The opposition accuses Legault of having “outsourced” his recovery plan

The leader of the official opposition, Dominique Anglade, accuses François Legault’s team of having “outsourced its economic thinking” to a private consulting firm.

After asking McKinsey & Company for help to prepare its deconfinement plan, François Legault’s team called in another private consulting firm, Aviseo Conseil, to produce its “economic recovery and development plan for after COVID-19 ”.

The Minister of the Executive Council (MCE) – which is the Prime Minister’s ministry – awarded a contract of $ 254,000 by mutual agreement to the Quebec company on May 15. “Given that there is an urgent need to act quickly, the ministry does not have enough time to proceed with a public call for tenders to award a contract, considering that the work to prepare the relaunch must begin quickly, ”indicates the MCE in the electronic tendering system of the government of Quebec (SEAO).

“Within government itself, there is a fair amount of thought that should be able to be done on this. You don’t have to go to outside companies to try to come up with a stimulus package, ”argued Anglade in parliamentary committee Wednesday. ” If there were [eu] a tender, you know, maybe I would have applied. I think I would have done a no worse job! The ex-consultant added, smirking. She also recalled that the former Minister of Finance, Carlos Leitão, had graciously offered his services to the Caquist government in recent months, but to no avail.

Out of ideas

The Liberal leader suspects the Caquista government of calling on Aviseo Consulting and McKinsey & Company – where she worked for seven years – because it is out of ideas. ” [Chez McKinsey,] we were hired when people needed to see a little more clearly, “she explained during the study of the estimates of the Minister of the Executive Council.

On April 2, the MCE had awarded a contract of 1.72 million to the Canadian subsidiary of the giant McKinsey & Company to direct it on a “methodology to operationalize the decisions surrounding the lifting of the measures to slow down the COVID-19 pandemic Or, more simply, advising him on deconfinement scenarios.

The parliamentary leader of the Parti Quebecois, Pascal Bérubé, on Wednesday asked the head of government to unveil all the “deconfinement scenarios” produced by the multinational McKinsey & Company in exchange for “hard-earned money by Quebecers”. ” [Cela] would provide a better understanding of the decision-making process of the Government of Quebec, ”he argued. His request went unanswered.

With all due respect to the PLQ and the PQ, the Quebec government will continue to survey private consulting firms, Premier François Legault said bluntly. “Yes, I will continue to ask firms to look at the best in the world. […] It’s important to use big firms so as not to reinvent the wheel. Almost all States in the world have asked themselves the questions: How do we deconfine? Where do we start? What criteria are used? “

Mr. Legault said he found “special” that Anglade – “a McKinsey alumnus” – wants to dissuade him from doing so. “I have always liked it, knowing what is being done elsewhere in the world in order to choose the best in Quebec. And, so far, the results prove us right, “he said, pointing to the drop in the unemployment rate in Quebec.

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