The Trump effect or how this president will have permanently changed the face of the world

The presidency of Donald Trump had decisive consequences on the foreign policy of the United States, which upset the international system as we know it, maintains the specialist of the American policy Charles-Philippe David in his most recent essay.

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“The presidency of Donald Trump is a great turning point in American political life, that everyone knows. But what is the significance for US foreign policy? That is a question that has been asked less, a little less scrutinized, especially in French, “said the author of” The Trump Effect “and president of the Observatory on the United States of UQAM.

Through this book of just over 150 pages, divided into two main chapters entitled “America alone” and “Unpredictable America” ​​respectively, the author describes with numerous examples the harmful and lasting consequences that Donald Trump’s presidency had on American foreign policy.

Charles-Philippe David


Charles-Philippe David

“I conclude on two things that change: the first is what I call the“ Trump doctrine ”, which, I think, announces the withdrawal of the United States from the role of leader in the international system, and that c ‘is perhaps something that is here to stay, despite the upcoming election, argues the one who is also founder of the Raoul-Dandurand Chair at UQAM. The second thing is the unpredictability of decision-making which reaches truly unmatched heights under Trump. “

“Take for example the case of Syria, where the president twice wanted to withdraw American troops,” he continues. Whether or not we agree with their presence, the fact remains that there is an element of reliability and an element of stability that is important in US foreign policy. And the fact that he had twice announced the withdrawal, that his advisers had twice opposed his decision and that in both cases he had to backtrack somewhat on his decision, it showed the decline in Donald Trump’s leadership and unpredictability. ”

“The withdrawal of international institutions, the withdrawal of funding from international institutions, the last in the list being the World Health Organization, again, this is a good illustration of the ineptitude of Trump’s foreign policy,” adds the teacher.

Trump virus

The author also compares Donald Trump’s character to a virus on several occasions, a comparison that occurs in an eloquent context to say the least.

“There is a viral aspect in this presidency because Trump infected political discourse, infected the American political system, infected the way of doing politics in a toxic way,” explains Charles-Philippe David. So the parallel with the virus, I find it absolutely convincing. And this method has spread, not just in the United States, but even around the world. We are witnessing extremely important democratic setbacks on the planet, we are witnessing a rise in populism on the planet and I think that this is the result of a Trump virus. ”

And the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the biggest challenges of his presidency, according to the professor, has only had the effect of confirming the trends illustrated in the essay.

“I think this pandemic crisis has worsened everything I have written,” continues the author. It is increasingly isolating the United States because it has refused to play any leadership role in the international system to rally everyone, to have one big global response. “

The book “The Trump Effect: What Impact on US Foreign Policy?” has been available in digital since June 22. It will be available in bookstores on August 18.

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