The uprising of the mega-stars: Swift, J.Lo, Young fight against Trump before the US election

On social media: The uprising of the mega-stars: J.Lo, Swift, Young fight against Trump before the US election

Thursday, 10/22/2020, 1:26 PM

“Not my President” – that’s what most pop musicians say about Trump. Challenger Biden can be happy: shortly before the election, stars from several generations mobilize songs or “Vote!” Actions against the man in the White House.

After all, the US President still has some prominent fans in the pop scene alongside rap bully Kid Rock. For many observers, the Donald Trump enthusiasm from punk pioneer John Lydon (The Sex Pistols) recently came rather unexpected. The black rapper 50 Cent also confessed to the incumbent. Less surprising was the electoral help from the arch-conservative Kiss co-founder Ace Frehley.

Otherwise, the number of Trump supporters in the industry is meager – and the opposition to the man in the White House overwhelming. With rock veterans like Bruce Springsteen and Neil Young, soul stars like Stevie Wonder or young pop idols like Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish, Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion, the Republican (74) doesn’t get a sting. For the US election on November 3, they are warning of the change and promoting the Democratic challenger Joe Biden (77).

Lydon (64), who has both British and US citizenship, wants to vote for Trump. “He’s the only sensible choice now that Biden is in the running,” the Californian by choice told the Observer. For hard rocker Frehley (69) Trump is “the strongest leader we have”. Rapper 50 Cent was most recently annoyed by Biden’s tax plans when he wrote on Twitter: “I don’t care that Trump doesn’t like black people.”


However, anyone who wants to get to know the prevailing mood among rock and pop artists will find a lot of food on the Internet – from the still halfway neutral, but de facto pro-democratic “Vote!” Appeal to crystal clear support for Biden.

Stars play their songs in “Team Joe Sings” on Youtube – for example Kesha (“We need the change, and we need it now”) or Matt Berninger (The National). Other channels such as Twitter and Instagram or interviews use Trump opponents Jeff Tweedy (Wilco), Cher and Ariana Grande.

In contrast to the 2004 election (George W. Bush versus John Kerry), major concerts in favor of the US Democrats are impossible because of the corona pandemic. So no star line-up like back then when Springsteen, Pearl Jam, R.E.M. and the Dixie Chicks were on stage for Kerry. Instead, another mobilization for Biden with his runner-up candidate Kamala Harris, often shifted to social networks.

Taylor Swift promotes Biden

Superstar Taylor Swift (30) presented a photo of himself with biscuits whose icing inscription “Biden / Harris / 2020” left no doubt. The favorite singer of many Trump voters said: “I believe that America, under her leadership, has a chance to start the healing process that it so desperately needs.”

Of course, Biden knows what voting help is worth to a young woman with 140 million Instagram subscribers – he immediately thanked him. In addition to singer Jennifer “J.Lo” Lopez (51), the Biden couple even appeared in a cozy video in mid-October – with the aim of securing votes from the large Latino electorate for the challenger.

Allusions to Trump in songs

Singer Demi Lovato (28) meanwhile criticized the US President in her new song “Commander In Chief”: How it feels to be able to breathe while the country is sinking into a crisis and people are dying, it said, alluding to Trumps Dealing with the coronavirus pandemic and racism.

Stadium rock folk hero Springsteen (71) expressed shock about the president after the death of the African American George Floyd from brutal police violence in May. And in a song on his new album, the “Boss” – without naming Trump directly – mentioned a “criminal clown who stole the throne”.

At the Democratic Party Congress, Grammy winner Billie Eilish (18) made a remarkable appearance – and called for Trump to be voted out. Without mentioning his name, soul icon Stevie Wonder (70) recently positioned himself. His comeback songs supported the protest of the Black Lives Matter movement against injustice and racism in the USA. “These are the times we experience the most urgent wake-up calls and tears for this nation and the world,” said Wonder.

Young sued Trump

Folk rock old master Neil Young (74) sued Trump for the unauthorized use of his anthem “Rockin ‘In The Free World” – and in September published the politsong mini album “The Times”. The musician with a Canadian and US passport fought against the despised president in seven songs (including Bob Dylan’s iconic “The Times They Are A-Changin ‘”).

Traditionally, the conservative Republicans have hardly any following in the mostly left-wing liberal US music scene (or dubious ones like right-wing hard rocker Ted Nugent and erratic rapper Kanye West). But Trump experiences particularly intense rejection. One of many examples: For the national anthem for his inauguration in January 2017, he only found a pop star named Jackie Evancho.

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