The great moments of an unprecedented democratic convention

Joe Biden reassured by a hailed performance, Barack Obama in the political arena, a vice-president candidate who presents America with her atypical profile: almost completely virtual, the Democratic convention has, in four evenings, brought the party together for attack Donald Trump on November 3.

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Rallying against Trump

“Bring America together”: the slogan of the Democratic Party was clear. Progressives, moderates and even ex-Republicans have come forward united to lead a harsh indictment against the Republican president.

“Too much anger, too much fear, too many divisions,” Joe Biden, 77, said on the last night. But the former vice-president also wanted to offer the vision of a more peaceful future: “I will be an ally of the light and not of the darkness.”

Gone are the tensions between pro-Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders supporters that came to light at the convention four years ago, with boos during speeches.

“Joe Biden is a caring, honest and respectable human being,” said the independent senator from Vermont.

Without a hitch

The harmony displayed can also be explained by the historical format of this convention. Without an audience, there is no risk of untimely boos.

The presence of figures of the Republican Party could in particular have been received more lukewarm in front of thousands of spectators.

Originally slated for Milwaukee, key state Wisconsin, the convention has been moved almost entirely online due to the “worsening” health crisis.

But the main speakers, Joe Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris, accepted their nomination directly from Wilmington, the home of the former vice president in Delaware. And, surprise, they went out Thursday evening, masked, on the parking lot to greet supporters gathered in “drive-in” mode as a precaution.

Kamala Harris revealed to Americans

The first black running mate of Indian origin in the history of the United States, the senator opened her speech by inscribing herself in the long history of the struggle for civil rights.

A former attorney general of California, at 55, she has already broken many barriers and could, if won, become the first female vice president of the United States.

Millions of viewers were then able to discover the journey worthy of the best “American dream” of this daughter of a Jamaican father and an Indian mother.

Of her parents divorced early, she mainly spoke of the latter.

“She raised us to be proud and strong black women. And she raised us to know and be proud of our Indian heritage, ”she said.

If Joe Biden insists on his “strength”, the senator also presented a more intimate facet, speaking with pride of his blended family. To the children of her divorced husband, Douglas Emhoff, she is “Momala”, the “best mother-in-law in the world”.

Denouncing the “permanent chaos”, “incompetence” and “cruelty” of the Trump presidency, this former prosecutor has promised to lead the indictment against the Republican president.

The Obamas as stars, the Clintons in retreat

As a sign of their still overwhelming popularity among Democrats, Michelle and Barack Obama have occupied prominent places in the lineup.

The former First Lady opened the ball on Monday with a grueling speech Donald Trump, a factor of “division” and completely lacking “empathy”. A first for the wife of a former American president.

Barack Obama redoubled his attack by pronouncing Wednesday evening the most severe indictment he has allowed himself in four years. For him Donald Trump has “never” taken his role “seriously”.

For a long time an inevitable couple in American politics, the Clintons have been pushed further back. Hillary Clinton used her surprise loss to the real estate mogul in 2016 to call for a massive mobilization. Bill Clinton also accused Donald Trump of having plunged the White House into “chaos”.

The democratic succession

If the convention especially gave pride of place to the great figures of the past, a young democratic guard has nevertheless emerged.

The former mayor, former soldier and the first openly gay candidate who had chances of winning the nomination of a major party, Pete Buttigieg, 38, gave a message of hope. “If so many changes could have happened between 2010 and 2020, imagine what 2030 could look like.”

Andrew Yang, 45 years old and an iconoclastic ex-candidate, was also able to seduce during the primary voters who were Republican or who had never been involved in politics with a pragmatic message.

Youngest congressman, but already a big name in the progressive wing of the party, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, 30, was only entitled to a brief intervention, but is expected to remain at the forefront of American politics for the next few years.

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