The racist tweet of a journalist on Dembélé

The performance of “Dembouz” at Juve-Barça, Wednesday in the Champions League, was hailed by the Spanish press …

Already a scorer when he came into play against Ferencvaros (5-1) last week, Ousmane Dembele, tenured for the shock of Champions League against Juventus, Wednesday night in Turin, once again found the net for the FC Barcelona. It was even the French international world champion 2018 who opened the scoring in a quarter of an hour of play, with a long shot that was deflected by Federico Chiesa to fall back into the nets of Wojciech Szczesny.

An “African rhythm” dribbler

A journalist from Ace, Juan Jiménez Salvado, based in Catalonia, praised “Dembouz” but using a completely racist description. “Dembélé has scored 10 goals and given 21 assists during his season at Dortmund. On the right. If there is a position where he can play, it is there. A player with an African rhythm and very irregular, but capable of sparks. His own style”He wrote. Unsurprisingly, the “ritmo africano»Used to qualify the dribbler trained at Stade Rennais instantly shocked Spanish and French internet users.

The explanation of failures in the World Cup …

Thus, Florent Torchut, the correspondent of The team in the city of Gaudi, denounced the words of his colleague: “yet another unacceptable racist comment from a Spanish journalist!“And Juan Jiménez Salvado then sank into an even more pathetic explanation:”for the unfortunate ones who find racism in this tweet, I shouldn’t explain it, but, for the uninitiated, by African rhythm, I mean irregularity, which, among other things, prevented them from achieving great things in the World Cup“. Really heartbreaking.

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