“The Dogs” by Patrice Godin: revenge and madness of men

Almost two years after publishing Wild, baby, actor and writer Patrice Godin offers this fall the sequel to Sam and Alexia’s story. Dogs, harsh, uncompromising, extremely tense romance, set to the rhythm of an endurance race: Alexia will have to go beyond herself to save the man she loves. As heroic as he is, Sam is not immune to ghosts from his past.

Patrice Godin wanted to go to Sam in this new novel, where the hero lives forty-eight hours in hell to escape the clutches of Gabriel and Laëtitia Kowalski, two thirsty thirsty for revenge.

“In Wild, baby, we learned about Alexia’s life, we were in her own drama. Sam was seen as the protector – what he is and what he remains in Dogs, comments the author in an interview. We find him, two years later, a little broken inside. Attacks of post-traumatic syndrome come to haunt him. He needed to confront himself and get back into the ring – a way for him to fight his demons. “

Sam is haunted by a massacre he witnessed in Afghanistan. “I wanted to explore that side of Sam. What he had seen, what he had been through.” By extension, he wanted to talk about those men, witnesses of atrocities, who are broken inside. “The only thing that really holds Sam is his daughter Clara, who is far away, and Alexia, who is close to him and who has become his reason for living, his light.”

In Afghanistan, as a Special Forces operator, Sam had killed people, but in civilian life he also committed two murders – this story is described in Wild, baby. Sam’s past comes back, brutally, in Dogs. “Sam is a little caught with this heartbreak of having committed these crimes that have allowed him to save the woman he loves, and with whom he feels alive.”

Alexia, strong woman

Patrice Godin explores the richness and depth of Alexia, now a transgender couple, in Dogs. “She blossomed and discovered a passion for dog training. Alexia, in Dogs, is a woman. I thought it was important that she be well, happy, strong, in full control of herself, with the man she loves. I wanted it to be a woman, not the kind of ‘monster’ she thought she was before. “

Far right

The presence of extreme right-wing groups is also at the heart of the novel. “I didn’t know the Boogaloo Boys, but I knew the bands existed. We can see that it is the extreme right, but there are also extreme left groups. They want much the same thing: the collapse of society to regain control and start over on their own terms. “

When he wrote the novel, he was interested in the subject closely. “I was in the corrections when the unfortunate George Floyd story happened, the protests started and whatnot. I saw the Boogaloo Boys and I was like, “Come on! I wrote about it and it’s happening there … “”

Demanding confinement

Patrice Godin went through the confinement period with stress and apprehension, but managed to regain his focus to complete the project.

“Like every book, I get up at 4 a.m. and write until 7 a.m. I watched the news and sometimes it was after 6 a.m. and I hadn’t written anything yet … I picked up. I think I managed to channel the angst well and put it in the book. ”

  • Patrice Godin is an actor trained at the National Theater School of Canada.
  • He performed as much on stage as on screen. We could see it in television series The 7e round, Destinies, Blue moon, My son and in everyday life District 31.
  • He published Unknown territories, a story about ultramarathons, and two novels, Boxer at night and Wild, baby.
  • Filming for TV series Another story and Jenny, season 3 this fall.


The world is cruel, unjust. There is no one rule. Sometimes you have to hope for the best, even if things might turn out badly. It happens that the ground slips under our feet. There are those times when it is impossible to hold on to anything despite our best efforts. We are lacking in strength. The already fragile balance we seek is crumbling. Sometimes our souls are shattered with the sound of broken glass and the silence that follows swallows us up. “

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