The ex-felquiste Jacques Rose denounces “a lie” around his brother Paul

Paul Rose would never have proposed, during the October 13 meeting with Jacques Cossette-Trudel, to liquidate one of the hostages kidnapped by the Front de liberation du Québec, said his brother Jacques Rose in an exclusive interview with The duty.

The former member of the Chénier cell cannot digest the exit of his former comrade Jacques Cossette-Trudel, of the Liberation cell, who said on Radio-Canada that Paul Rose would have proposed to eliminate the British diplomat James Richard Cross on the evening of October 13, 1970. “Of course I am concerned about dirtying Paul’s memory unduly with a lie like that. “

Rose does not believe that her brother could have suggested that a hostage be executed to pressure the government. In his eyes, the balance of power of the Felquists depended on the survival of the two captives since they were to be used as currency of exchange. “As long as we had the hostage with us, we could demand the release of 23 political prisoners,” he insisted, giving the example of Pierre Laporte. “Even if there had been a raid on Armstrong Street, that’s what we would have negotiated. “

In October 1970, the arsenal of the Chénier cell was limited to two M-1 rifles, one of which was unusable. “These are weapons that we had to impress, what should not have happened, because we were made”, launches Jacques Rose, whose group had been unable to acquire new weapons during a trip to the United States just before the kidnappings.


According to him, the revolver that Cossette-Trudel says he saw in the hands of Paul Rose at the time of their discussion on October 13 had been thrown into the St. Lawrence River at the end of the summer of 1970. “The 32 did not exist more during the kidnappings, we got rid of it. The weapon was considered dangerous. “We made requisitions with that – hold-up – but we weren’t loading those rifles because they were too old. “

The meeting of October 13, 1970 is the first contact between Liberation and Chénier cells since the start of the kidnappings which constitute the culmination of the history of the FLQ. The two groups broke off relations in early September after a close vote between rushed and wait-and-see felquists.

In the evening, the representative of the Liberation cell, Jacques Cossette-Trudel, joined Paul Rose at the latter’s friend, Louise Verreault, at 6685 rue Saint-Denis. Rose took refuge there later that day after escaping police surveillance while delivering a press release from the Chénier cell.

Paul Rose suggested executing Cross, Cossette-Trudel said. He allegedly even put a gun on a small table between them in what amounts to an attempt at intimidation. “He said, if we eliminate the Cross hostage, because it is not that important to the government, the government is going to want to save Laporte,” Cossette-Trudel told the Duty. He distinctly remembers the small coffee table and the gun. However, he cannot give details of the caliber. “Let me go about the story of the gun, it doesn’t matter, I remember it, I see the gun,” he said.

Cossette-Trudel insists on the violence of the remarks heard on the evening of October 13. “What is important is what Paul Rose said, that I reiterate, I am a witness, I have heard it, I am a protagonist unlike many people who are not and who have an opinion. He recalls the impressive build of the leader of the Chénier cell, whom he knew well in the summer of 1970 when he served as his driver for the preparation of bank robberies. “He was someone who was very impressive, not just anyone could go against Paul Rose. “

Joined by The duty, Paul Rose’s former girlfriend Louise Verreault denied Jacques Cossette-Trudel’s version of events. She claims to have overheard the entire nearly hour-long conversation that took place in the living room of the small three-room apartment. “What I can say, and that I would swear on the Bible, is that Paul did not have a gun. “


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