, other producers will also come onto the market, in addition to those who have just been added. The spectrum ranges from podcast platforms to TV and radio stations as well as media houses.

In search of the next top hit, a wealth of new podcasts will come onto the market. Celebrity and influencer podcasts or high-quality storytelling formats will certainly be a focus due to their popularity. A growth of newcomers can be expected who will bring new, exciting content on the way.

3: The monetization of podcasts will come into focus

It is currently still difficult to monetize your own content as a podcaster. Some can finance themselves through advertising, others collect donations. A third group provides content free of charge. In addition to subscription models, advertising will also become more professional. The global podcast advertising market is approaching the $ 1 billion mark.

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4: Publishers and media companies are in podcast content

The requirements of the GDPR (keyword cookies) and the increase in banner blindness in the field of online advertising pose a challenge for publishers and media companies to generate income with their own portals. The aim here will be to monetize the existing content even more through innovative formats.

There will be cooperation with platforms and at the same time there will be more investments in the area of ​​multimedia utilization of the content. At the same time, publishers and media companies will be active: According to the BDZV / SCHICKLER trend survey 2020, the trend barometer of the newspaper industry, one of the three identified top trends should be the focus on podcasts. Already now, over 60 percent of all publishers regularly produce podcasts. It is interesting here: This production is clearly also in focus for opening up new target groups. 80 percent of the respondents consider this to be relevant.

5: New ways to discover podcasts will emerge

If you look at the Apple Podcast Charts today, you will find almost a dozen podcasts by independent indie podcasters in the top 200 list. The rest comes from radio stations, publishers and professional production companies. It is becoming increasingly difficult for the indie podcast community that once shaped the scene to be heard with its unique content. Podcasters, listeners and platforms will have to find new ways to discover and highlight the content of these pioneers.

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