The thugs: who they are and what motivates them

The police have carried out thousands of arrests in dozens of North American cities disturbed by the unrest surrounding the assassination by the Minneapolis police of an already mastered black.

The peaceful demonstrators were inevitably joined by thugs. The phenomenon is recurrent wherever demonstrations take place around the world and, whatever the motives, a motley fauna of maladjusted socio-affectives will find there a justification to indulge in acts of violence, vandalism and looting . Of course, political pretexts are invoked.

Nowadays the followers of the castagne are still found especially in the fringes of the ultra-left, to the extent that we can consider the anarchy of “Black Blocs” as a ideology of the left. But the ultra-right is making efforts to rise to the same level.

Also joining the “political thugs”, lovers of breakage for breakage, real or retarded adolescents, who come to “have fun” by committing acts of violence and depredation. A pleasure component is linked to their breakage. The situation is particularly worrisome in the United States where the possession of firearms is widespread among young offenders. These thugs, coming from poor neighborhoods, are also motivated by “a delinquency of appropriation”. While indulging in the rampage, they profit from looting.

The common denominator of all these hooligans is to be young men, above all aged 15 and 30 (JH 15-30). This group generally constitutes more than 90% of those arrested for violence and vandalism during demonstrations or social unrest. Rarely are women or older men found among thugs.

The fact is that young males aged 15 to 30, like their cousins ​​the great anthropoid apes, are violent and dangerous animals for themselves and for others. As soon as they reach the age of puberty, the harmless and charming little chimpanzees turn into aggressive brutes swollen with testosterone. This is exactly what happens at JH 15-30.

Look everywhere around you, in the newspapers, on TV or on social media. Who are the main people responsible for fatal car accidents? JH 15-30 often intoxicated, usually accompanied by young women or friends whom they want to impress. Insurers discriminate in favor of young female drivers who are genetically immune to testosterone overdose.

Most acts of destructive rage, murder and violent crime perpetrated in all human societies are carried out by JH 15-30. Who are the creators and the followers of extreme sports often as stupid as violent? JH 15-30. They are also the main buyers of violent video games. The more gratuitous the violence, the more repulsive it is, the more the JH 15-30 will rush to buy it. Ditto for viewing repulsive hyperviolence films and television series.

JH 15-30 are ideal cannon fodder because of another characteristic of the group: they are reckless because they believe they are invulnerable. This is why they take so many risks. Death is for others, old people, women, not for them. They are immortal!

Political leaders have always known how to use young men’s violence for their own ends. If not, who would do their dirty work? They volunteer to wage war, to kill, exterminate, destroy the enemies who are made up, in the first line, of young men like them. Politicians like Trump currently use the destructive outrageousness of young males to justify strengthening their power with the support of frightened populations.

The security services are well aware of the particular potential for violence of young men. In Israel, when disturbances are to be feared on the esplanade of the Mosques of the old city of Jerusalem, the police there simply prohibit the presence of men under 40 years.

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