The beginning of Trump’s end

That was to be expected. The white policeman and his three accomplices who participated in the unbearable public execution of the black American George Floyd have unleashed an earthquake that will ultimately rid the White House of its unworthy and unspeakable occupier.

The people who take to the streets every day from east to west embody the other America, that of greatness, dignity and open and tolerant democracy.

A white America which made its mea culpa as for its slave past. An America which in the name of the equality of all its citizens has broken with its racist demons.

The United States, under the impetus of Donald Trump, brought to the skies by its electorate of poor, downgraded, intolerant, even supremacist white whites, have experienced a decline in their history in recent years.


Donald Trump also received the unconditional support of the wealthy Americans to whom he allowed by his anti-social policies to enrich himself even more indecently. They despise it while using it. Donald Trump’s amorality, his vulgarity, his obscenity and his visceral hatred of his adversaries leave them indifferent. In short, Trump is their joker.

As for the evangelical churches, they found in Donald Trump the voice of all their rearguard battles, nourished by their racial, religious, sexual and social prejudices.

Never in modern American history has a president betrayed his country in an attempt to make him lose his soul. A soul that helped make it the greatest democratic power in the world. Despite its flaws and its drifts, let us clarify.

The final conviction against Donald Trump is a column published in the magazine The Atlantic. Former Secretary of Defense General James Mattis, who has remained silent since his resignation 18 months ago, wrote that he believed Trump was the first president to try to divide the American people rather than unite them. “We must reject and hold accountable those in power who would mock our constitution,” he said. “We are witnessing the consequences of three years without responsible government. […] I never imagined that soldiers who took the same oath would one day be ordered to violate the constitutional rights of their fellow citizens. “

Other high-ranking soldiers break the silence. Police across the country are kneeling in front of peaceful protesters. Some of their leaders directly question the president. Never seen !


In all democracies, the political authorities have been alarmed for months at the outrage of a president who deconstructs the institutions of his country without opposition from the Supreme Court.

Sacrificial victim George Floyd may not have died in vain. The racism that presided over this crime is being exposed. By the presidential election in November, will Donald Trump have to take refuge in his bunker under the White House? Americans traumatized and offended by this desecration of the presidential office find common indignation, all classes and origins combined.

If Trump survives this latest offensive politically, the world’s greatest democratic power will give way to dictatorial China and its president-elect for life. The Apocalypse, in other words.

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